Frontier Forts – Q to R Forts

Quakers Hill, Post on, Rhode Island.
Quantico River Battery near, Virginia
Quarantine Fort, North Carolina – Cape Fear River, near Fort Fisher.
Quatre Bayou Pass Reservation, Louisiana.
Queen Anne’s Fort, Rhode Island – On Goat Island, subsite of Fort Walcott.
Quincy National Cemetery, Illinois – At Quincy.
Quintons Bridge Breastworks, New Jersey – Five miles southeast from Salem.
Quitman Fort. Texas – On the Rio Grande, near El Paso.

Racoon Fort, Iowa – Afterwards Fort Des Moines.
Radziminski, Camp, Indian Territory – On Otter Creek.
Rains Col. Fort, Kentucky – At Cumberland Gap.
Raleigh National Cemetery, North Carolina – At Raleigh.
Rampart Camp, Alaska. – At Rampart City.
Ransay Fort, Virginia- A defense of Washington, D.C.
Ramsay Battery, South Carolina – On James Island.
Ramsey Camp, Minnesota – Near St. Paul.
Ramsours Mill Camp near, North Carolina – In Lincoln County, 1780.
Rancho del Chino Post, California – Thirty miles southeast from Los Angeles.
Rancho de Jurupa Post, California – On Santa Anna River.
Randall, Fort, South Dakota – Gregory County, on Missouri River, near Nebraska border; now town of that name.
Randall Camp, Wisconsin – At Madison.
Randolph Camp, Oregon – On Three Mile Creek, near Fort Dalles.
Randolph Fort, Tennessee – At Randolph.
Randolph, Fort, West Virginia- Mouth of Great Kanawha.
Ranger Fort, Vermont.
Rankin’s Fort, Alabama – Near Mobile River.
Rankin Camp, Colorado – At Julesburg; name changed to Fort Sedgwick.
Ransom Fort, North Dakota – Ransom County, on Cheyenne River; now town of that name.
Ransom Battery, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Rapp Camp, D. C- At Kendall Green, Washington.
Rawlins Camp, Arizona – In Williamsons Valley, 27 miles northwest of Prescott.
Rawlins Fort, Mississippi – At Vicksburg.
Rawlins Fort, Utah – Near Provo City.
Raystown Fort, Pennsylvania – On Raystown Branch.
Reading Fort, California – In Shasta County.
Reading Fort, Pennsylvania – On west bank of Delaware River,
Record General Hospital, D. C- At Washington.
Recovery Fort, Ohio – Mercer County; now town of that name, on Lake Erie and Western Railroad.
Red Fort, Alabama – Near Spanish Fort.
Red Redoubt, Virginia- At Yorktown.
Redan Fort, Tennessee – Above Island No. 10.
Red Bank, Redoubt, New Jersey – Near Fort Mifflin.
Red Hook Battery at, New York – Southwest comer of Long Island.
Red River Fort on Arkansas.
Red Rock Reservation, California – Molate Island, San Francisco Harbor.
Redstone Fort, Pennsylvania – On site of Brownsville.
Red Willow Camp, Nebraska – Near Republican River, 1 mile above mouth of Red Willow Creek.
Reed Fort, Florida – Near Lake Monroe, in Orange County; now town of that name.
Reed Camp, Idaho – On Snake River.
Reed Fort, New York – In Schoharie County.
Reed Camp, Virginia – Near Alexandria.
Reed’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Lochhaven, near Erie.
Reeves Point Fortifications on, North Carolina – Near Wilmington.
Rehoboth, Fortifications at, Massachusetts.
Reilly Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Williamsport.
Reiter Fort, Arkansas – Near Helena.
Release Camp, Minnesota – Near mouth of Chippewa River.
Reliance Fort, Alaska – On the Yukon River.
Relief Camp, D. C. – At Washington.
Relief Camp, Texas – At Eagle Springs, Cimbria River.
Reme Snyder’s Blockhouse, New York – Northeast of Little Falls.
Remount Camp, Maryland – In Pleasant Valley.
Remount, Camp, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Reno, Camp, Arizona – In Tonto Valley.
Reno Fort, D. C. – Northeast of Tennallytown.
Reno Camp, North Carolina – At Newbern.
Reno Fort, North Carolina – On Roanoke Island.
