Durkee Cemetery, Durkee, Oregon

Durkee Cemetery is one of the earliest cemeteries in Baker County. It is located about two miles northwest of Durkee near the railroad and is one-quarter mile off U. S. Highway No. 30, also known as the Old Oregon Trail.

The cemetery plot was deeded to the community by the late Mr. T. B. Moore in the late 1890’s, he owning the ranch property upon which burials had been made. Since burials were made all along the Old Oregon Trail, it is reasonalble to assume that some of the graves in this cemetery date back to the early 1850’s. There are perhaps 150 graves in the cemetery but many of them are unmarked and very difficult to find. The cemetery is situated on a high dry plain and is in fairly good condition. It is open and is partially maintained, probable by relatives. We learn of no party who keeps burial records, however, several years ago the Durkee Grange made a list of burials which they turned over to one of the Baker funeral homes.

Among burials here are the following.

Glenn, Hugh H. b. 1872; d. 1889

Glenn, Nancy b. 1822; d. 1877

Myers, Sarah P. b. 1850; d. 1893

Prescott, Justina b. 1829; d. 1892; wife of J. C.

Shaffer, Prescilla b. 1820; d. 1883
The above burials were handwritten on the page for the cemetery.

Baxter, Curtis 1892-1926C

Benoit, Augustus 1843-1931C

Bradburn, Virginia 1867-1918

Cady, Emma Caroline (Bakan) 1877-1963 Obit.

Cady, Ulysses Grant 1964-1952C

Cady, Robert 1831-1911

Carson, Ervin F.

Cartwright, Sarah E. 1853-1890

Chadwell, Alice 1863-1905

Chadwell, Myrtle M. 1898-1907C

Cobbs, John Calvin 1862-1949 or (1950)C

Cobbs, Augusta ( Meyer) 1869-1944C

Darr, Lizzie 1893-1899

Dakan, Hiram 1816-1906

Day, Gertrude (Meyer) 1888-1962 Obit.

Deardorff, Charles Lewis (Louis) 1884-1972 Obit.

Deardorff, Grace Elizabeth 1915-1990 Obit.

Deardorff, Minnie (Meyer) 1880-1961 Obit.

Deardorff, Delmar W. 1913-1958

Dial, Lillian 1943-1945

Dial, William 1857-1945C

Downs, Samuel A. 1867-1899

Ells, Ray A. 1886-1910C

Ells, Ida

Ells, May 1884-1899

Ells, Thomas E. 1850-1932C

Ells, Laura (Stevens) 1869-1952

Ells, Marie Cecilia (Carnefix) 1891-1954

Engstrom, Peter A. 1865-1930C

Engstrom, Mary (E.) (Prescott) 1877-1930C

Erdelbrock, Herbert C. 1904-1987

Erdelbrock, Marguerite J. 1905-1973
(Burt Boise’s Wife)

Gerry, William 1923-1963

Gerry, Mary E. (Nelson, Sheehan) 1887 or 1888-1947C

Glenn, Lucy Bell 1880-1923C

Glenn, John Henry 1877-1962 Obit.

Glenn, Hattie elizabeth 1887-1944C

Glenn, Charles Marion 1882-1936C

Glenn, Delbert E. (Charles) 1919-1930C

Glenn, Cecil Willard 1905-1981C

Glenn, Hazel (Morton) 1894 or 1895-1924C

Glenn, Baby Daughter 1920-1920C

Glenn, Baby

Glenn, Andrew H. 1887-1934C

Glenn, Nancy

Glenn, George Louis 1879-1954

Glenn, Francis M 1846 or1847-1924C

Glenn, Katherine (Baumann) 1848 or 1846-1942C

Goff, George allen 1902-1932 or 1933C

Grabner, Jennie Edna 1893-1913C

Grabner, Abbie Gertraude 1889-1910C

Tyler, James George 1910-1986 Obit.

Prescott, Joseph 1823-1899

Prescott, Justina (Grabner) 1820-1892

Presccott, Martin A. 1888-1889

Grabner, Frank H. 1859-1936

Grabner, Daisy C. 1865-1933C

Hume, George Martin 1906-1968

Hume, Ruth Tyler 1909-1963

Haigh, Ruth ?-1929

Haigh, John A 1912-1981 Obit

Haigh, Ruth

Harrison, Nancy Lankford 1868-1918

Harrison, Andrew Levi 1868-1918

Harrison, Elizabeth Elmore 1805-1891

Harrison, Lorenzo, D. 1831-1901

Harrison, Maggie N. 1885-1896

Harrison, F. M. 1839-1905

Hindman, Donald Albert 1914-1938

Hindman, Ida Catherine (Gerry) 1915-1990

Hoisington, Gertrude F. 1823-1977

Hoisington, Harold Stillman 1910-1992 Obit.

