Fannin County Courthouse

History of Fannin County Texas

Fannin County Courthouse
Fannin County Courthouse

Fannin County is one of the oldest counties in the state of Texas. It was created in 1837, the year after the establishment of the Texas Republic, and was organized in January, 1838. For many years its jurisdiction comprised many of the counties to the west, which were settled under the Peters colony grant and which were not created and organized for ten or more years after Fannin County. The northern boundary of Fannin County is the Red River. The first settlers came into that district before the Texas Revolution, and Fannin County marked the extreme western frontier of northeast Texas until the decade of the ’40s. A large proportion of the pioneers were planters, from different states of the South, and the land along Red River was particularly available for the raising of cotton, corn and hogs. The bottoms in this county extend for an average distance of ten miles south of the river, and contain some of the most fertile lands in the state. There were a number of settlement centers along the river, including the old village of Tulip Bend. Some of the towns of the ante-bellum era are indicated by the postoffices in Fannin County in 1856, namely: Honey Grove, Licke, North Sulphur, Warren and Bonham, then as now the county seat. Fannin County was well settled before the war. While there were no railroads within hundreds of miles, the Red River offered an irregular means of transportation of products to the markets, while a large portion of supplies was brought in by overland freighting. The inhabitants lived a somewhat primitive existence, did what was called “patch farming” and allowed their livestock to run wild in the timber.

This collection  represents the 24 biographies from the History of Fannin County Texas – History, Statistics and Biographies. Business Cards, and a Complete Directory of the County. To read the actual historical portion of this manuscript visit the Fannin County, Texas Genealogy and History website.

Biographies from the History of Fannin County Texas





Fannin County TX,

Carter, W. A. History of Fannin County, Texas — History, Statistics and Biographies. Business Cards, and a Complete Directory of the County. 1885.

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