Prairie farmer's reliable directory of farmers and breeders of St. Clair and Monroe Counties, Illinois

1918 Warren County Farmers’ Directory – A Surnames

Abbreviations Used in this Directory

a–Acres; Ch — Children; O–Owner; T–Tenant or Renter; R –Rural Route; Sec-Section; Maiden name of wife follows directory name in parentheses (); figures at end of information–year became resident of county. Star (*) indicates children not at home. Name of farm follows names of children in quotations marks. In case of a tenant, the farm owner’s name follows the figures giving size of farm.


ABBEY, William L. (Lena Riggs) Martha and Cora Abbey, Mother and Sister; Kirkwood R1 Tompking Sec8-5 T80a H.M. Abbey Est. (1886) Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

ABBEY, William L. – Name
(Lena Riggs) – Wife’s maiden name.
Martha and Cora Abbey – Mother and Sister
Kirkwood R1 – Postoffice Kirkwood, R.F.D. 1.
Tompking Sec8-5 – Township Tompking, Sections 8-5.
T80a – Tenant on 80 acres.
H.M. Abbey Est. – Owner of 80 acres.
(1886) – Lived in county since 1886.
Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood – Farmers’ Line Telephone Kirkwood.

A Surnames

ABBEY, Charles H. (Mabelle Brown) Ch Lois, Howard, Hester; Kirkwood R1 Tompking Sec8-5 T160a H.M. Abbey Est. (1878) Farmers’ Tel. Kirkwood

ABBEY, William L. (Lena Riggs) Martha and Cora Abbey, Mother and Sister; Kirkwood R1 Tompking Sec8-5 T80a H.M. Abbey Est. (1886) Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

ABBOTT Jackson (Pauline Guenther) Ch Clara, Irene, H.D. Clayton, Son-in-law; Cameron R1 Floyd Sec11 O56a (1858) Mutual Tel. Cameron

ABBOTT, Mary S. Ch *Lillian, *Ione; Avon R2 Greenbush Sec 35 O747a (1868) Tel. Farmer’s Line Avon

ABOUD, Zakiea (Kesina Hawarnaa) Ch Albert, John, George; Little York Sumner Sec18 T200a Ira Nichols (1917) Gabby Tel. Little York

ACHESON, David R. (Martha Nichol) See example above!

ADCOCK, Daniel H. (Fanny Britt) Ch Ethel, Ruth, Eunace, *Clark, *Bertha, *Guy, *Ross; “Deer Park Stock Farm” Galesburg R6 Kelly Sec28-33 O250a (1858) Mutual Tel. North Henderson

ADCOCK, Harry H. (Yula Moore) Ch Graydon, Marjorie, Sherrill, Dorothy; Glaesburg R6 Kelly Sec27 T160a Mary R. Adcock (1888) Mutual Tel. North Henderson

ADCOCK, Hattie Ch Jean, Eva, Wesley, Attie, Hazel, Nellie, Vesta; Galesburg R6 Coldbrook Sec3 O80a (1976) Mutual Tel. North Henderson

ADCOCK, Stonewall J. (Mrs. Alice Dailey, Housekeeper) Galesburg R6 Kelly Sec 33-26-22-29 O222a Coldbrook in partnership with brothers Houston and Gardner (1864) Mutual Tel. North Henderson and Galesburg

ADOCK, Sue G. Stonewall, Brother; Galesburg R6 Kelly Sec 33-26-22-29 O222a Coldbrook (1875) Tels. North Henderson and Galesburg

ADCOCK, William (Jennie Henderson) Ch Joseph, *Edmund, *May; Galesburg R6 Kelly Sec 35-34 O480a (1850) Mutual Tel. North Henderson and Bell tel. Galesburg

ADKISSON, Allen (Emma Davis) Ch Gladys, Joe, Fannie, Frank *Jay, *Lloyd, *Alta; “Pine Grove Farm Roseville R2 Swan Sec18 O200a (1861) Tel. Farmers’ Line roseville