Hollifild, Minnie 1871-1894

Holt, Gayle Johnson Clapp 1934-1992

Hoss, Glenn Cobbs 1903-1947

Hixson, Shelby 1918-1920

Hixson, Daisy 1920-1920

Hixson, Raymond Clifford 1926-1926

Hixson, Alonzo D. 1910-1929C

Hixson, Lorraine M.

Hixson, Robert C. 1819-1907C

Hixson, Theo. 1846-1912

Hucker, Martha 1853-1929C

Hucker, G. Albert 1889-1981

Hucker, Mable, J. 1903-1992

Hucker, Theodore Gary 1944-1944C

Hucker, Theodore A. 1911-1925C

Hucker, Henry D. 1873-1942C

Hucker, Anna Laura 1893-1943C

Hucker, Josie T. (Munn) 1886-1906C

Hucker, Henry 1838-1906

Hucker, Elizabeth B. 1852-1903

Jones, William J. 1873-1968

Kirby, Robert Neal 1935-1935C

Kniss, Michael 1821-1891

Leonard, Daniel 1826-1900

Leonard, Ellen (Lowery) 1841-1915

Leonard, Thomas 1892-1964

Leonard, Edward Lee 1870-1950C

Long, Sherman A. 1928-1991 Obit.

Lang, Grace E. (Blocker) 1913-1983 Obit.

Lang, Christopher C. 1910-?

Lang, Leola Mamie (Charles) 1907-1979 Obit.

Lang, Louis George 1896-1976

McKinney, Edward E. 1888-1955

Meyer, William 1848-1918C

Meyer, Sarah P. 1850-1893

Meyer, Little Grace 1844-1888

Mitchell, Harvey

Mitchell, Abby


Near, Jack E. 1911 or 1912- 1994 Obit.

Near, Jewell M. (Boatwright) 1910-1982 Obit.

Olds, Mildred Glenn 1869-1917

Prescott, Martin I. T. 1864-1926 C

Prescott, Edward G. 1859-1927 C

Price, Benjamin 1866-1935C

Shaw, Frederick Leonard 1863-1941C

Shaw, Kate May 1870-1955

Shaffer, Priscilla W. 1820-1883

Sisley, Lew 1829-1910

Stewart, Evelyn 1910-1938

Stoner, (Tom) Thomas “Grandpa” 1912-1988 Obit.

Storie, Leonard Melvin (Melvin Leonard) 1917-1922C

Storie, Lettie Harriet (Sisley 1895-1984 Obit.

Storie, Iva May (Leonard) 1871-1963 Obit.

Storie, Thomas Leonard 1892-1964 Obit.

Thompson, Anna 1874-1911C

Thompson, Thomas G. 1868-1913C

West, Maggie E. 1889 or 1890-1892

White, Henry G. Edward 1889-1946

White, Maude M. 1896-1926

White, Andrew J. 1844-1901

Wolven, William James 1874-1944

Graves, Edwin Benson 1877-1962 Obit

Olds, Infant Son 1908-1908C

Olds, Elma Madeline 1914-1914C

Prescott, Bert D. 1851-1918C

Prescott, Harvey 1881-1909C

Konte, Rebecca Rae (Boosinger) 1946-1994 Obit.

Our thanks to the Baker Family History Center for allowing us to use their copies of these cemetery records.

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  1. Augustus Benoit, who is buried at the Durkee, Oregon Cemetery is my Great Great Uncle. My Grandfather was Frank Benoit. Augustus was Frank’s Uncle. My Grand Father had written a book about his life and Augustus was discussed in the book. I know that Augustus served in the Union Army as Lieutenant. Augustus was a conscriptor while in the Army. He recruited many Canadian young men to join the Union Army. After leaving the Army Augustus drifted into Oregon where he became a gold prospector. My Grandfather Frank Benoit indicates that Augustus died in Durkee, Oregon in 1929 with several honors. If you have any more information about Augustus Benoit , I would be so grateful if you would share it with me. I would like to know where he is buried in Durkee so I can fly out and see the grave site. Is the grave site marked with a headstone? My name is Randell Benoit, Augustus is my Great Great Uncle. My email address is Rzaben0916@yahoo.com, telephone # is (512)567-7328.
    Randell Benoit

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