Marriages of Louisa County Virginia, 1766-1815

In the heart of Virginia, Louisa County’s rich history is encapsulated within the pages of an invaluable genealogical and historical resource: “Marriages of Louisa County, Virginia, 1766-1815.” Compiled with meticulous care by Kathleen Booth Williams in 1959, this book offers a comprehensive look into the marital unions that played a foundational role in the social fabric of the county during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Stretching over 143 pages, Williams’ work stands as a testament to the marriages that occurred in this period, a tangible link to the past for genealogists, historians, and descendants seeking to trace their roots.

The absence of a traditional introduction within the original “Register of Marriages, Louisa County, Virginia, 1766-1861” leaves readers without a guide to the origins of these transcriptions. However, we have determined that the entries were carefully transcribed from the handwritten marriage register housed at the Louisa County Courthouse and found on FHS Microfilm #32190 as item 3. While the register itself extends to 1861, Williams chose to conclude her account in 1815, creating a detailed snapshot of this fifty-year span. This decision delineates a clear period of focus, leaving the continuation of the record from 1815 to 1861 to be explored in a subsequent volume published by William Henry Kiblinger and the Louisa County Historical Society in 1989.

The entries in “Marriages of Louisa County” primarily document marriage bonds, an essential pre-marital agreement in historical Virginia. These bonds are not direct records of the marriage ceremony but rather an intent to marry, including details such as the date of the bond, names of the husband and wife, securities, witnesses, and occasionally, the names of parents and officiating ministers. This detail provides an intricate look at the social networks and familial relationships within Louisa County during this era.

Williams diverges from the chronological arrangement of the original register, opting instead for an alphabetical organization by the groom’s last name, enhancing the accessibility of the records for research purposes. An index of brides, beginning on page 119, complements this structure, allowing for dual entry points into the data for researchers tracing maternal lines.

A sample listing, found below the volume, from September 30, 1772, involving Richard Johnson and Ann Smith, exemplifies the depth of information contained within each entry, including consent from guardians, sureties, witnesses, and sometimes, a glimpse into the personal connections and social standings of those involved.

Sample Listing:

30 September 1772. Richard JOHNSON and Ann Smith. John Hawkins gives consent for each party. Sur. William Smith and Alexander Parker. Wit. Battaile Muse, Samuel Clayton, Jr., and George Slaughter, p. 6.

Here is a copy of the original image of the Marriage Register, FHS Microfilm #32190, page 6. This proves that we have correctly identified the original source for this manuscript.

Louisa County VA Marriage Register, FHS Microfilm #32190, page 6
Louisa County VA Marriage Register, FHS Microfilm #32190, page 6


Williams, Kathleen Booth, Marriages of Louisa County, Virginia, 1766-1815, [Alexandria, Va.] 1959.

Louisa County VA,


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