ADKISSON, George W. (Luella Beal) Ch Hazel, David, Ora, Seth, Evelyn, Marvin O. *Caribell, *Millie, *Glen, *Lucy; Roseville Swan Sec8 O246a (1860 Tel. Roseville Line Roseville

ADKISSON, Glen L. (Tot Owen) Ch William, Max; Roseville R3 Roseville Sec33 T130a Seth Adkisson (1889)Mutual Tel. Roseville

ADKISSON, Jacob (Arminda C. Watt) Ch Ivan, Mildred; Roseville R3 Swan Sec 6 O133a (1867) Roseville Tel. Roseville

ADKISSON J.D. (Edna Lester) Ch Allen Lester, Mary Ellen; roseville R2 Pt. Pleasant Sec12 O40a Sec12-13-14 T310a Mrs. Mary Lester (1914) Tel. Farmers’ Line Roseville

ADKISSON, Lloyd A. (Edith Harbaugh)Ch Kathryn, Eloise, Kenneth, Carol; “Hillcrest Farm” Roseville R2 Pt. Pleasant Sec13 T210a Allen Adkisson (1913) Tel Farmers’ Line Roseville

AITKEN, Emerson (Mary E. Canning) Smithshire R1 Pt. Pleasant Sec3 T240a Farm Hand Max Lee (1917) Roseville Tel. Roseville

ALBERT Ernest W. (Ruth McMillan) Ch Helen, Lillian, Agnes; Avon R5 Berwick Sec34 Farm Hand Bion Lincoln (1879)

ALBERT, Johnnie D. (Mary Hendickson) Ch Robert; Avon R5 Sec34 T160a Bion Lincoln (1893)Avon and Greenbush tel.

ALBERT, Tom D. (Edith Welty) Ch Bernice, Arline, Conrad; Monmouth R4 Hale Sec24 Farm Hand F.J. Brownell (1888)

ALDRIDGE, Charlie M. (Edith Peterson) Ch Charlotte, Charles, Kenneth, Evelyn, Wovern; Berwick R1 Roseville Sec21 T321a Rayburn Bros. (1916) Mutual Tel Roseville-Berwick

ALEXANDER, Charles E. (Irna Barnfield) Ch Ruth; Avon R2 Greenbush Sec23 O40a (1918) Tel. Farmers’ Line Avon

ALEXANDER, John S. (Dollie May Hays) Ch Hazel E., Vada, mary Emma, Lyle, Lloyd; Smithshire R1 Sec9 T290a Farm Hand L.M. Moore (1918) Roseville Tel. Rountree

ALEXANDER, Ray O. (Berdenia Lightfoot) Ch Donald; Monmouth R4 Hale Sec28 Farm Hand J.B. Reed (1895)

ALLAMAN, Harrison B. (Edna Caldwell) “Midway Farm” Sciota R1 Pt. Pleasant Sec30 O320a (19113) Tel. Farmers’ Line Swan Creek

ALLARD, Mrs Emma (Emma Pendarvis) Ch Mark M., Hubert H., Harriet Lucile, Sarah Bernice, David Garrett, Gertrude Eldora; “Pleasant View Farm” Smithshire R1 Pt. Pleasant Sec8 O160a (1891) Tel. Farmers’ Line Roseville

ALLEN Andrew C. (Lucy Stevens) Ch William, Harold, *Guy, *Lennie, *Harry; Gerlaw R1 Spring Grove Sec 22-27 T435a R.D. McCoy (1852) Farmers’Mutual Tel. Alexis

ALLEN, Edmund F. (Lillian Clayton) Ch Edmund, Cason, *Mary, *Myron; Galesburg R6 Kelly Sec33 T100a Mrs. Sue Brown and Mrs. A.R. Allen (1863)Mutual Tel North Henderson and Galesburg

ALLEN H. Guy (Jessie Foust) Ch Leland; Gerlaw R1 Spring Grove Sec27 T105a Ethel and R.D. McCoy (1884) Farmers’ Mutual Tel Alexis

ALLEN, Ray E. (Junie Courson) Ch Troy, Russell, Harley; Cameron R1 Floyd Sec226 T80a G.L. Long (1900) Mutual Tel. Abingdon

ALLEN, Robert A. (Mary Choate) Ch Ruth, Bernice, Mary, *Glen, *Nellie, *George; “Oakwood Farm” Little York R1 Sumner Sec29 O263a (1859) Gabby Tel. Little York

ALLEN, William E. (Hazel Gibb) Ch Joanna Mae; Smithshire Tompking Sec 31 T80a Mrs. Staley (1912) Smithshire Tel.

