History of Concordia Missouri, 1860-1960

The History of Concordia Missouri comes from the manuscript published in 1960 by the Concordia, Missouri Centennial Committee in celebration of about 100 years of history. The committee fixed 1960 for their centennial celebration when the only significant event to occur in 1860 was the coming of Pastor Blitz. Their reasoning was the town fathers felt that this date was significant enough for a celebration. What it provides you, the researcher, we hope, are some tangible morsels of information found within its pages about your Concordia ancestors. This book is free to read and download.

It appears that this PDF was scanned from a document that had been photocopied back in the 60s or 70s and bound into a new book. The print is light in places, and unfortunately, almost all images are faint and poorly defined. Absent an existing copy of the original book being found and rescanned, this may be the best we provide you for your research. The difficulty in seeing the text also affects the accuracy of the OCR done to enable the searching of the text. As such, we do suggest you browse the manuscript rather than search for your ancestors.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreward, p. 1
  2. Chronology of Events, p. 3
  3. The Beginning, p. 6
  4. Concordia in the Civil War, p. 18
  5. The Post-Civil War Period, p. 34
  6. The Automobile Age, p. 45
  7. The World Wars, p. 61
  8. Business enterprises, p. 65
  9. Organizations, p. 89
  10. Churches, p. 107
  11. Education, p. 117
  12. In Summary, p. 129
  13. Bibliography, p. 132
  14. Appendix, p. 135


Voigt, Harry R., Concordia, Missouri, a centennial history, Concordia, Mo. : Centennial Committee, 1960.


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