The aggregate amount of claims submitted to the consideration of the Commissioner is –
Of which, these sums have been allowed
$182, 309.14
Under the Treaty of Augusta


$ 182,309.14

Under the Treaty of Galphinton


Under the Treaty of Shoulderbone


Under the Treaty of New York


Under the Treaty of Coleraine


Subsequently to the Treaty of Coleraine


Total amount of claims allowed

$ 80,844.07

To which is to be added, amount of claims examined by the Commissioner, and reported to the President for his special decision


Total amount of claims allowed, including those reported to the President for his special decision


Amount rejected


     Commissioner’s Office, Athens, 15th March, 1822. I certify, that the foregoing fifty-three pages [44] contain an accurate record of my decisions on the various claims which have been submitted to me, as Commissioner, under the fourth article of the Treaty concluded with the Creek Nation on the 8th day of January, 1821.
JAMES P. PRESTON, Commissioner.
A true copy from the original statements on file in the office of the Second Auditor, 6th May, 1828.
(B.) DECISIONS of Stephen Pleasanton, as Commissioner, on sundry claims against the Creek Nation, under the Treaty of the 8th January, 1821. The Fifth Auditor, to whom the President has confided the adjustment of such of the claims of citizens of Georgia upon the Creek nation of Indians, as were not settled by James P. Preston, Esq. at the time he relinquished the appointment of Commissioner, proceeded, in the discharge of that duty. to pronounce the following decisions, viz.

Creek, History,

Payments to Citizens of Georgia. Issue 268 of Document, United States 20th Congress, 1st session, 1828. Gales & Seaton. 1828.

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