Our heritage: Fayette County Ohio, 1803-1953

“Our Heritage: Fayette County Celebrates Ohio Sesquicentennial, 1803-1953” is a commemorative publication created by the Fayette County Sesquicentennial Committee in 1953 to mark the 150th anniversary of Ohio’s statehood. This 20-page booklet, produced in Washington Court House, Ohio, serves as both a historical record and a keepsake program for the celebration. The booklet covers a range of topics related to Fayette County’s history, including its early settlement, notable events, and contributions to Ohio’s development.

The content is organized into several sections, beginning with a welcome message and reflections on Fayette County’s heritage and its significance for the future. It includes a detailed chronology of memorable events, a schedule of special events, and descriptions of historical programs and pageants held during the sesquicentennial celebrations. The booklet also highlights historical homes, memorable landmarks, and the county’s renowned tradition of horse breeding.

This publication was contributed to the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center and is part of the larger collection of Americana. It offers a snapshot of the county’s past and serves as a reminder of the community’s shared history and collective achievements. Through photographs and narratives, it aims to evoke memories and pride in Fayette County’s rich heritage, fostering a sense of continuity and connection among its residents.

Table of Contents

Welcome to Fayette County! p. 1
Our Great Heritage Is Our Greatest Hope for the Future, p. 2
Chronology of Memorable Events Down Thru the Years, p. 2
Special Events Program, p. 8
Grand Historical Pageant Program, p. 10
Historical Fayette County Homes, p. 12
Remember These? p. 14
Birdseye View of the City of Washington, C. H., p. 15
Fayette County Horses Are a Tradition and a Legend, p. 16


Fayette County Sesquicentennial Committee, Our heritage Fayette County celebrates Ohio sesquicentennial, 1803-1953, Washington, C.H., Ohio : Fayette County Sesquicentennial Committee, 1953.

Fayette County OH,


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