Washington Blockhouses or Stockades erected during Indian War

There were 22 block-houses or stockades erected by the settlers during the war, as follows 1Rept of W. W. De Lacy, Capt. Eng. W. T. V., in Wash. Mess. Gov., 1857, 55. :

  1. at Davis’
  2. Skookum Chuck
  3. Henness, near Mound prairie
  4. on Tenalcut prairie, at Nathan Eaton’s
  5. #1 on Chambers’ prairie
  6. #2 on Chambers’ prairie
  7. at Bush’s
  8. Goodell’s
  9. Ruddell’s
  10. Rutledge’s
  11. #1 at Tumwater
  12. #2 at Tumwater
  13. one at Dofflemeyer’s
  14. one on Whidbey Island
  15. one at Port Gamble
  16. one on the Cowlitz (Fort Arkansas)
  17. one on Mime prairie,
  18. one at Port Ludlow,
  19. one at Meigs’ Mill,
  20. #1 at the Cascades
  21. #2 at the Cascades
  22. one at Boisford prairie.

Others were subsequently erected by the volunteers and troops, to the number of 35 by the former and 4 by the latter, or 62 in all.

  1. One at Cowlitz landing
  2. French settlement near Cowlitz farm
  3. Chehalis River
  4. below the Skookum Chuck
  5. Tenalcut plain (Fort Miller)
  6. Yelm prairie (Fort Stevens)
  7. Lowe’s, on Chambers’ prairie
  8. #1 at Olympia
  9. #2 at Olympia
  10. one at Packwood’s ferry (Fort Raglan)
  11. #1 at Montgomery’s crossing of the Puyallup (Fort White)
  12. #2 at Montgomery’s crossing of the Puyallup (Fort White)
  13. #1 at Connell’s prairie
  14. #2 at Connell’s prairie
  15. #1 at crossing of White River
  16. #2 at crossing of White River
  17. South prairie (Fort McAllister)
  18. on the Dwamish (Fort Lander)
  19. Lone Tree point
  20. on the Snohomish (Fort Ebey)
  21. on the Snoqualimich below the falls (Fort Tilton)
  22. on the Snoqualimich above the falls (Fort Alden)
  23. Port Townsend
  24. Wilson’s Point
  25. Bellingham Bay
  26. Skookum Chuck
  27. Vancouver
  28. Fourth prairie (near Vancouver)
  29. Washougal
  30. Lewis River
  31. Walla Walla (Fort Mason)
  32. Michel’s fork of Nisqually (Fort Preston)
  33. Klikitat prairie
  34. near Cowlitz

The regular companies built:

  1. Fort Slaughter, on Muckleshoot prairie
  2. Fort Maloney, on Puyallup river
  3. Fort Thomas, on Green River
  4. Block-house on Black River, Idaho

See: Washington Indian Wars, 1855-1856 for context of this list.

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Indian Wars,

Bancroft, Hubert H. Bancroft Works, Volume 31, History Of Washington, Idaho, and Montana, 1845-1889. San Francisco: The History Company. 1890.


1 Rept of W. W. De Lacy, Capt. Eng. W. T. V., in Wash. Mess. Gov., 1857, 55.

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