Genealogy of Daniel and James Allen

K133 DANIEL and JAMES ALLEN: settled in York Co., Va., in 1634. (New
     Kent Co. was later formed from York, and Hanover Co. from New
K134 CHARLES ALLEN: probably the s. of either Daniel or James; b. in New
     Kent Co., Va., about 1700; m. Susannah -------; m. to what is now Charlotte
     Co. about 1755.
K135 JOHN ALLEN: d. Nov. 1, 1816; m. Ann Sims, dau. of Micijah Sims, in
     1780 or 1781; served in Rev. Army with 14th Va. Regiment as Sergeant.
     (1) Lucy S. Allen: 1781-1864.
     (2) James: 1783-1843.
     (3) Sally Rivers: 1785-1851.
     (4) Sims: 1787-1870; m. (first) Margaret Calhoun; m. (second) Sally
         Whitehead, nee Vaughan. Issue by first wife:
         (A) Joseph W.: 1825-1898; m. Letitia A. McDearmon.
             (a) W. J.: b. 1849; m., first, 1869, Alice Hamlette; m., secondly,
                 1889, Kate Walters.
             (b) Sims A.: b. 1850; m., first, 1870, Mary Chappell; m.,
                 secondly, Miss Malony.
             (c) Arthur Clifford: b. 1852; m. Rosa Hamlette.
             (d) Mary M.: b. 1853; m. Nathan Bell.
             (e) John R.: b. 1855; m. Hester Riggin.
             (f) Sam J.: b. 1856; m. Lizzie Allen.
             (g) Frank Edgar: b. 1859; m. Mary B. Anderson.
             (h) Drury Addison: b. 1860; m. Lula Garland.
             (i) Lee McDearmon: b. 1864; m. Mattie Mays.
             (j) Thos. R.: b. 1866; d. unm.
             (k) Cornelia Frances: b. 1868; d. unm.
             (l) Florence M.: b. 1870; m. A. T. Lipscomb.
             (m) Letitia Ettie: b. 1872; m. Melvin Roberts.
         (B) James Addison: b. 1827; m., 1854, Sally Elizabeth Todd.
         (C) John Sims: 1829-1913.
         (D) William Daniel Allen: b. 1831; m., 1855, Mary Agnes Rice.



York County VA,

Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Allen Family Records. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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