Location: Montreal Canada

Descendants of John McCullough of New Bedford MA

The McCullough family is of Irish extraction. Patrick McCullough, grandfather of John McCullough, was a native of the parish of Altacamicussey, County Tyrone, Ireland, where he lived and died. He followed farming. He married Mary Conway, who was a native of the same county, and their son, John McCullough, was born on a farm in Altacamicussey, County Tyrone, June 15, 1821. There he grew to manhood, and what little education he received was obtained in the local school. Meantime he worked at farm labor and also obtained some knowledge of the mason’s trade. He there married about 1845 Alice Devlin, who was a native of the parish of Pallough, County Tyrone, and daughter of Michael and Annie Devlin. In the spring of 1847, with his wife and an infant son, he sailed for the New World, making the trip on a sailing vessel bound for New York. After a passage of six weeks they landed at that port, where they remained three months, during which time they lost their first-born, the infant son mentioned.

North America Indian Names of Places in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana

The Indians all over this continent had names, traditions, religions, ceremonies, feasts, prayers, songs, dances all, more or less, with symbolism and allegory, adapted to circumstances, just as all other races of mankind. But the world has become so familiar with the continued and ridiculous publications in regard to everything touching upon that race of people that a universal doubt has long since been created and established as to the possibility of refinement of thought and nobleness of action ever having existed among the North American Indian race, ancient or modern; and so little of truth has also been learned

The Wars of the Five Nations – Indian Wars

Although the confederacy known as the Five Nations were the allies of the English in the war against the French, and joined them in many of their principal expeditions, their history deserves a separate notice, as they afford us a complete example of what the Indians of North America were capable of. Their great reputation as warriors, and their wisdom in council, have been so often alluded to by those interested in the history of the Indians, that we shall be pardoned for giving a somewhat extended description of their confederacy, and an account of their wars. The Five Nations,

Biography of Edward Plummer Paige

Edward Plummer Paige, a former legislative Representative of the town of Dunbarton, was born in Bradford, N.H., in 1857, son of Bayard P. and Louisa S. Paige. The father of Edward Plummer, who was born in Dunbarton, subsequently removed to Hopkinton, N.H., where he acquired his education. At the age of fourteen years he returned to Dunbarton, and entered the general merchandise store of his brother Jeremiah as clerk. Three or four years later they moved the business to Bradford, where he continued to work for some time. He next engaged in stove-making, turning out some of the first stoves

1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Newspapers to Nursery

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Newspapers And Periodicals AGRICULTURAL JOURNAL, (English and French) R. W. Lay, publisher, Notre Dame st. subscription, 5s. per annum. ALBUM LITTERAIRE, DE LAMINERVE, L. Duvernay, 13 St. Vincent st. subscription, 15s. per annum. BRITISH AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL AND PHYSICAL SCIENCE, (Dr. Hall, editor.) Great St, James st. subscription, 15s. per annum. CANADA DIRECTORY, Robert W. S. Mackay, editor, at John Lovell’s, 5 St. Nicholas st. subscription, 15s., per copy. CANADA GAZETTE, Derbishire & Desbarats, Queen’s Printer, St. Therese st. subscription, 15s., per

1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Banks And Bank Agencies

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Banks And Bank Agencies Hours of business at all the Banks, 10 A. M. to 3 P. M. Bank Of Montreal Established In 1818. Incorporated By An Act Of Provincial Parliament. Capital, £750,000. Head Office, Place d’Armes. Board Of Directors The Hon. Peter McGill, president; T. B. Anderson, vice-president; James Logan, John Molson, John Redpath, William Molson, H. Stephens, John Torrance, Hugh Allan, John Brooke, John Boston, Thomas Ryan, Henry Thomas. Officers Alexander Simpson, cashier James Bolton, chief clerk J. F. Smith, accountant

1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Land Agents to Music Teachers

Land Agents BENT, GEORGE, agent for the British American Land Company, 133 St. Paul st. COURT, JAMES, Insurance Company’s buildings, Great St. James st. DINNING, J. G., 13 St. Sacrament st. SPIERS, JOHN, accountant and agent, 35 St. Francois Xavier st. Leather Merchants And Tanners BOSTWICK, E. N., wholesale leather and commission merchant, Great St. James and Notre Dame st. See card. HAWKINS & SLACK, wholesale and retail dealers in leather, findings, and india rubber goods, 1681/2 St. Paul st. LECLERC, JOHN A., wholesale and retail dealer in leather, findings, and india rubber goods, 174 St. Paul st. LEEMING &

1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Public Offices And Institutions

The City of Montreal is situated on the River St. Lawrence, in the Island and County of the same name, and is the largest and most populous City in British America. It is an electoral district, returning two members to the Provincial Parliament, and the Courts of Law for the district are held here. Montreal is distant from Quebec, ISO miles usual steamboat fare, 10s. to 12s. 6d. usual stage fare, 40s. to 50s. distant from Kingston, 200 miles, usual steamboat fare, 20s. usual stage fare, 35s. distant from Toronto, 390 miles usual steamboat fare, 40s. to 45s. and to

1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Inns to Jewellers

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Inns and Taverns HANLEY, THOMAS, innkeeper and. provision dealer, corner of Common and Prince Sts.travellers or emigrants stopping at this house are furnished with all necessary information regarding routes, rates of fare, &c. Belanger, Mrs., 201 Notre Dame st. Beltete, George, Commissioners st. Bennet, W. P., 20 St. Urbain st. Berthiaume, Louis, Jacques Cartier square. Bergeron, A. E., 5 Bonsecours St. Boulet, M., corner of St. Antoine and Mountain st. Bregard, L., 20 St. Joseph st. Brennan, James, St. Peter st. Brennan, Mrs.,

1851 Montreal Canada Directory, Hardware to House Furnishings

In the following Directory the names which appear in CAPITALS are those of subscribers to the work. Hardware Merchants Beliveau, L. J.,importer of shelf and heavy hardware of every description, 69 St. Paul st. BOYD, J. & Co., commission merchants, and ‘manufacturers’ agents for American hardware, paper, cordage, belting, hose, and India rubber goods, 110 St. Paul st. BREWSTER & MULHOLLAND, importers of shelf and heavy hardware of every description, 177 and 179 St. Paul st., corner of St. Francois Xavier st. BREWSTER, W. & C., importers of and wholesale and retail dealers in shelf and heavy hardware, agricultural implements,