Our heritage: Fayette County Ohio, 1803-1953

“Our Heritage: Fayette County Celebrates Ohio Sesquicentennial, 1803-1953” is a commemorative publication created by the Fayette County Sesquicentennial Committee in 1953 to mark the 150th anniversary of Ohio’s statehood. This 20-page booklet, produced in Washington Court House, Ohio, serves as both a historical record and a keepsake program for the celebration. The booklet covers a range of topics related to Fayette County’s history, including its early settlement, notable events, and contributions to Ohio’s development.

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History of Lawrenceburg Indiana, 1803-1953

“History of Lawrenceburg, Indiana: Sesquicentennial Edition” by Ray C. Johnson is a detailed historical account of Lawrenceburg published to coincide with its 150th anniversary in 1953. This 100-page book explores the city’s origins, development, and significant events like the late 19th-century floods. It covers a range of topics including the establishment of local institutions such as schools, financial entities, and the courthouse. The book also profiles influential figures and analyzes the architectural and social evolution of the city. Moreover, it features historical advertisements that provide additional insights into the era’s local businesses and societal norms. This well-organized volume remains a crucial resource for anyone interested in the comprehensive history of Lawrenceburg despite some physical wear and layout issues.

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