Reno Fort, Oklahoma – On north fork of Canadian River, 2 miles southwest of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Agency.
Reno Fort, Virginia – Near Portsmouth.
Reno Camp, Wisconsin – At Milwaukee.
Reno Fort, Wyoming – On Powder River; first called Fort Connor.
Reno Fort, Wyoming – On Powder River, 3 miles north of old Fort Reno.
Reno Cantonment, Wyoming – Name changed to Fort McKinney.
Rensselaer Fort, New York – At Canajoharie, in Mohawk Valley.
Republic Fort, Virginia – On south fork of the Shenandoah.
Resaca Fortifications at, Georgia.
Resurrection Fort, Alaska – On southern coast.
Return Camp, Pennsylvania – Near Harrisburg.
Revere Fort, Massachusetts – At Hull.
Reviers, Fort, Alabama – Between Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers.
Reynolds Camp, California – On Angel Island; now Fort McDowell.
Reynolds Fort, Colorado – On the Arkansas, 2 miles from Boonesville.
Reynolds Joe Camp, Indiana – Near Indianapolis.
Reynolds Camp, Montana – South bank of the Sun River; name changed to Fort Shaw.
Reynolds Camp, Pennsylvania – At Pittsburg.
Reynolds Fort, Pennsylvania – In Washington County.
Reynolds Battery, South Carolina – On Morris Island.
Reynolds Fort, Virginia – Three miles northwest of Alexandria.
Rhode Island Fort, Rhode Island.
Rhode Island State Soldiers’ Home, Bristol, Rhode Island.
Rice’s Fort, Massachusetts – At Charleroi.
Rice Fort, North Dakota – On Missouri River, Morton County; now town of the name.
Rice Fort, Pennsylvania – Near Washingtonville.
Rice Camp, Texas – Name changed to Fort Hancock.
Rick Fort, Virginia – Near Petersburg.
Rice’s Fort West Virginia- On Buffalo Creek, 14 miles from Ohio River.
Richards Fort, West Virginia- On the Monongahela.
Richardson Fort, Mississippi – Near Corinth.
Richardson Fort, Texas – On Lost Creek, near Jacksboro.
Richardson Fort, Virginia – About 8 miles from Washington, D. C.
Richmond Fort, Maine – On west bank of the Kennebec, opposite Swan Island.
Richmond Fort, New York – On Staten Island; now Fort Wadsworth.
Richmond Battery, New York – At Fort Wadsworth.
Richmond Arsenal, Virginia – Near Richmond.
Richmond National Cemetery, Virginia- At Richmond.
Richmond. Fort, Virginia – On battleground of Fair Oaks.
Rickets Fort, West Virginia
Ricketts Fort, D. C- East of the Eastern Branch.
Ricketts Camp, Texas – At Edinburg, on Rio Grande.
Rickey Fort, New York.
Riddle’s Fort, Ky. – At forks of the Licking.
Riddle’s Fort, West Virginia – On Lost River.
Ridgely, Fort, Minnesota – Nicollet County, on the Minnesota River; now town of that name.
Rigolets Fort at, Louisianna – Near Lake Pontchartrain ; Fort Pike.
Rikers Island Draft Depot at, New York.
Riley Camp, California – Twelve miles from San Diego.
Riley Fort, Kansas – Near Junction City; first called Camp Centre.
Riley Fort, Tennessee – Near Nashville.
Riley Fort, Texas – On Las Moras Creek; now Fort Clark.
Ringgold Fort, Texas – Near Rio Grande City.
Rio Gila Depot, New Mexico – South of the Mogollon Mountains.
Rio Verde Reservation, Arizona – Indian Reservation.
Ripley Fort, Maryland – Two miles above Chain Bridge, D. C.
Ripley Fort, Minnesota – Crow Wing County, near Mississippi River; now town of that name; first called Fort Gaines.
Ripley Fort, South Carolina – In Charleston Harbor.
Rip Raps Fort on the, Virginia – Fort Wool.
Ritner Fort, Indiana – Lawrence County; now town of that name.
Roach Fort, Kansas – Southern border of Neosho County.
Roanoke Fort at, North Carolina.
Roanoke Island Forts on, North Carolina – Forts Barton, Blanchard, Burnside, Defiance, Forrest, Foster, Huger, Lane, Monteil, Parke, Reno, Russell, and Sullivan.
Roberdeau Fort, Pennsylvania – In Sinking Valley; also known as Lead Mine Fort.
Roberts Point Reservation, Washington – (See Point Roberts.)
