History of Clinch County, Georgia

Title:History of Clinch County, Georgia, revised to date, giving the early history of the county down to the present time (1916): also complete lists of county officers, together with minor officers and also sketches of county officers’ lives; with chapters on the histories of old families of Clinch County; also other information as is historical in its nature, comp. and ed. by Folks Huxford
Author:Folks Huxford
Publication date:1916
Publisher:Macon, Ga., The J.W. Burke company
Digitizing sponsor:Sloan Foundation
Contributor:The Library of Congress
RepositoryInternet Archive

History of Clinch County, Georgia

Pages 66-98 are skewed.

In Chapter I, also in Chapter XIII, much is said concerning Irwin, Lowndes, Appling and Ware Counties, but the author is of the opinion that this is necessary as it relates to the early history of this County before its formation.

In Chapter II, and in Chapter III, extended remarks are made on the earlier settlers of the County. This data is based on information gathered from descendants of these settlers and from other parties. I would not have the reader think that the settlers named in this connection, were the only ones living here at the time; far from that.

In Chapter V is given information as to the soldiers who served in the Confederate Army from Clinch County. The author does not vouch for the correctness of all of this information, as it was by the merest chance and the hardest of investigating and inquiry, that these names were obtained. The names were given mostly by survivors now living of these companies, and the list of officers and men in each company will not be found complete, due to the obvious impossibility of the recollection of so many names that far back.

In regards to Chapter VIII, treating on educational subjects, it was very difficult to obtain what information is given as the author had no access to the old minutes of the Board of Education further back than 1892. The information given is chiefly from the different acts of the Legislature right after the war, and from scattered papers in the Ordinary’s office, while the list of members of the Board of Education is taken from the Grand Jury presentments.

In the preparation of family histories, only a few are given, such as the larger families of Clinch County, although the ancestry of a few others are given, which reach very far back.

Sketches of Lives of Clinch County Officers, 1850-1916

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