Middle Point Cemetery, Wallowa County Oregon

DANIEL, Anna Daughter of Nettie & Albert Daniel DANIEL, Donna Daughter of Rosa & Ode Daniel DANIEL, Marvin Son of rosa & Ode Daniel DANIEL, Ode DANIEL, Rosa Wife of Ode Daniel McGINNIS, Babies (2) Babies of Romauza & Wirt McGinnis SARRETT, Babies (2) Babies of Pink & Will Sarrett, Grandchildren of Albert Daniel

Unknown Burial Locations, Wallowa County Oregon

Surname First Name Burial Date Allard, Julienne, May 19, 1871 Branchaud, Sophie, January 14, 1854 Cascabil, Leon Adrian, March 19, 1868 Caxtalpi, Andre, September 1853 Chiwawai, Marie, October 8, 1854 Couture, Marie Walla Walla, October 11, 1854 Forrest, Annie Lefebvre, March 16, 1871 Forrest, Jean Baptiste, March 2, 1870 Fritz, Peter, October 7, 1863 Kakiete, …

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