ALLEN, William M. (Edna Rinker) Gerlaw R1 Spring Grove Sec22-27 T435a R.D. McCoy (1891) Farmers’ Mutual Tel. Alexis

ANDERSON, Albert W. (Hulda Hoglund) Ch Frank, Esther, Ruth, Opal, *Clarence, *Hilma, *Lillie, *Roy, *Hazel; Monmouth R6 Lenox Sec12 T348a Samuel Law (1909) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

ANDERSON, Alfred Ch Edmond, Robert, Leonard, *Effie May; Roseville Monmouth R5 Lenox Sec4 T152a Peter Bolander (1867) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

ANDERSON, Andrew (Emma Swanson) Ch Ella, Ruth, Roy; Alexis R4 Spring Grove Sec 17 O160a (1898)

ANDERSON, Anton N. (Nina Johnson) Ch Ruby, Carl; Alexis R2 Kelly Sec3 Farm Hand Robert Hawswald (1918)

ANDERSON, Arthur C. (Almira Ross) Ch Evelyn, Opal; Roseville R1 Ellison Sec 27-28 T200a Lance Bros. (1886) Mutual Tel. Roseville

ANDERSON Bengt A. (Johanna Anderson ) Ch Albert, Edna, *Minnie, *Alfred; “Pine Terrace Farm” Roseville R2 Pt. Pleasant Sec13 O80a (1888) Tel. Farmer’s Line Roseville

ANDERSON, Charles (Ellen Rydgren) Ch Carrie, Anna Frederick, *Emil; Cameron R1 Floyd Sec29 T160a Mary Barfoot (1885) Mutual Tel. Berwick

ANDERSON Charles F. (Edna Seaton) Alexis R1 Sumner Sec2 T107a M.A. Anderson (1916) Tel. Farmers’ Line Seaton

ANDERSON Charles J. (Rella Greenlee) Ch Frank A., Walter H., *Emil C., *Harry R., *George C., *James G., *Arthur C., *May M., *Wilbur R.; Smithshire R1 Ellison Sec30 O460a (1869) Smithshire Tel. Smithshire

ANDERSON, Emil (Eva Hall) Avon R2 Greenbush Sec22 T80a Frank Sailer (1895) Tel. Farmers’ Line Avon

ANDERSON, Emil C. (Edna Smith ) Ch Mabel; Smithshire R1 Ellison Sec30 O167a T80a C.R. Thompson (1879) Smithshire Tel. Smithshire

ANDERSON, Fritz W. (Elsie B. Johnson) Ch Earle L.; Cameron R2 Coldbrook Sec9 O80a T80a Martin Anderson (1890) Galesburg Tel. Galesburg

ANDERSON Geo W. (Jessie Paul) Alexis R4 Spring Grove Sec10-3 T112a Anderson Est (1868) Farmers’ Mutual Tel. Alexis

Anderson, Godfrey (Gertie Fallman) Ch Katherine, Helen, Gertrude; Monmouth R3 Hale Sec13 O80a (1907) Tel. Farmers’ Line Monmouth

ANDERSON, John (Mary Anderson ) Ch Arthur, Emil, Frank, Alvin, Nellie, Alice, *Lucille; Monmouth R7 Lenox Sec33 )383a (1870) Monmouth Tel

ANDERSON, John F. (Albertenaa Johnson) Ch Mae; Monmouth R4 Hale Sec33 O80a (1882) Tel. Farmers’ Line Kirkwood

ANDERSON, John H. (Charlotte Johnson) Ch Dale G., *Robert F., *Geo. H. *Alphild; Good Hope R2 Swan Sec31 O365a (1878) Tel. Farmers’ line Swan Creek

ANDERSON, John O. (Alma Carlson) Ch Alice, *Tresie, *Hallan; Monmouth R2 Monmouth Sec20 )5a (1888)

ANDERSON, Nels Peter (Hilda C. Person) Ch Anna, Nels Joel; Monmouth R6 Monmouth Sec27-34 T169a Mary Barfoot (1885) Monmouth Tel.