Robinette Fort, Mississippi – Near Corinth.
Robinson, Fort, Nebraska – On White River, at the Red Cloud Agency.
Robinsons Point, Battery at, Maine – St. Georges River.
Rock Fort, Connecticut – Now Fort Hale.
Rockfort Fort, Illinois- On Illinois River, in Lasalle County.
Rock Island National Cemetery, Illinois – Rock Island.
Rock Island Armory and Arsenal, Illinois – On Rock Island.
Rock Point Fort at, Maryland – Fort Smallwood.
Rock Springs Camp at, Wyoming – Camp Pilot Butte.
Rodgers Camp, Florida – At Ybor City.
Rodger’s Bastion, Md.- At Baltimore.
Rodgers Battery, Virginia – At Alexandria.
Rodman Fort, Massachusetts – Near New Bedford.
Rodman Fort, Virginia- Near Portsmouth.
Rodmans Point Battery at, North Carolina – Near Washington.
Rogue River Camp, Oregon – At mouth of Rogue River.
Roller’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Sinking Valley.
Rome Arsenal, New York – At Rome.
Roney’s Fort, Pennsylvania – In Finley Township, Washington County.
Rosa Fort, Florida – Latitude 20° 19′, longitude 87° 14′.
Rosalie Fort, Mississippi – At Natchez.
Rosecrans Fort, California – At San Diego.
Rosecrans Camp, Illinois- Near Quincy.
Rosecrans Fort, Tennessee – At Murfreesboro.
Rosecrans Battery, Virginia- Near Suffolk.
Rosedow Fort, Georgia – On Little Ogeechee River.
Rose Island, Fort on, Rhode Island – Fort Hamilton.
Ross Fort, California – Sonoma County, on the coast, 40 miles north of Bodega Bay; now town of that name.
Ross Fort, Tennessee – On Tennessee River.
Rossell Battery, D. C. – Near Tennallytown.
Roubideau’s Fort, Colorado.
Round Island Reservation, Mississippi
Rouses Point Fort at, New York – Fort Montgomery.
Rowan Fort, North Carolina – Near Newbern.
Rowley Cantonment, Maryland – On Potomac River, near the Great Falls.
Roxbury Fort, Massachusetts – Near Boston.
Royal Fort, Maine – At Portland. {See Fort Loyal.)
Royal Blockhouse, New York – East end of Oneida Lake.
Royal Blockhouse, New York – On Wood Creek.
Royal Fort, Virginia- On Pamunkey River.
Royalhannon Fort, Virginia -(See Loyal Hanna and Ligonier.)
Ruby Fort, Nevada – In Ruby Valley.
Rucker Camp, Virginia- Near Falls Church.
Rucker J. A. Camp, Arizona – In White River Canyon; first called Camp Supply.
Ruddle’s Fort, Kentucky – On Licking River. (See Riddle’s.)
Ruff Camp, New Jersey – At Camden.
Ruff Camp, Pennsylvania – At Philadelphia.
Bugeleys Mills Camp at, South Carolina – During War of Revolution.
Ruggles Camp, Nebraska – North fork of Loup River, about 2 miles from Fort Hartsuff.
Ruhlen Camp, South Dakota – Now Fort Meade.
Rupert Fort, Washington – On Vancouver Island.
Russell Fort, Florida – On Orange Lake Creek, about 6 miles from Tampa
Russell Fort, Illinois – Near Edwardsville.
Russell Camp, Indian Territory – Near Fort Reno.
Russel’s Garrison, Maine – At Dartmouth.
Russell Battery, North Carolina – On Roanoke Island.
Russell Camp, Oregon – Near Salem.
Russell Fort, Tennessee – At Loudon.
Russell D. A. Fort, Wyoming – Three miles from Cheyenne.
Russell Dan Camp, North Carolina – At Raleigh.
Rutgers Hill Battery, New York – New York City.
Rutland Fortifications at, Vermont.
Rutledge Battery, South Carolina.
Ryan Battery, South Carolina – On James Island.

Notes About Book:

Source: List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time, War Department, Adjutant General’s Office, Returns Division, 1902, Government Printing Office, Washington

Notes about Online Publication: This manuscript has been ocr’d and heavily edited. The structure of this manuscript has been changed to allow better online presentation.

Forts, History,

War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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