Macon Guards

E. L. SHELTON, 1st Lieutenant.
E. S. RODGERS, 2d Lieutenant
WM. D. GRIFFIN, 1st Sergeant.
J. B. CUMMING, 2d Sergeant
J. A. McGREGOR, 3d Sergeant
P. J. SHANNON, 4th Sergeant.
A. B. ROSS, 1st Corporal.
EDWIN HARRIS, 2d Corporal
THOS. E. ORCUTT, 3d Corporal
R. T. McGREGOR, 4th Corporal


James A. Abbott
Wilson J. Aderhold
Edmund Barnard
James W. Beasley
Orran W. Buffington
Edward Curd
Peter W. Clayton
William J. Cumming
Rufus Cook
William Carter
John W. Cooper
John Cleesby
James Carson
John R. Candler
William Davis
Isaac Domingos
John L. Fells
William English
James E. Flint
Elijah Foster
Alfred T. Franklin
Alexander II. Franklin
Charles E. Flanders
Simon W. Freeman
George .A. Grimes
Lewis Gee
Solomon Groce
Richard Head
Elliott Higgins
William Hughes
Alexander Hammersley
Andrew W. S. Harris
William A. Harris
Alexander H. Hawkins
Simeon Horton
William S. Johnston
William Kennedy
D. G. Kennedy
William King
William L. King
John T. Lamar
Wilson Logue
A. D. Logan
John Loughridge
John H. Lane
Allen J. McGraw
John McGowan
Seaborn Moore
James Martin
Alfred B. McKee
William W. Munson
Robert E. Macarthy
Thomas McNeely
Sanford Moore
Robert Melton
Sanford F. Miniard
Thomas J. McCrary
Thomas J. Moody
A. A. Park
William Robinson
Alexander Reynolds
William M. Ralston
Alexander R. Ralston
David A. Ralston
Caleb W. Rembert
Marcus Roberts
Albert L. Ross
Thomas Shirty
Sebastian Shaw
Robert Snead
William Spratt
Robert H. Tindall
John S. Tilliston
Gilbert E. Thigpen
Claiborne Vaughan
William W. Woodall
William Walker
Edward N. Wood
Franklin W. Wright
Robert T. Walker
Timothy D. Wood
William M. Wright

Collection: Georgia Volunteers for the War with Mexico.

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1 thought on “Macon Guards”

  1. Are there any records of the casualties within the Macon Guards that were involved in the war with Mexico? My ancestor is Simeon Horton. I’m 99% certain he died during his service, but wonder at what possible burial site he may be ? I know it’s probably a mass grave, but it would be nice to know the general location. One would think there would be a roll of honor somewhere.

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