Alaska Frontier Forts Prior to 1902

Adams, Fort, Alaska – On Yukon River.
Alexander, Fort, Alaska. – On Bristol Bay.
Andreavsky, Fort, Alaska – On Yukon River.
Archangel Gabriel, Fort, Alaska. – On Baranoff Island.
Archangel Michael, Fort, Alaska.– On Baranoff Island.

Constantine Fort, Alaska – On Tshugatshian Bay.
Cosmos Fort, Alaska – On Putnam River.

Davis Fort, Alaska – At Nome City.
Dionysius Fort, Alaska – Near mouth of Stikeen River.

Egbert, Port, Alaska – At Eagle City.
Etches Fort, Alaska – On Henchenbrook Island

Georgevski, Fort, Alaska – On Kenyon Bay.
Gibbon Fort, Alaska – At mouth of Tanana River.

Helen Fort, Alaska – On Tshugatshian Bay.

Kenay Fort, Alaska – On site of old Fort St. Nicholas, on Cook’s Inlet.
Kennicott Fort, Alaska – Near Fort Nulato.
Kodiak Fort, Alaska – On Kodiak Island
Koutznou Fort, Alaska, On Admiralty Island

Liscum Fort, Alaska – At Port Valdez
Lukeen’s Fort, Alaska – Near mouth of Hutituak River.

Michael Fort, Alaska – On Michael Island.

Nicholas Fort, Alaska. – On Cook River.
Nonsense, Fort, Connecticut – Near New London; also called Fort Folly.

Pavlovski, Fort, Alaska – Near Kenayan Bay.

Rampart Camp, Alaska. – At Rampart City.
Reliance Fort, Alaska – On the Yukon River.
Resurrection Fort, Alaska – On southern coast.

St. Dionysius Redoubt, Alaska – At Fort Wrangel.
St. Michael Fort, Alaska – On St. Michaels Island.
St. Michaels Redoubt, Alaska – On St. Michaels Island.
St. Nicholas Fort, Alaska – Now Fort Kenay.
St. Paul Island Reservation and Post on – Alaska.
St. Simeons Fort, Alaska – Near St. Elias.
Skagway Alaska – Near Dyea.
Stikeen Fort, Alaska – On Stikeen River.

Tongass Fort, Alaska – On Tongass Islands.

Unalaklik Fort, Alaska – Mouth of Unalaklik River.

Voskressenski Fort, Alaska – Near Kenayaw Bay.

Wrangel Fort, Alaska – On Wrangel Island
Yakutat Bay fort on Alaska – At Yakutat Bay

Yukon Fort, Alaska – On Yukon River

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War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Returns Division. List of Military Posts Etc. Established in the United States from its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Washington: Government Printing Office. 1902.

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  1. My great great grandfather John W. O’Connell was stationed in Sitka, AK, in the late 1860s and early 1870s. Which fort would he have been at? He was in the US Army and sent from San Francisco to Sitka, AK, after the US purchased the land from Russia in 1867. Two of my ancestors were born while their parents were stationed there, one in 1869 and the other in 1870.
    Are there any surviving records from that fort? If so, where are they stored? I’d love to see anything that had to do with my GG grandtfather’s time there. I’d also love to see any birth or baptismal records for my two ancestors that were born there but, to date, I have been unable to locate any. I’d appreciate any advice or information anyone could give me.

    Thank you,
    Carol Hokana

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