Francis Hayden Todd of North Haven CT

Francis Hayden Todd8, (Orrin7, Joel6, Hezekiah5, Caleb4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born Aug. 8, 1827, died Oct. 9, 1899, married Jan. 1, 1855, Elizabeth Gill, who was born Aug. 11, 1834, died April 8, 1920.

The following biographical sketch was taken from “North Haven Annals,” by Sheldon B. Thorpe.

“He has always followed the profession of his father, grandfather and quite likely his more distant ancestors. Although he has managed his farm and dairy business with the most scrupulous attention, he has found time and opportunity to serve his townsmen in many ways. With a single exception (Andrew F. Austin) he can count more years of public service than any other citizen. He was elected Grand Juror in 1864, and has filled that delicate responsibility continually since, with honor to himself and credit to the peace of the community. Also, since 1875, he has served as town treasurer. The duties of a selectman are perfectly familiar to him, and in 1883 he was made a member of the General Assembly. Patriotism, temperance and religion have always found in him an ardent supporter.”

He lived in North Haven, Conn.

1898. George Henry, b. Oct. 31, 1861, he was twice m. first, Jennie Magunnis, second, Jane Jacobs. He is a brick manufacturer. Resides at 38 Mountain St., Hartford, Conn., in 1919. No children.
*1899. John Hayden, b. Nov. 14, 1866.
1900. William Handel, b. March 5, 1871, m. Cora A. Forbes, in Manchester, Conn. They reside now (1919) in North Haven, Conn., where he owns and operates the farm long known as the “Joel Todd farm.” He makes a speciality of market gardening; he was town assessor for four years; is the financial agent for the church in North Haven. No children.



Todd, George Iru. Todd Family in America. Gazette Printing Company. 1920.

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