Todd, William Elhanan Manning: Signatories Referred to Above

Virginia, Senator, Judge James G. Cannon, Col. on Gen. Earley’s staff, former tutor in the University of Maryland and Div. Supt. of Public Instruction. Alabama, Chancelor and Judge W. W. Whiteside, Cumberland University. Rhode Island, and Washington, D. C., Henry H. Tilley, LL.B., Brown University. Iowa and the Philippine Islands, Judge Warren H. Ickis, Tabor College A.B., University of Iowa LL.B. New York, Judge William Henry Harrison. Elder James Perry, Oklahoma and Ireland, and Agnes H. S. Ide, A. B., University of Michigan.

While pastor with the famous old New Lebanon pulpit, older than the Federal Government, in eastern New York, his first book answering New Testament Critics came off the press. Received strong commendation and was given wide circulation. He co”perated with the mayor of Winchester, England, in the proper observance of the 1000th anniversary of the death of Alfred the Great, (in lieu of the late John Fiske, A.M., LL.B., the great American Historian, whose sudden death made vacant his place on the program). The Albany Journal, The Berkshire Evangel, and The Connecticut Valley Congregationalist, et. al., publishing his historic address.

His memorials have had national consideration. This is the church home of the well known Tilden family, the body of the great Governor, Samuel J. Tilden, lay in State here, and encircling the massive granite base of the monument erected to his memory here, are the famous words of his memorable speech after the presidential election in 1876, “I still believe the people.” Seven clergymen have entered the ministry from this pulpit. Men eminent in letters have ministered here. Chief magistrates of the nation have worshiped here. It is near the famous summer resort “Montepoole” of the popular story “Queechy,” and the location is called the “Switzerland of America,” about which cluster many sacred and beautiful memories of useful men and women on both sides of the ocean. While the Rev. Mr. Todd was pastor here, his son was born and was immediately presented, by the good ladies of the parish, with an expert nurse from the House of Mercy Hospital, at Pittsfield, Mass., and with a sum of money to more than pay for the term of her services. At his Christening in the old church his name included that of his father, his grandfather and his great-grandfather, also that of one of his father’s predecessors in the New Lebanon pulpit, the eminent and beloved Rev. Dr. John Todd, so long a New England pastor, and appears on the church register as follows: John William Stover Todd, and he was rocked in the governor Tilden cradle altho he didn’t seem to like it very well.

The venerable Pittsfield pastor, the Rev. Dr. John Todd, (See number 284), had been greatly beloved in the New Lebanon parish. He had often preached there on special occasions and, about the year 1860, had rededicated their recently remodeled church edifice–one of the most beautiful in America–and some of his great sentences were so well remembered as to be quoted verbatim 40 years later when the same building had undergone further changes to meet the later needs, and words of tender regard were paid to the revered memory of their former friend and patron of this stanch and worthy, ancient and progressive household of the unyielding and all-pervading Faith of the Divine Christ. Deacon Nelson S. Gates, a stockholder of the Boston and Albany Railroad, one of eastern New York’s most prominent and beloved citizens, a profound Christian and scholarly gentleman, said on the above mentioned occasion: “The master spirit at the dedication was the Rev. John Todd, D.D., of Pittsfield, who preached the sermon. He was a master in Israel, a man of great spiritual power. His discourse interested and edified all who heard it. He brought to us wise council and noble inspiration, and when in his own impressive manner he performed the solemn act of dedication, the heart of the congregation was stirred and all the people said ‘Amen’.”

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Towards the close of the recent war, a Connecticut magazine prepared the following article for its own press, and it is quoted here as bringing this life-glimpse almost strictly down to date:



Todd, George Iru. Todd Family in America. Gazette Printing Company. 1920.

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