The Michael Fetter Family

Welcome to a journey through the annals of time, one that is deeply rooted in the lives of the Fetters family and the world they inhabited. The History of the Michael Fetters family, a culmination of a quarter-century worth of research, is an enriching tapestry of generational experiences, shared ambitions, and compelling stories that echo through centuries.

This book invites you to traverse a fascinating timeline, beginning with an announcement of the discovery of the 1703/04 baptism of Johann Michael Vetter in Freinsheim, Germany. We then explore the lives of Vetter and his siblings, journeying with them as they brave the waves of migration to America between 1728 and 1738, escaping the Palatinate’s persistent turmoil and religious intolerance.

With each chapter, we delve deeper into the narratives of the Fetters family, unfolding their tale of endurance and courage as they venture into the wild frontiers of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Chapter by chapter, the lives of the Fetters generations unfurl, corresponding to the dynamic landscape of American history, and linking directly to Michael Fetters’ migration from Ohio to Indiana in the 1840s.

Our journey, however, does not only follow the male line of the Fetters family. We delve into the lives of the women who became part of this lineage, such as Elizabeth Wilt Fetters and Emily Hawkins Fetters, providing a well-rounded perspective of the Fetters family history.

In each chapter, genealogical charts and detailed maps complement the historical narration, providing a tangible connection to the Fetters family’s geographical movements and their evolving familial connections. This approach allows a personal and intimate exploration of the past, where you can walk in the footprints of the Fetters family and understand the complexities of their lives.

This voyage through time began as a homage to a grandmother’s curiosity, born in a log cabin in Northern Indiana in 1865. Her quest to know her roots inspired this extensive research. This work owes much to the invaluable assistance of Thomas Fetters, whose significant contributions helped shape the trajectory of this research. Other Fetters family members, like George, William B., Robert A., and individuals like Marilyn Forney, have also contributed with their unique insights and anecdotes, making this historical exploration a collective endeavor.

From the ancient streets of Freinsheim, Germany, to the diverse landscapes of America, the Fetters family’s story is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. It’s a tale that spans continents and centuries, from the German roots of the Nicolaus Vetter Family to the bold frontiersmen who carved a home in Indiana, and finally to their descendants spread across America’s vast expanse. The chapters unfold this saga with great detail and care, connecting you to the Fetters family’s profound and inspiring legacy.

The Michael Fetters Family Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – German Roots
The Nicolaus Vetter Family,
Freinsheim, Germany

Chapter 2 – Emigration to America
The Joh. Michael Vetter Family
Freinsheim, Germany to
Oley, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania

Chapter 3 – The Pennsylvania Frontier
The Michael Fetter Family
Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania to
Bedford & Huntingdon Counties, Pennsylvania

Chapter 4 – The Ohio Frontier
The George Fetters Family
Huntingdon Co., Pennsylvania to
Stark County, Ohio

Chapter 5 – A Home in Indiana
The Michael Fetters Family
Stark County, Ohio to
Marshall County, Indiana

Chapter 6 – The Western Frontier
The John Fetters Family
Marshall County, Indiana to
Gosper County, Nebraska and

Chapter 7 – Collateral Families:
The Zadock Hawkins Family
The Thomas Wilt Family

Chapter 8 – Descendants of
Michael Fetters (1819-1875)


Curtis, Mary Emma, The Michael Fetters Family: From their German Roots in Direct Descent to Michael Fetters (1819-1875) of Burr Oak, Indiana and His Descendants; Clearwater, Florida: self-published, 1998.

Fetter, Hawkins, Vetter, Wilt,



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    1. This manuscript was self published in 1998, probably with limited copies sent to major genealogical libraries and family. I would expect a hard copy to be hard to find. You can download a digital copy (pdf) of this book by clicking the 3 dots on the left side of the screen where the book is and choosing download.

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