McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book O

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45 16 Jan.1866 David Weir of Bradley Co., to Jackson H. Downey.

46 13 Oct.1865 G.H H. Dill to John A.Shipman of Bradley Co.

60 16 Aug.1865 Thomas Cooper To Clarisa Elizabeth Oregon Williams, Thomas Cooper Williams, and Mary Cooper Williams, heirs of Mary Elizabeth Williams the daughter of Thomas Cooper; for love.

62 16 Aug.1865 Thomas Cooper to Eliga Williams and Eliza Celestine Williams. The daughter of Thomas Cooper; for love.

66 4 Jan.1866 James P.Robeson to Margaret Shook.

67 25 Sept.1865 Mary A.Carson and Sarah E. and F.A. Pettitt to William M. Carson; divison of land deeded William M , Sarah E. and Mary Ann Carson; Sarah E. is wife of F.A. Pettitt.

69 15 Jul.1865 Samuel T.Riddle to daughter Martha Dixon; land, for natural affectio and for the particular attention she paid to me and her mother Mary Riddle my wife in our affliction and under the infirmities of age.

72 24 Mar.1866 D.A. Wilkins of Ga. To J.M. Wilkins; acknowledged in Fulton Co.,Ga.

74 24 Mar.1866 Francis M.Millard to Edwin A. Atlee, Andrew Hutsell, G.W. Millard, Thomas A.Cass, and Charles Pickens, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church; one acre on which Andrew Chaple now stands.

78 7 Apr. 1866 C.Zimmerman to Emily A. and Letitia M. Evans; my home place except the house and lot leased for life to Margaret H. Reed.

79 3 Apr.1866 Allen Dennis Sr. to Allen Dennis Jr.

80 16 Mar 1866 Andrew J. and William H. Wingo to Elias Gibson, Plumley McGrew, William McKinsey, William Barker and Clement Eaton, Trustees of the Methodist Epsicopal Church; $25.; one acre, a portion of the tract known as the Deaderick Mill property.

83 26 Dec. 1865 Thomas Cooper to W.H. Cooper. For $2500. of donation towards his part of my estate.

86 26 Nov. 1853 James McNabb, Adm. with Will annexed of Ezekiel Bonner, to Mathew G. McNabb.

89 24 Apr. 1866 William Burns to Benjamin F.Green; one half of his drug store in Athens.

90 7 May 1866 Wellington H. Rothwell, Adm. of Allen Dodson dec’d. to A.D. Bryant.

93 15 Mar. 1866 William Burk Sheriff to Milton L. Phillips and Archibald Blizard; 553 acers known as the Metcalfe Factory Property and also the Madison Love farm.; sale of Joseph M. Alexander’s interest in said property. Sold to satisfy judgments.

94 23 May 1866 Daniel Heiskell to William H. Heiskell; for love.

96 4 Apr. 1866 Bank of Tennessee. Samuel Watson, Pres., and W.J.Cochran. Cashier, to Samuel Watson of Cheatham co.; Deed of Trust for all property of the Bank in the following Tenn. Towns.; Nashville, Clarkswille, Memphis, Sommerville, and Brownsville, and for all notes, bonds, and other assets of the bank and to sell same; “in compliance with the act of the legislature of Tenn entitled an act to wind up and settle the business of the Bank of Tennessee.”

102 20 May 1866 Ewill Smith toJ.L.Hurst; Deed of Trust; is indebeted to Emily C.Redmon.

103 7 Jun. 1866 Gabriel Clark, Declaration of intention as a house keeper and head of a family to claim a homestead exemption, under the provision of the homestead law.

104 11 Jun.1866 John Scarbourgh to son Wm.H. Scarbrough; his one third interest in land and mills.

105 28 Mar. 1838 William H. Deadrick to Thomas J. Campbell in Trust for daughter Eliza Ann Vandyke formerly Deadrick and her husband T. Nixon Vandyke and thier heirs; for love; part of property sold to Deadrick by Samuel M.Gantt, befinning at a stake near the Presbyterian grave yard; Deadrick reserves the right of a family burying ground in 1/8 of an acer at the begining corner of the tract; acknowledged 11 apr. 1838; reistered 12 Jun. 1866.

