Patentees still in Emily, Ontario, Canada

The family names of the following 145 original patentees are still to be found in Emily but not on the original farms:

Edward Bailey,
David Balfour
James Balfour
William Barrett
James Best
John Best
Wm. Best
John Blackwell
Wm. Bradley
Cornelius CaIlaghan
Jeremiah Callaghan
Samuel Carew
Thomas Carew
Edmond Callaghan
Charles Chambers
Patrick Clancy
John Clark
John Collins
Michael Collins
Dennis Connell
George Connell
John Connell
Patrick Connell
Samuel Cottingham
William Cottnigham
Samuel Davidson
Daniel Donoghue
Dennis Donoghue
Maurice Donoghue
John Dorgan
Francis Duffy
Thomas Elliott
Robert English
William Elliott
Henry Fee
Samuel Ferguson
Daniel Fitzpatrick
Patrick Fitzpatrick
John Flynn
Terence Flynn
Michael Flaherty
Patrick Flaherty
John German
Hugh Graham
Abraham Groves
Thomas Groves
David Guiry
Sarah Hamilton
Abraham Henderson
David Henderson
Francis Henderson
James Henderson
Robert Henderson
Thomas Henderson
William Henderson
Dennis Hennessy
Dennis Houlihan
Wm. Houlihan
Anthony Hunter
Thomas Houlihan
William Irwin
John Jackson
Michael Jackson
Robert Jackson
Andrew Jamieson
Samuel Jamieson
Henry Jones
Hugh Jones
Humphrey Jones
Adam Jones
James Jones
John Jones
Robert Jones
James Laidley
James Lang
William Lang
John Latchford
Michael Lowes
Richard Lowes
Geo. Miller
John Miller
Wm. Miller
Joseph Mills
Wm. Mills
John Magee
George Mitchell
James Mitchell
Jeremiah Mitchell
Robert Mitchell
Thomas Mitchell
Wm. Mitchell
Zachariah Mitchell
Henry Moore
John Moore
James Moore
Thomas Moore
David Mulcahey
Michael Mulcahey
Wm. Mulcahey
James Murray
Peter Murtha
Martin McAuliffe
Edward McCall
Isaiah McCall
James McCall
James McCarrell
Robert McCarrell
Wm. McConnell
Anthony McDonald
Wm. McMullen
Dennis O’Connor
Neil O’Donnell
Francis O’Leary
Samuel O’Leary
Timothy O’Leary
Patrick O’Neil
George Padget
Wm. Parker
John Pogue
Eliza Patrick
Wm. Piggott
Michael Powers
John Rehill
Mark Robinson
Samuel Robinson
David Rowan
Thomas Rowan
Robert Sherin
Edward Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Adam Thornton
David Thornton
John Thornton
Wm. Thornton
Jabez Thurston
Wm. Thurston
John Twomey
Maurice Twomey
Elliott White
Richard White
Wm. Wilson
Samuel Windrim
George Winn
Henry Winn
Simeon Wright

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Kirkconnell, Watson. Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History. 1921.

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