1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Newspapers to Nursery

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work.

Newspapers And Periodicals
AGRICULTURAL JOURNAL, (English and French) R. W. Lay, publisher, Notre Dame st. subscription, 5s. per annum.
ALBUM LITTERAIRE, DE LAMINERVE, L. Duvernay, 13 St. Vincent st. subscription, 15s. per annum.
Great St, James st. subscription, 15s. per annum.
CANADA DIRECTORY, Robert W. S. Mackay, editor, at John Lovell’s, 5 St. Nicholas st. subscription, 15s., per copy.
CANADA GAZETTE, Derbishire & Desbarats, Queen’s Printer, St. Therese st. subscription, 15s., per annum.
COURIER, (daily, and tri-weekly) M. Smith & Co., St. Francois Xavier st. subscriptions, 30s., and 15s., per annum.
FRENCH CANADIAN Missionary record, (quarterly) J. C. Becket, 22 Great St. James st.
GAZETTE, (daily, tri-weekly, and weekly), J. M. Ferres & Co., 20 Great St. James st. subscriptions, 30s., 15s., and 5s., per annum.
HERALD, (daily, tri-weekly, and weekly) D. Kinnear & Co., St. Gabriel st. subscriptions, 30s., 15s., and 5s., per annum.
L’AvENIR (French, weekly) J. B. E. Dorion, editor, Place d’Armes, subscription, 10s., per annum.
LA MINERVE, (French, tri and semi weekly) L. Duvernay, St. Vincent g. subscription, 20s., per annum.
LE MONITEUR CANADIEN, (weekly) DeMontigny & Co., 79 St. Paul st. subscription. 5s., per annum.
LITERARY GARLAND, (monthly) John Lovell, St. Nicholas st. subscription,15s..per ann. MISSIONARY and SABBATH School Record, J. C. Becket, 22 Great St. James st. MONTREAL CITY DIRECTORY, Robert W. S. Mackay, editor, at John Lovell’s, 5 St.
Nicholas st. subscription, 7s. 6d. per copy,
MELANGES RELIGIEUX, (French Roman Catholic, semi-weekly) St. Denis, near St. Catherine st. subscription, 20s., per annum.
PILOT, (tri-weekly and weekly,) Rollo Campbell, Place d’Armes, subcriptions, 25s., and 7s. 6d., per annum.
PRESBYTERIAN, THE, (Monthly) John Lovell printer, St. Nicholas st. subscription, 2s. 6d., per annum.
SABBATH ADVOCATE, (quarterly.) John Lovell publisher, St. Nicholas Ft
SNOW DROP, (monthly) R. W. Lay, publisher, Notre Dame st. subscriptIon, 5s., per ann.
TEMPERANCE ADVOCATE, (fortnightly) J. C. Becket, 22 Great St. Jams st. Subscription, 2s. 6d., per annum.
TRANSCRIPT, (tri-weekly, semi-weekly and weekly) D. M’Donald, Hospital st. subscriptions, 15s., 10s., and 5s., per annum.
TRUE WITNESS and CATHOLIC CHRONICLE, weekly, G. E. Clerk, editor and proprietor, 3 McGill st.subscription, 10s., per annum.
WITNESS, (weekly,) John Dougall, 22 Great St. James st. subscription l0s., per annum. The above prices of subscription are for single subscribers, and when payment is made in advance.

Notaries Public
Belle & Bourbonniere, corner of St. Vincent and Montreuil J. A., 42 St. Mary st.
Belle, Joseph, 12 St. Lambert st.
Brault, Charles A., 3 St. Joseph st.
Cadieux, G. H., 206 Notre Dame st.
DOUCET, T., 18 St. Francois Xavier st.
Dufresne, J., Lagauchetiere, near Montcalm st.
EASTON, WILLIAM, late of Gibb & Easton, 27& Little St. James st.
FORBES, HENRY, E., corner of St. Lawrence hill, and Fortification lane.
GIBE, J. J., 39 Little St. James st.
GRIFFIN, JOHN C., 26 Little St. James st.
Guy, Etienne. 2 St. Francois Xavier st.
Houle, J. B., 40 St. Joseph st.
ISAACSON, J. H., 20 St. Mrancois Xavier st.
Jobin, J. H., 6 St. Therese st.
LABADIE, J. A., 14 Little St. James st.
Lappare, Henry, 13 Little St. James st.
LEBLANC, OVIDE, 3 Bonsecours st.
M’Gregor, John M., 6 St. Therese st.
Martin, L. S., Craig st.
Matthieu, P., 6 St. Therese st.
MEYER & MEYER, 2 Great St. James st.
Napier, G. H.,. 151 Notre Dame st.
PAPINEAU, C. M., corner of Little St. James and St. Gabriel st.
PAPINEAU, D. E., corner of Little St. James and St. Gabriel st.
PELTIER, G., 21 St. Antoine st.
PELTON, T. J., 151 Notre Dame st.
PLATT, GEORGE, 211 Little St. James st.
Racicot, F. X., St. Dominique st.
Ross, William, 166 St. Paul st.
Smith, James, 2 St. Francois Xavier st.
Spenard, C. C., 38 Craig st. St. Therese st.
WEEKES & LAMONTAGNE, Nuns’ buildings, St. Joseph st.
Weilbrenner, P. A.. Champ de Mars st.
Weston, Henry, 4 St. Sacrament st.

Nursery and Seedsmen
SHEPHERD, GEORGE, 25 Notre Dame t., seedsman to the Lower Canada Agricultural Society.
KELLY, CHARLES, nursery and seedsman, Hamilton nurseries, City of Hamilton, C. W. See card.

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Montreal Canada,

The Canada Directory containing the names of the professional and business men of every description in the cities towns and principal villages of Canada November 1851.

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