106 7 Jun. 1866 Robert H. Wells of Polk Co. to George F. Miller of Pennsylvania.

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107 7 Jun. 1866 H.C. Hyman to H. Human.

108 9 Oct. 1865 George S. Snody and wife Sarah A. to Robert F. Cooke; acknowledged in McDonough Co. Ill.

113 27 Jun. 1866 David Cleage to William Burns. J.J. Helms, Charles M. Keith, Cyrus Zimmerman, Otis B. Wattles, Thomas E. Williams and Theodore Richmond, Vestry of St. Paul’s Parish of the Episcopal Church in Athens; $250; lot. Beginning 17 feet and and 8 inches from the Brick Shop formerly occupied by George Sehorn ow occupied by J. A. Hyden , thence North with the line of the street 45 feet 4 inches….the same conveyed to me by Ephraim Sawtell by deed dated 11 Mar. 1842.

114 4 Dec. 1865 Reynolds Cantrell to the Little Hope Babtist Church.

114 4 Jun. 1866 County Court Decree; E. Walker, Adm. of James McAffrey dec;d , VS Wm. Sehorn and others; notice of sale in the Cleaveland Banner; land bought by Nancy McAffrey and by Wm. M. Sehorn; title divested out of heirs ; Taylor, John and Alexander McAffrey.

117 13 July 1866 James C. Calhoun of Chattanooga to James C. George of Meigs Co.; his undivided interest in estate of James Calhoun dec’d who died in Polk Co. coming to him as grandson of the dec’d; Deed of Trust.

120 8 Sept. 1865 Articles of Agreement; John J. and William Mm. Dixon ,.parties of the first part, agree to get “Eureka Mills” in complete running order, and Thomas B., James and F.B.McElwee (McElwee and Sons) parties of the second part, are to manage the mills for 5 yrs.

124 27 Jul.1866 James R. Lowry to John D. Lowry and A.A.Newman; Deed of Trust for his intrest in lands of father Daniel Lowry dec’d.

125 3 Aug.1866 John T. McCarty of Meigs Co. to William T.McCarty of Ga.; his 1/6 undivided interest in lands of father John L.McCarty.

126 1 Jun. 1865 Contract between William Cass and Burrel B. Melton; Cass is to board and clothe in comfortable Janes and cotton clothing ( such as he wears himself) the said Melton at the rate of $75. per yr. For a certain note which said Melton holds on Thomas A. Cass; if Melton should die, then his effects to be property of said William Cass.

127 14 Apr. 1866 James C.Carlock to Nancy J. Thomasson and Mary O. Green.

130 8 Aug. 1866 Nat. D. Smith of Catoosa Co. Ga. To Richard Wilson of same.

131 8 Aug. 1855 John J. Smith of Walker Co. Ga. And Martha A.Smith and husband John B. Smith of Whitfield Co. Ga. To Richard Wilson of Catoosa Co Ga.; the undivided 2/3 part in land after the death of N.D.Smith who has a life estate in same; land laid off to Jackson Smith

133 20 Apr. 1863 Thomas and Nathan Melton and Reuben F. Maston to James Melton. James Pane, Moses Cass, Warren Hyden and Thomas Melton, Trustees for the Parsonage of the Athens Circuit Methodist E. Church South, $327.50; 15 acres.

134 15 Aug. 1866 Robert Smith claims lands under the Homestead Act.

135 17 Aug. 1852 Copy of Chancery Court Decree; Robert F., Hezekiah C., George W. and James B. Cooke, Daniel Thompson and wife Nancy W., Duke W. Kimbrough and wife Eliza, Thomas Cooper and wife Clarissa, Elmira Cooper, James Carson and wife Adaline, John D. Chatten and wife Susan, Caleb R. Hoyl, and Clinton D. Postman W., Mary B.J., David, and Susan Hoyl minor children of Sarah M. Hoyl dec’d by their Gdn. Caleb R. Hoyl; Ex Parte; William H. Cooke died 9 Oct. 1848, testate, in McMinn Co.

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140 7 Sept. 1866 Willis B. Carr to William H. and George W. Smith of Polk Co.

