Biography of Charles Cameron

Charles Cameron, warden of the County of Simcoe, and President of the Georgian Bay Transportation Company, is a native of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, dating his birth February 24,1835. His father Donald Cameron, was a native of Appin, Argyleshire, descendant of the Lochiel Clan, was a slate manufacturer; his mother, before her marriage, was Isabella Harper, a native of Marnoch, Scotland.
Charles received an English, Banffshire, education in the schools of his native county; learned the joiner’s and in part the mill wright’s trade; came to America in the Spring of 1853; spent one season at Cleveland, Ohio, and in Toronto, 1854, working at the joiner business, and February 7, 1855, landed in Collingwood, and has been a resident of this place ever since that date. He aided in building the first railroad station here, working at his trade between one and two years; then kept livery stables, hotel, and was stage proprietor until 1871; was engaged a few years in speculations, and in 1877 became President of the Georgian Bay Transportation Company. Latterly he has devoted his energies and executive abilities largely to the prosecution of this important marine enterprise. During the season of navigation this Company runs steamers from Collingwood to Sault Ste. Marie, to Manitoulin and St. Joseph’s Island, Parry Sound, Penetanguishene and Midland City, attending to the entire business of the Georgian Bay. The Company has very fine steamers; and runs them through the most delightful section of “Picturesque Canada;” and thousands of people visit this section of the Dominion every summer to enjoy the charming scenery, and the healthy and bracing climate.
Mr. Cameron has a half interest in the Collingwood foundry, and in tugs and barges, and is doing all he can to build up the town, being one of its most public spirited citizens. The town has often availed itself of his prompt and efficient services in advancing its interest through the municipality. He has been in the town Council constantly since 1871, having been Councilman, Deputy Reeve and Reeve, and is now warden of the County. There are fifty-four members in the County Council it being the fourth largest deliberative body in the Dominion of Canada. Mr. Cameron was chosen warden by that large body by acclamation, a compliment to abilities well merited, He has also been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Collegiate Institute during the last eight or nine years, and takes a lively interest in educational matters, as well as everything which is for the benefit of the town.

In politics Mr. Cameron is a Conservative; in religion, a Presbyterian, and a man of sterling character.

He is a Knight Templar in the Masonic order, holding the office of Eminent Preceptor.

In February, 1860, Margaret Barron, daughter of George Lunan, formerly of Lower Canada, was married to Mr. Cameron, and of seven children resulting from this union, only four are living; Isabella H., Alexander B., Chestena C. and Charles H. M., all receiving, or have received good mental drill in the best educational institutions in the Province.

Mr. Cameron is understood to be the largest property holder in Collingwood, success having attended him in nearly every enterprise in which he has engaged. Whatever he possesses is the result of great energies shrewdly applied, and first-class business talents.



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