History of Kentland Indiana, 1860-1960

The book “History of Kentland Indiana, 1860-1960,” published to commemorate the Kentland-Newton County centennial, offers a comprehensive look into the rich tapestry of life in Kentland, Indiana, over a hundred years. Compiled by the Centennial History Committee, this volume spans a wide array of topics, from the early trails and history of Kentland to its participation in various wars.

The manuscript reveals an organized exploration of Kentland’s past, including its early families, the development of the court system, religious life, education, and the growth of business and industry. Additionally, personal anecdotes and biographies, such as the autobiographies of George Ade and George Ade Davis, add a human touch to the historical narrative, offering insights into the lives of individuals who shaped Kentland’s identity. The volume is filled with photographs throughout, though the quality of the photocopied pages is poor.

Significantly, the book also touches upon Kentland’s contributions to major conflicts, highlighting the community’s patriotism and valor. The inclusion of chapters on local organizations, the development of utilities, and notable citizens illustrates the multifaceted nature of community life and the bonds that have held Kentland together through both prosperity and hardship.

The forward of the book sets a humble yet ambitious tone, acknowledging the impossibility of capturing the entirety of Kentland’s past within a single volume. It emphasizes the committee’s dedication to accuracy and completeness while also noting the inherent limitations of such a historical undertaking. The commitment of the committee members, who invested significant time and effort into research, interviews, and verification of facts, underscores the book’s value not only as a historical record but as a testament to the community’s commitment to preserving its heritage.

“History of Kentland Indiana, 1860-1960” stands as a significant contribution to the understanding of Kentland’s place in the broader narrative of Indiana and the United States.

Table of Contents

  1. Early Trails, p. 1
  2. Early History, p. 2
  3. Early Families, p. 5
  4. The Newton County Court House and Court System, p. 12
  5. Early Religious Life in Newton, p. 17
  6. Kentland-Jefferson Township Schools, p. 21
  7. History of the Kentland Public Library, p. 24
  8. Kentland Business and Industry Through the Years, p. 26
  9. Doctors and Dentists, p. 32
  10. Res Isa loquitor, p. 33
  11. Communications and Utilities, p. 34
  12. The Autobiography of George Ade, p. 37
  13. Autobiography of George Ade Davis, p. 40
  14. Artists, Musicians and Prominent Citizens of Kentland, p. 41
  15. Kentland’s Particiapation in Wars, p. 43
  16. Kentland Farms, p. 48
  17. Kentland’s Organizations, p. 50
  18. Kentland in the Year 2000 A. D.
  19. Our Homes in Kentland, p. 60
  20. A Brief History of Newton County, p. 66
  21. Kentland’s Oldest Citizen, Mrs. Thad (Katie Taylor) Littlejohn, p. 98
  22. Kentland High School’s Championship Football Season, p. 98
  23. Rosemary Murphy – Mrs. Indiana – Mrs. America, p. 135


Kentland Centennial History Committee, Kentland-Newton County centennial, 1860-1960, Kentland, Indiana : Centennial History Committee, 1960.


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