146 16 Nov. 1865 J.F. Elkins to S.H. Dickey of Monroe Co.

153 13 Oct. 1866 M. Whitten to Alfred S.Haley; one dental chair, one spittoon, ect. Which are in Whitten’s office in Chattanooga; Haley to secure and sue for them if necessary.

154 Copy of Discharge, issued 3 Jun 1865, and Oath of Identity, 26 Oct.1866 of John H. Henegar, a Private of Capt. Newton Hooker’s Company (C), 4th Reg. Tenn. Inf. Volunteers, United States service; was enrolled 1 Sept. 1862; discharged at knoxville; born in McMinn Co. is 19 yrs of age, 5 ’10” , fair complexion, black eyes; discharged signed by Charles M. Judd, Lt.

157 11 Oct. 1866 W.C.Vaughan to N.B.Dunn; Deed of Trust of personal property; is indebted to Ann Eliza Dunn, Adm. with Will annexed of E. H. Dunn.

160 No date Grandville A.J. Baker and wife Sarah C. of full age; Power of Atty to Woodson H. Wetherly to collect her share of estate of her grandfather and her mother; acknowledged in Henry Co.

164 21 Nov.1866 A.S.Casey and wife . Elizabeth Casey to Lavina Sloop widow of James Dloop; ther undivided ¼ of lands sold to george H. James Sloop in 1846 and 1848.

171 6 May 1859 Andrew Boyd of Meigs Co. to Duke Ward.

172 12 Nov.1866 Josiah Rowan to John W. Cloniger, both of Monroe Co.

173 21 Nov. 1866 James C. Carlock, Declaration for Homestead.

172 21 Nov. 1866 James C. Carlock to John B. Hoyl of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust for land , excluding his homestead, which was the old homestead quarter of David Hoyl dec’d; Carlock is Gdn. of David H. Greene a minor, and is also Adm. with Will annexed of Torrence J. Paris dec’d, and as such is held to his collateral heirs, among whom are the children of John J. Payne, Sarah Vanzant, the minor heirs of Mary Hickey dec’d, C.H. Ward and wife Jerusha; David H. Greene comes to a majority on 27 Feb. 1868.

174 26 Nov. 1866 Thomas E. Cox, Declaration for Homestead.

177 10 Oct. 1866 John R. Porter and Martha J. Sharp to A. McKinsey; acknowledged by Martha J. Sharp apart from her “said Husband”

180 30 Nov. 1866 Alfred Hanks, Declaration for Homestead, under 2114 Section Artical 11 of the Code of Tennessee.

180 13 Jul. 1866 Martha A. Meredeth to daughter Jincy A. Styles, for love, and at her death to Martha E. Malone only child of said Jincy.

184 12 Jul. 1865 Discharge from the service of the U.S. of John Small, pvt of Capt. Robert J. Patty’s Co. (F) 4th Reg. Of Tn. Cavalry Vol., who was enrolled 6 May 1863; discharged by reason of Special Authority for Tn.Troops ; born in McMinn Co. is 21 yrs of age, 6′, fair complexion , gray eyes, dark hair, and by occupation when enlisted a farmer.

185 1 Aug. 1866 John B. Cobb to his sons John A., Joseph L. James C. and Jones B. Cobb; for love; all his intrest in estate of mother Mary Beavers dec’d in Greenville District, SC , it being Mary Beavers’ interest in estate of Sarah McJunkin dec’d.

190 1 Dec. 1866 John Jenkins to William Spencer of Polk Co.

196 19 Nov. 1866 Mary E. Jones of Hamilton Co., Ohio, Articles of Agreement with Thomas H. Murry late of Washington Co.,Tn; they are entering into copartnership in mercantile business and practice of medicine in Mouse Creek; Mary E. Jones to stock the store and her husband James S. Jones to be clerk, they share profits in both ventures.

197 12 Dec. 1866 Lorinda Eldridge of Hamilton Co. to Charles L. Matlock; her undivided 1/5 interest in dower land of Sarah Matlock, widow of William Matlock.

198 14 Sept. 1865 Erastus Rowley to Henry Lemuel Rowley, colored man.

