History of Lawrenceburg Indiana, 1803-1953

“History of Lawrenceburg, Indiana: Sesquicentennial Edition, August 23-29, 1953,” authored by Ray C. Johnson, offers a comprehensive and detailed chronicle of the city’s rich heritage. Published by the Lawrenceburg Historical Society in 1953, this work commemorates 150 years of the city’s existence, aligning with the Sesquicentennial celebration held in late August of that year.

Spanning approximately 110 pages, the book provides an extensive narrative on various facets of Lawrenceburg’s development. It covers the early history, significant landmarks, and pivotal events such as the floods of the late 19th century. The volume delves into the origins of local institutions and infrastructures, including the courthouse, earlier industries, and the town council. Moreover, it highlights notable individuals like James Buchanan Eads and recounts the stories behind local landmarks and societal changes.

The book does not feature a conventional table of contents but is meticulously organized into chapters that discuss diverse topics such as stage and mail routes, ecclesiastical history, schools, and sports. It also includes accounts of the Dog Leg Society, the town’s financial institutions, and the history of newspapers in Lawrenceburg.

Additionally, this edition contains advertisements that, beyond promoting local businesses, provide historical insights into the companies and organizations of the time. These include notable establishments like Bobrink’s Grocery, the Lawrenceburg Gas Company, and the Aurora Casket Co., among others.

Despite some physical imperfections, such as text running into the gutter, this edition remains an invaluable resource for understanding the history of Lawrenceburg.

Table of Contents

History of Lawrenceburg
Stage and Mail Routes
Court House
Earlier Industries
James Buchanan Eads
Odd Fellows Building and City Hall
Floods, 1882-1883-1884
Town Council
Dog Leg Society
Financial Institutions
County Fairs
How Tanners Creek Gots Its Name
Newspapers in Lawrenceburg
Gambler’s Row
Ecclesiastical History
City Parks
River Transportation
“Herdick” Days
Movies, Nickelos
The Draft Board of 1917
The American Red Cross
The American Legion
“Kentuckiana” Memorial Bridge
Newspaper Contribution to Lawrenceburg and Dearborn County


This is not a complete listings of the advertisements in the Sesquicentennial pamphlet. Rather, this is a list of those advertisements in which included a history of the company or organization.

The Lawrenceburg Ministerial Association
The Peerless Printing Co.
Bobrink’s Grocery
Purity Sweets Confectionery
Lawrenceburg Gas Company
The Junker Furniture Store
History of McKinney Motor Co.
The Home Furniture & Appliance Co., Inc.
Miller Block & Supply Co.
The Ewbank Abstract Office
Moon Funeral Home
The Lawrenceburg Granite & Marble Works
Hoff’s Standard Service
E. Barrott & Son
Schenley at Lawrenceburg
Bryon Jackson Co. Inc. of Indiana
The Bielby Law Office
The Aurora Casket Co., inc.
Wm. Krider – Photographer
Walker Laundry
Fitch Bros. Funeral Home
Vance-Tousey House


Johnson, Ray C., History of Lawrenceburg, Indiana: Sesquicentennial Edition, August 23-29, 1953, Lawrenceburg, Ind. : Lawrenceburg Historical Society, 1953.


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