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Kosotshe. A former village of the Tututni, identified by Dorsey with the Luckkarso nation of Lewis and Clark, who placed them on the Oregon coast south of the Kusan territory in 1805, and estimated their population at 1,200.  Fifty years later Kautz said their village was on Flores Creek, Oregon. Dorsey fixed their habitat north of Rogue River between Port Orford and Sixes Creek. 1Hodge, Handbook of American Indians, 728, 1907. The Shalalahs, of whom we know nothing except their numbers, which are computed at 1,200 souls. Then follow: The Luckasos 2The Luckasos, elsewere Luckkarsos, are known only through Lewis

Tututni Tribe

Tututni Indians. An Athapascan tribe or group of small tribes formerly occupying villages along lower Rogue River, Oregon, and on the coast north and south of its mouth. Parrish in 1854 located 8 bands on the coast and 3 on Rogue river.