Location: Hopkins County TX

Biography of David M. Smith

David M. Smith, one of the best men the writer ever knew, a man almost without a fault, and absolutely incorruptible. He died at his home in Sulphur Springs, with that awful scourge, cancer of the jaw; married Miss Lu Cade, as pure a woman as ever breathed the breath of life, an affectionate wife, a devoted mother and a sacrificing neighbor. William M. married Sallie Hopkins, daughter of Dave Hopkins. He lost his companion and afterwards married Neely Hay, daughter of Rev. Wm. Hay, she lived only eight months and passed to her long home, subsequently he married Elizabeth

Biography of Josiah Smith

Doctor Josiah Smith, deceased, was born and raised in the state of Georgia. At his majority he married Miss Nannie Morgan and moved to Hopkins County, Texas, in the year 1844 and settled on the spot where he has lived a long and useful life, and finally returned to the state of his nativity and passed into eternity. By this marriage nine children were born to them. Out of this number only two are living Zylphia, died in infancy; Buford lived to manhood and graduated from McKenzie College, enlisted in the Civil war as a Confederate soldier and died in

Directory of Nelta, Texas

J. M. Simms. M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Wilber J. Davis Postmaster and Dealer in General Merchandise. Chas. B. Kirkbride Blacksmith and woodwork. Bois’D’Arc Wagons a specialty. Warrick France The only Gin man in the place.

Directory of Sulphur Springs, Texas

The people whose names are listed in this directory are the substantial business men of the city, and merit the full confidence of the public. The professional men are those upon whom the people can rely with perfect safety. J. A. Stevenson Implement Company. Dealer in Moline Farm Implements, Peter Shuttler Wagons, Barb Wire and other staple hardware. Agent for McCormick Machinery, and J. I. Case Thresher. C. L. Murrie & Company. Dealers in Dry Goods, Millinery, Ladies’ Furnishings. The only up-to-date Store of this kind in the city. O. M. Pate. Dealer in Hardware, Stoves, Sash and Doors, Furniture,

Biography of Red Collins

Red Collins, one of the oldest timers in the county, was born in the state of Missouri in the year 1833. He came to Texas with his father in the year 1839 and stopped in Red River district near where Clarksville is now located. The whole country was a perfect wilderness, even what few people were here were hardly civilized. In that day the most of the male inhabitants were refugees from justice, having committed some crime against the laws of the state from which they emigrated. Not being of a first-class people, and coming into the wilds of a

Biography of J. Elias Chapman

J. Elias Chapman was born in the state of Indiana, July 15th, 1848, and came to Texas with his parents in the year 1851. His grandfather was born in the year 1793. He migrated from South Carolina to the state of Indiana and from there moved into the state of Texas in the year 1850. Elias’ grandmother was born in the year 1796. Her maiden name was Polly Gray. These old people were united in marriage in the year 1816. Elias’ grandfather was a Methodist preacher and lived for a while and preached in the state of Kentucky, where Elias’

Biography of Joseph T. Minter

Joseph T. Minter, deceased, was born in Putnam County, Georgia, in the year 1818. He married Miss Sarah A. Carter, in the same state, at the age of seventeen years. She was a daughter of a prominent planter and slaveholder. In the year 1853 Mr. Minter migrated to Hopkins County, Texas, and lived in the county until he died. They were the parents of twelve children, nine of whom are living; and all are citizens of the county. Ann E. married W. D. Byrd and raised a large family of boys and girls who are citizens of the county. William

Biographical Sketch of R. R. Williams

R. R. Williams emigrated from the state of Arkansas in the year 1866 and located in Black Jack Grove, where he has since lived. He married Miss Susan Ward at the age of twenty-two years, in Arkansas. Nine children were the result of this union, six of whom are living. They are all citizens of the county, live near their parents and are doing well. Mr. Williams descended from a long line of ancestors. He can trace his family name back to Roger Williams, he has taken an active part in the politics of his county, espousing the cause of

Biography of L. A. Lollar

L. A. Lollar was born in the state of Tennessee in the year 1829, and came to Hopkins County in the year 1849. He married Miss Mary Veal in the year 1854, who still survives him. They had eight children born to them : seven sons and one daughter ; five of whom are living. John, the eldest son has been twice married and is living in the county with his second wife. Miss Lula married Sam Matthews, a common-sense businessman of good judgment. He is a just and honest man. Buster married Miss Lula Sparks, daughter of John Sparks,

Biographical Sketch of J. A. Weaver

The Col. J. A. Weaver family was a prominent family in Hopkins County; there are only two of this noted family living in the county at this time. W. B. Weaver who married Celia Patrick, a daughter of a prominent and successful merchant of Sulphur Springs. Miss Sallie married Phil Foscue, cashier of the First National Bank of Sulphur Springs, and as noble hearted gentleman as we have in the county, true to his convictions and solid in his business matters. Col. Weaver was foremost in many public enterprises in the county; was High Sheriff and tax collector for eight