ANDERSON, Oyral R. (Louise A. Drugg) Ch Marguerite, Willard, Hershel, Stanley; Galesburg R5 Coldbrook Sec 26-23 T240a Gust Anderson (1896) Tels Farmers’Line Cameron and Galesburg

ANDERSON, Ransom (Rena Osburn) Ch Revel, Hazel, Selma, Traves; Avon R5 Roseville Sec 36 T101a S.H. Tultte (1915) Mutual Tel. Roseville

ANDERSON, Robert F. (Grace Dean) Ch Luverna, Roberta, Vivian, Grace; Swan Creek R1 Swan Creek Sec32 T210a J.D. Stice (1885) Tel. Farmers’ Line Swan Creek

ANDERSON, Wilbur R. (Flossie A. Thompson) Smithshire R1 Ellison Sec7 T165a Chas. J. Anderson (1890) Smithshire Tel.

ANDERSON, Willard Alexis R4 Spring Grove Sec 15-11-10 T180a N.A. Holmer (1913)

ARENDT, George W. (Cora Carpenter) Ch Gladys, Alice; Abingdon R1 Floyd Sec36 Farm Hand S.H. Whitenack (1877) Mutual Tel. Abingdon

ARIE, Clyde E. (May Rippe) Monmouth R5 Lenox Sec21 T196a J.C. Miller (1911) Mutual Tel. Monmouth

ARIE, Milton G. (Alice Hiatt) Ch Earl; Cameron R2 Floyd Sec10 O20a (1904) Mutual Tel. Cameron

ARMSTRONG, Carl (Lida Frymire) Ch Lida May, Carl Richard; Cameron R1 Floyd Sec2 T160a Henry Frymire (1910) Mutual Tel Cameron

ARMSTRONG, Chester J. (Belle Riley) “Bonnie Bend Stock Farm” Alexis R1 Sumner Sec2 O250a (1876)Tel. Farmers’ Line Alexis

ARMSTRONG, Eugene L. (Nellie Shuman) Kirkwood R1 Tompking Sec2 Farm Hand A.O. Jacobs (1916)

ARMSTRONG, Guy W. (Mrs. Eby Armstrong, Mother) Ch Clifford, Estella Ingersoll; “Sunny Slopes Farm: Galesburg R6 Kelly Sec 34-22 O100a 1-3 interest in Armstrong Est (1879)Mutual Tel North Henderson and Bell tel. Galesburg

ARMSTRONG, Harry M. Sarah, Catherine Linnie, Sisters; Little York R2 Sumner Sec10 O265a (1881) Tel Farmers’ Line Little York

ARMSTRONG, John Carl (Lula Miller) Ch Wickliffe, Willa, Helen; Alexis R2 Kelly Sec5 T40a Nels E. Martin (1915) Mutual Tel. Alexis

ARMSTRONG,John Francis (Opal Mills) Ch Frances Eileen; Cameron R1 Floyd Sec21 T200a S.B. Armstrong (1894)Mutual Tel. Abingdon-cameron

ARMSTRONG, John R. (Mattie Palmer) Ch athal, Ruth, Glenn, Reynold; Gerlaw R1 Spring Grove Sec23-24 O320a (1865) Farmers’ Mutual Tel Alexis

ARMSTRONG, J. Ross (Maud Palmer) Ch Claud, Mona; “Goldon Acres Farm” Monmouth R3 Hale Sec7 O185a (1902) Tel. Kirkwood

ARMSTRONG, Levi D. (Mary Mooris) Ch Mary, Marjorie, Robert; Monmouth R3 Hale-Summer Sec 6-31 O240a (1903) Little York Tel.

