Genealogy of William Allen Family

I131 WILLIAM ALLEN: b. in England; came to America in 1638, and lived in
        Salisbury, Mass.; m. Ann Goodale, by whom he had 11 ch.
I132 BENJAMIN ALLEN: b. 1652; m., first, Mrs. Rachel Wheeler; m., 2nd,
        Hopestill Leonard; served in King Philip's War in 1678; father of
        14 ch., including
I133 JEREMIAH ALLEN: had 14 ch., including
I134 BENJAMIN ALLEN: whose s. was
I135 BARNABAS ALLEN: served in the Revolutionary War.
I136 REUBEN ALLEN: who had
I137 PHILEMON ALLEN: d. 1866; had
I138 CLARK ALLEN: m. (2nd) Emeline Whipple; 3 ch. by 1st w. and 6 by 2nd.
        (1) Elliott: d. y.
        (2) Charles: d. y.
        (3) Alta: b. 1863; m. Frank Hamil, 1897.
            (A) Cecil.
            (B) Allen.
        (4) Marion John: m. Mary Ray, 1900.
            (A) Marion: now (1929) studying for his master's degree in
            (B) Florence: a college grad.; engaged in the teaching profession
                near Kansas City.
            (C) Doris: b. 1910; student at the Tulsa, Okla., University.
            (D) John: b. 1912; also a student at the university.
        (5) Mary Jane: twin sister of Marion; b. 1867; m. Charles Hatch,
            of Canada. Issue.
            (A) Elizabeth: b. 1894.
            (B) Marion: b. 1896; a journalist near N. Y. City.
            (C) John: b. 1897; m. Birdie Campbell; lives in Dallas, Tex.;
                engaged in automobile business.
            (D) Clark: b. 1899; d. 1918.
            (E) Mary: b. 1903; m. Ernest Ames, of Calif., 1929.
        (6) Helen: b. 1869. Just retired after 35 years as a teacher in New
            York schools. Add.: 31 Erie St., Brockport, N. Y.
        (7) Phebe: b. 1871; spent 29 years in school work, the last years
            serving as principal.
        (8) George Clark: b. 1874; d. y.
        (9) Gertrude: twin sister of George Clark. After many years of
            teaching in New York, New Jersey and Winnipeg is now
            teaching in Cleveland, Ohio. Add.: 17721 Neff Road, Cleveland,



Seaver, Jesse Montgomery. Allen Family Records. American Historical-Genealogical Society, 1929.

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