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199 14 Sept. 1865 Erastus Rowley to Nelson Gettys, colored man.

200 21 Aug. 1865 F.A. , William B., and John J. Dixon and Elizabeth Cole to J.W. Dixon, all heirs of William Dixon dec’d.

201 17 Dec.1866 Cyntha Robertson to George W.Bridges; home near the Depot.

203 5 Jul. 1865 Discharge for service of the U.S. of Thomas Anderson. A Sgt. of Capt. James H. Walker’s Co. F , 2nd Reg. Of Tn. Cavalry Vol. Who enrolled 1 Aug.1862; discharged at Nashville by reason of General Order No.83; born in Knox Co. is 22 yrs of age, 6’1” , dark complexion, dark eyes, black hair, and by occupation when enlisted a farmer; transportation to be furnished to Maryville; sighed by L.W. Hosea, Capt. 16th Inf. (at the heading of this instrument the clerk has written “Eagle” in large letters, to indicate the Eagle Symbol on the original.)

205 2 Jan. 1867 Henry Lemule Rowley, Lewis E. Cleage, Albert J. and Burrel Hamilton to Otis B. Wattles; Deed of Trust of lots between Athens and the E.T.& Ga. R.R. as registered in Book L, page 593; they are indebted to Mary E. Trusdell.

206 19 May1866 Liddia Armstrong to Viny Rowley; one half of a lot she bought of James Bayless.

208 27 Nov. 1866 Copy of Chancery Court Decree; Erastus Rowley VS Athens Female College. At public sale of the building, school furniture, out buildings, and twelve acres of land on the northern limits of Athens, Erastus Rowley by his agent E.A.Atlee was high bidder at $7150. all of which sum was owed to him by the college. Except $431.88; the twelve acres bounded as follows, adjoining the lands of E. Rowley and A.McElden on the west, A.Cleage and A. Caldwell on the North, A.Cleage and R.M.Fisher on the East, and J.H.Hornsby and C.A.Jordan or Mrs. Ewry on the South.

209 22 Dec 1866 Circuit Court Decree; Powell H. George Adm. of Wm. George dec’d VS widow and heirs; sale held 13 Oct. 1866 after advertising in the Athens Press, a newspaper published in Athens.

214 14 Jan. 1867 William M Seahorn to Henry L. Rowley, Albert J. Hamilton, Lewis Cleage Evens ( Lewis Evens Cleage?) Burrel Hamilton, and Emanuel Hoyl Trustees of Zion Church; Lot No.1 in Sehorn’s Addition to the town of Athens….to a stake on the road leading form Athens to Mouse Creek Depot.

215 19 Jan.1867 William P. Carmack to John Worthman of Bradley Co.

216 26 Jan 1867 Warner Trew to Jesse J.Trew; intrest in estate of father Thomas Trew.

217 5 Feb. 1867 Jacob Graves, Jacob Sharp and wife Vilena, William Smart and wife Lucinda, Isaac Smart and wife Elizabeth, John McEnturff and wife Nancy and Union Graves, widow of said Christopher and J. Russell Atkinson, to James Gregory; all their intrest in land.

220 24 Jan.1867 James Dennis to Isham and David H. Dennis; his 5/8 interest in land, adjoining Mark and Craighton Dennis; Attest; Joel and John Dennis.

221 Dec.1866 Petition by citizens, now without the corporate limits of Athens, to have limits extend one half mile in all directions form the Court House and to hold an election for such purpose; signed by M.A.Helm, M.L. Phillips, A.Blizard, W.C.Owen, F.Brigham, Wm. A.Warren, J. Albert Hyden, John F.Slover, S.M. Henderson, T. Richmond, Edwin A. Atlee, J.M.Berger, E.Walker, Horrance Phillips, A.L.Henderson, Nat. C.Jones, J.M.Clementson J.S.Henery. James B. Rudd, David Nave, Wm.H.Briant, T.W. Warren, Frederick Miller, B.F.Green, R.M. Craig, G.W.Standifer, A.C.Aytes, R.A. Lester, R.M.Fisher; Judges J.D.Moore, Bernhart Gilbert, and James Turner certify that at an election held 2 Feb. 1867 the vote in favor of extension was 21 to 0.