ARMSTRONG L. Eph (Alice Olin) Ch Elsie, Erma, Harold; Alexis R4 Spring Grove Sec12-13-14-15 O480a (1863) Farmers’ Mutual Tel. Alexis

ARMSTRONG Ralph S. (Frances Sallee) Cameron R1 Floyd Sec21 O160a (1888) Mutual Tel. Cameron

ARMSTRONG Robert Roy (Ida Hartzell) Ch Mary, Mildred, HaroldHartzell; Little York R2 Sumner Sec12 O285a (1878) Tel. Farmers’ Line Little York

ARMSTRONG< Sebastian (Minnie Goddard) Ch Elba Florence, *Ralph, *Franacis, *Edna, *Maggie; Cameron R1 Floyd Sec 21-22 O440a (1859) Mutual Tel. Cameron-Abingdon-Berwick

ARMSTRONG, Virgil M. (Ruth Lindley) Ch Bryonia, Fredrick; Gerlaw R1 Spring Grove Sec23 T160a John Armstrong (1891) Tel. Farmers’ Line Mutual Alexis

ARNOLD, George W. (Susie Doran) Ch Maurice, Vincent, Elanor, Raymond; Sciota R1 Pt. Pleasant Sec33 T160a Mrs. Nettie Wolfe (1907) Tel. Farmers’ Line Sciota

ARTHUR, Roy E. (Mary Stewart) Ch Gertrude, Donald, Richard; Monmouth R4 Hale Sec 23-24 T105a W. H. Arthur (1884) Tel. Farmers Line Monmouth

ARTHUR, W.. Harold (Marguerit Gettemy) Ch Rosemary; Monmouth R3 Hale Sec 23 T 135a William Arthur (1892) Tel Farmer’s Line Monmouth

ASH, Clarence L. (Bessie Kerby) Ch Anna; Monmouth R3 Hale, Sec6 O831/2a (1901) Tel. Little York

ATCHINSON, Fred (Belle Watt) Roseville R4 Swan Sec14 O82a (1871) Tel. Farmers’ Line Roseville

ATEN, Leander (Grace Aten) Ch Lewis, Earl, Gladys, Lawrence; Roseville R2 Pt Pleasant Sec12 T240a Mrs. Eli Dixson (1909) Tel. Farmers’ LIne Roseville

ATEN Len B. (Nora Nall ) Ch Virgil, Fremonnt, Cleo; Sciota R2 Pt Pleasant, Sec35 Farm Hand T160a E.A. Catlin(1917) Roseville Tel.

ATKINS, Edward L. (Irene McBroom) Ch Margaret, Jean; Smithshire R1 Pt. Pleasant Sec8-16-17 T360a J. B. Brown (1915) Roseville Tel

AUSTIN, Andy O. (Monnie Van Dyke) Roseville R2 Pt Pleasant Sec2 T277a Farm Hand W.L. Boyd (1918) Tel. Farmers’ Line Roseville

AXCELL, John (Hilda Johnson) Ch Hilvie, Edward, *Minnie, *Signe, *Esther; Alexis R2 Kelly Sec8 T240a Mrs. Lizzy Porter (1888) Farmers’ Mutual Tel. Alexis

AZDELL, Ira C. Ch Curtis, Mildred, Harold, *Elvin; “Hickory Dale Stock Farm” Little York R2 Sumner Sec 27 O299a (1889) Tel. Farmers’ LIne Little York

AZDELL, Leonard L. (Cora Bartlett) Ch Clarence, Elizabeth; Alexis R4 Spring Grove Sec16 T160a William Gallango (1909) Farmers’ Mutual Tel. Alexis

AZDELL, Ole L. (Mary McCrery) Ch Bessie, Leland; Little York R2 Spring Grove Sec19 O80a (1895) Tel. Farmers’Line Little York

Source: Prairie Farmer’s Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders, Warren & Henderson Counties, Illinois. Prairie Farmer Publishing Company, 1918.

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