Troup County Georgia in the Spanish American War

Spanish American War. The last straw in the friction between Spain and the United States was the sinking of the Maine in Havana harbor on February 15, 1898. After the court of inquiry had determined that the explosion was due to a mine in the harbor, the United States Congress demanded the withdrawal of the Spanish troops from Cuba, which was practically a declaration of war. This occurred on April 20, 1898, and was followed by a call for troops on April 22, 1898, from eighteen to forty-five years of age.

The Fifth Regiment of Georgia Volunteers under the command of Colonel John S. Candler, Lieutenant-Colonel Park Woodward, Majors W. J. Kendrick, Cleveland Wilcoxon and Clifford L. Smith, were called to Atlanta immediately and the regiment through its commanders and company officers volunteered for service in the above war. The LaGrange Light Guards under the command of William T. Herring was Company E of this regiment. The regiment was not accepted as a unit, but many of the officers were selected to form the Second Georgia Regiment. Enlistment was made voluntary in the new organization.

The Second Georgia was considered as a reserve and was encamped near Tampa, Florida; but the Fifth Regiment of regulars was then stationed at Fort McPherson and was sent to the front and saw active service in Cuba.

The following Troup County citizens participated in this war, those in the regular army being designated by U. S. A. after the name:

Anderson, 9, 5th U. S. A.
Bankston, Charles, 2nd Ga.
Boddie, Battle, Co. F, 5th U. S. A.
Bruce, Hutch, 2nd Ga.
Cameron, Alex, 2nd Ga.
DeLoach, Lonnie, 2nd Ga.
Evans, Thomas C., 2nd Ga.
Fuller Wesley, 2nd Ga.
Gibson, R. E., 2nd Ga.
Hearn, Samuel, Co. A, 38th U. S. A.
Herring, William T., First Lieutenant
Hightower, John, 2nd Ga.
Holle, J. B., Jr., 2nd Ga.
Holle, W. A., 2nd Ga.
Jackson, Hugh, 2nd Ga.
Jones, Egbert, 2nd Ga.
Maffett, Boykin, 2nd Ga.
Market, Emmett, 2nd Ga.
McComack, Frank, 2nd Ga.
McFarlane, Charles H., 2nd Ga.
McGee, George A., 2nd Ga.
Moore, William L., 2nd Ga.
Parham, Benjamin, 2nd Ga.
Perkins, W. R., 2nd Ga.
Roberts, Clarence, 2nd Ga.
Schirmacher, Alfred, 2nd Ga.
Sledge, Robert, 44th 111.
Smith, Milton, 2nd Ga.
Smith, Walter, 2nd Ga.
Truitt, Arthur, 2nd Ga.
Williams, Henry, 2nd Ga.
Winn, Gordon, 2nd Ga.
Wood, -, Co. B, 5th U. S. A.

Troup County GA,

Partridge, Dennis N. Troup County Georgia Genealogy. Web. © 2012.

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