Biography of Joseph T. Minter

Joseph T. Minter, deceased, was born in Putnam County, Georgia, in the year 1818. He married Miss Sarah A. Carter, in the same state, at the age of seventeen years. She was a daughter of a prominent planter and slaveholder. In the year 1853 Mr. Minter migrated to Hopkins County, Texas, and lived in the county until he died. They were the parents of twelve children, nine of whom are living; and all are citizens of the county. Ann E. married W. D. Byrd and raised a large family of boys and girls who are citizens of the county. William H. married Sarah Smith, a daughter of a farmer, a good man and a good citizen. He married in the year 1863. Morgan Minter married Ada Askew, daughter of Capt. R. L. Askew, a prominent citizen of Hopkins County. Morgan has raised an unusually large family. They were married in the year 1864. Miss Fannie Minter married Thomas L. Simms, a gentleman of good family and most excellent parentage. They married in the year 1864, and have raised a large and useful family in the county. Miss Dollie married John Stephens, a Georgia gentleman, a man of good business qualifications and of good character. They were married in the year 1867, and have no offspring. Robert A. married Susan Rainey, a splendid lady of excellent birth. They have a large family of intelligent children with industrious habits. Sylvanus has been twice married. He is one of the best men in Hopkins County. To know him is to love him. He is a big-hearted nobleman, meriting all the respect and esteem he enjoys. He is a widower at this time. Mattie E., a most excellent lady, loved for her many good qualities, married John Denney, an all around splendid fellow. They were the parents of four children. Mr. Denney died, and subsequently Mrs. Denney married M. O. Minter, a relative. He is a kindly disposed, good natured gentleman, of splendid business qualifications. Gus Minter, the youngest child of this large family, married Miss Sallie Renow. She died and he afterwards married Rebecca Atkins, an Old State lady of good birth. He is engaged in mercantile pursuits, and does business at the place where he was born.

This family are all good citizens of Hopkins County. The boys are highly esteemed, are honest, just, debt-paying men, and have the full confidence of all with whom they deal. The girls all married good men, and are in happy conditions. They are all taxpayers in the county; are church members; liberal, enterprising, useful and industrious men. They are good to the poor and needy-never refusing the deserving of their assistance. They all occupy a leading place in society, and are very highly respected by everybody a quiet, good, moral set of men, that Hopkins County should be proud to acknowledge as citizens.



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