Clements Family Record

Clements family record: with notes on allied families

The Clements family is an English one – the name coming from Latin and Norman-French, clemens, clementis.

Like many other old surnames, it has been spelled in various ways, – Clement, Clemens, Clemons, Klemens, Klementz, Clemence, etc., according to the education, nationality or whim of the tax-collectors and census takers.

By the first part of the 16th century there were branches of this family in several counties , – Leicester, Devon, Surrey and possibly others. And one Gregory Clements was a merchant in London Town. He was a member of the “Long” Parliament, and was one of the judges who sentenced Charles I to death. After the Restoration, he was hanged, drawn and quartered, exposed to public view, his property confiscated, and his family driven out.

Early immigrants by this name settled in Virginia in 1617; In New England, Dorchester, 1635, Haverhill, 1638, and Boston, 1644; and in New Jersey about 1690.

The concern in this record is with the descendents of William Clements, who came to Philadelphia from Ireland, about 1760, and with the ancestors and descendents of those families connected with them by marriage.

Allied Families:

Anderson, Argyll, Armstrong, Baird, Beaufort, Biggi, Brownlee, Calvert, Campbell, Clements, Conrad, Corson, Cresson, Crotta, de Beaufort, Elliott, Ellis, Ely, Emlen, Graham, Hershey, Jordan, Kunders, Latham, Lewis, Lloyd, Loughead, Lukens, Maltido, Maris, McCready, McIlvern, Newcomer, Paxson, Penington, Ramponi, Riddle, Roach, Roberts, Simcock, Soles, Steiner, Stewart, Stoner, Tillbrook, Tosi, Wachter, Wallace, Walmsley, Waln, Walton, Warder, Weaver, Weber, Williams, Willson, Wilson, Woods, and Zimmerman.


Clements Family Record
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