Biographical Sketch of George Humphrey

GEORGE HUMPHREY. – Mr. Humphrey was esteemed by everyone as an honorable gentleman, a man of large brain, and of an excellent capacity and understanding. Although in his youth he suffered from poverty and the lack of educational facilities, he nevertheless succeeded in obtaining a large property and an honored and enduring name. His estimable wife, Cynthia A. Humphrey, was “one of the best of women,” so described by all who knew her and were allowed to make the acquaintance of her great mental intelligence and vigor, and to know of her benevolence and christian character.

Mr. Humphrey was born April, 1, 1807. While a young man he resided in the State of New York and Canada. In the latter region he was married in 1835 to Miss Cynthia A. Bristol. He subsequently emigrated to Illinois and to Iowa, in the latter state engaged in mercantile and agricultural pursuits, transacting a large financial business. In 1853 he came to Oregon and settled in Lane county, and in a few years established a permanent home at Eugene, Oregon. Upon his death in 1883, he devised his property to his widow, and to his six sons and two daughters, named respectively Albert, James, Thomas, William, H. Clay, Norris, Emily (now Mrs. A.G. Hovey) and Caroline ( now Mrs. H.B. Roach.)



History of the Pacific Northwest Oregon and Washington. 2 v. Portland, Oregon: North Pacific History Company. 1889.

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