Genealogy of Charles Allen Family

J132 CHARLES ALLEN: first mentioned in Portsmouth, N. H., in 1657. When
     he came to America is not known. He was born about 1625 and died
     about 1705. He married in 1667 Suzanna Huggins, of Hampton, N. H.
     This was evidently the second marriage of Charles, for in a deed conveying
     his lands and property in Greenland, N. H., to Suzanna Huggins,
     and dated 1666, he refers to his daughter Mary. by a former wife. He
     had by his second wife
        (1) Daniel, date of birth unknown, who m. Hannah Berry prior
            to 1705. He d. Jan. 22, 1746. He had John (date of birth
            unknown, who was adopted by his uncle, John Allen, in 1714.
            No record of his marriage, but he had Reuben, b. 1738; John,
            bapt. 1741), and Daniel, Jr., date of birth unknown, married
            twice, first wife unknown, second was Lydia Hicks, and they
            were married prior to 1756. The children by the first wife are
            Suzannah, Sarah and Josiah, who was b. May 31, 1744, married,
            1779, Bathsheba Nelson, of Newmarket, N. H., b. June 30, 1755.
            He d. at Epsom, N. H., 1821; served in the Revolutionary War.
            Josiah had Joseph, b. Mar. 11, 1781 (m., 1812, Mary Batchelder
            and d. Feb. 22, 1863; no ch. shown); Josiah H., b. July 11,
            1786 (m. Betsy Merrill and d. Mar. 11, 1869; no ch. shown);
            Ezra, b. July 17, 1790 (m., 1st, Feb. 10, 1814, Sarah M. Batchelder,
            of Deerfield; m., second, Sept. 6, 1849, Elizabeth Colby,
            of Hopkinton. He d. Dec. 31, 1865; no ch. shown), and others.
        (2) John: had six ch. born at Durham, N. H.: William, Bridget,
            Nathan, Mary, Abigail and Martha.
        (3) Charles: m. Joanna Scott, of Newbury, Mass., 1703; in 1744 he
            appears as a resident of Wells, Maine. Nothing further.
        (4) Jude: m. Deborah ------- prior to 1726, and died prior to 1750.
            They had
            (A) John, Jr.
            (B) Samuel: b. at Stratham, N. H., 1711; d. at Wakefield,
                N. H., 1808. He m. Annie Clark, b. 1714; d. June 5,
                1789. They had
                (a) Jude.
                (c) Three unnamed children.
                (d) Samuel, who was born at Stratham, N. H.; date unknown.
                    He m. ------- Stockbridge and had
                    1. Samuel (b. 1772, d. at Parsonfield, Me., Sept. 2,
                       1842. M. Aug. 26, 1793, Mehitable York, who d.
                       at Parsonfield, Me., July 4, 1863. This couple had
                       John, Elijah, Henry, Samuel, Enoch and Ira.
                    2. Elijah (b. 1763, probably at Stratham, N. H.; d.
                       Oct. 19, 1839, at Limerick, Me. He m. 1st Mehitable,
                       dau. of Avery Hall, of Wakefield, N. H.,
                       who d. June 25, 1800, at Cornith, Vt. He m.,
                       second, Mrs. Hannah Perry at Limerick, Me., Oct.
                       27, 1806, and had by his first wife Theophilus
                       Hall, Andrew Lee and Elijah Lorenzo Mortimer,
                       b. Jan. 14, 1794, at Cornith, Vt., and who d. at
                       Ellsworth, Me., Jan. 5, 1876. Married, May 4,
                       1823, Hepsibah B. Adams, of Ellsworth. She d.
                       Sept. 29, 1846. He m., second, Mrs. Clarissa
                       Jordan on Jan. 1, 1848. She d. Sept. 15, 1867.
                       The children were all of the first marriage: Andrew
                       Lee, b. May 12, 1824, d. Nov., 1850; m.,
                       June, 1848, Harriet S. Edwards; Daniel Mortimer,
                       b. June 4, 1826, d. Aug. 12, 1865; John Quincy
                       Adams, b. Apr. 12, 1828, d. July 9, 1835; Henry
                       Clay, b. Nov. 9, 1829, who had Frank W. Allen;
                       William H., b. Dec. 29, 1833, d. Apr. 26, 1874.
                       Elijah (b. 1763) had by his second wife a dau.
                (e) Abner: b. at Stratham, N. H., Feb. 28, 1748. He
                    m., Nov. 15, 1770, Elizabeth, dau. of William Johnson
                    and died at the home of Daniel M. Page in 1835.
                    His ch. were David, Nancy, Lydia, James, Sarah and
                    Mary. Nothing further concerning these children.
            (C) Jude.
            (D) Josiah: b. 1721, d. Aug. 11, 1799; his wife Mary d. 1794.
                No. ch. named.
            (E) Jethro: bapt. 1714; believed d. y.
            (F) Eleazer: b. 1723. His first wife, not named, d. Aug. 11,
                1750. He m., second, Deborah -------, who d. 1803. He d.
                1782, at Deerfield, N. H. They had one dau., Deborah,
                who married ------- Ladd.



Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Allen Family Records. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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