Patentee Survivals in Carden, Ontario, Canada

In the former list the farms are indicated. The concessions are shown in Roman numerals and the lots in Arabic numerals.

The following 41 Carden patentees farms are still held by their descendants:

Mary Ann Barrett, VII 4
Edward Burke, IV. 2
Patrick Cronin, VII 1
John Chrysler, IV 16-17
Moses Dack, III 12
Thomas Dack, III 13
Robert Dack, III 13
Daniel Day I 22
Isaac Day, I 23
Joseph Deverill, VI 21-22
Charles Duggan, X 8
John Finn, VI 6
Wm. Finn, VI 6
George Fox, III 16
Wm. Holder, IX 11
Robert Irwin, III 15
Wm. Ivory, III 16
James Jacob, VIII 12
George Jarrett, IV 25
Patrick Moran, II 7
John Mullaley, IX 12
Thomas Mullaley, IX 11
Jahn McCracken, VI 23-24
Robt. McCracken, VI 24
Francis McElroy, V 5
Andrew McNab, I 21-23
Jas. McNab, III, 3
Daniel McNamee, VIII 5
Luke McNaney, IX 5
Pat McNaney, IX 6
Michael McNulty, V 5
Adam McPeak, IV 19
John Scott, I 6
Edward Sheehy, VI 2
John Teel, IX, 13
Artemus Thompson, I 19
Solomon Thompson, I 18
John Turner, VIII 23
James Wetherup, IX 25
Nicholas Whalen, IV 4
John Wilson, IV 22


Kirkconnell, Watson. Victoria County, Ontario Canada Centennial History. 1921.

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