222 Apr.1866 Circuit Court Decree; W.S.Foster, Adm. of S.W.Foster dec’d VS Amands Foster widow, Susan J., Mary M, Margaret V., Tennessee C. Catharine C., Nancy R., and A.Simpson Foster, minor heirs of S.W. Foster and only children.

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223 15 Feb, 1867 James R.Buckner, Declaration for Homestead.

224 28 Jan.1867 Jeremiah F.Strange to Arthur Davis Whitfield Co.Ga.

227 1 Mar. 1867 Elizabeth Grisham, Declaration for Homestead; land on which she and family live, husband Thomas Grisham having abandoned her and family.

229 21 Sept. 1866 Whereas P.P. Owen as Trustees did on 16 Feb. 1861 sell land to T. H. and Mary H. McCarty Execs. Of John L. McCarty dec’d and whereas William Cox has redeemed said land, and whereas T.H. McCarty has sense deceased; Mary H. McCarty, surviving Exec. To Winna Cox, Letha Bandy, Clarenda Wilky and Philip Cox, children of said William Cox.

231 2 Mar. 1867 James K..P.Ball, adm. of Levin L. Ball dec’d to J.C. Scates; Levin L. had made Title Bond.

234 2 Mar. 1867 Mrs. Mary B. Boyd, Lease of two rooms in her house for one year to William Gage.

235 18 Mar.1867 James M. Henderson to David Prather a freed man; a copy of the A.D. Keyes plan of lots is interested in Deed Book L. page 539. ( deed book L has been missing for many yrs.)

238 5 Mar. 1867 Carter W.Cobb to William Angelo Kezer Wetmore, Charles Willard Shepherd Wetmore, Sara Florence Elenora Wetmore, and Cora Anna Willard Wetmore, minor children of W.H.and Ellen T. Wetmore, and heirs of P. F.Kezer dec’d.

242 8 Mar. 1867 Frank McCrary to brother Robert McCrary as trustee for her nieces and nephews John and Frances Cate children of David Cate who married sister Coon Cate, and Nancy Helms Virginia Frances Elizabeth Gertrudy and Sarah Celelsey and John Roberts sons and daughters “of brother Robert McCrary, all of whom are minors; for love; personal property which she is to keep until needed.

245 18 Feb.1867 Ruben F. Maston to Isaac D. Carlock and Mary Elizabeth Knox formerly Carlock but now the wife of Joseph S. Knox.

246 26 Sept. 1865 Jane and Harriet Thomas to Jacob Wattenbarger; 100 acres except 10 feet square over the grave of Jonathan Thomas.

249 26 Nov.1866 Copy of Decree of Tenn. Supreme Court as Knoxville, in case of Sarah Ann Calloway a feme covert by her next friend John L. Hurst and John L.Calloway, Mary E. Calloway, Sally L. Durham and Cornelia R., Addie H. , William S., Malinda J. , Emma, and Laura Calloway, the last six of whom are minors who sue by their next friend Sarah A. Calloway VS William S. Calloway and others; Suit concerns land and slaves deeded by Elijah Hurst, 13 Apr. 1842, to Lewis R. Hurst in trust for daughter Sarah A. Calloway; Supreme Court reverses decision of the Chancellor at Athens.

253 17 Apr. 1867 Thomas Stephens of Georgia to Ezekiel Daniel.

258 4 Jan.1867 Erastus Rowley to T.H. Pearne, J.Albert Hyden. L.F.Drake, J.F.Spence, W.C. Daily, J. W. Mann, Edwin A. Atlee, Milton L. Phillips, M.A. Helm, J B Little, R R Butler, W G Brownlow, N A Patterson, Samuel Hutsell and James Baker, in trust for the use of the Holston Annual conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church as a male College to be called the Tennessee Wesleyan College; Twelve acers adjoining Athens on its northern limits and being the land on which the Athens Female College now stands, together with said College building and school furniture, and out buildings; $7200.00 for which a promissory note has been executed.

260 19 Apr. 1867 George F. Miller to Charles A. Proctor; land bordering on Polk Co. line, including lands owned by estate of John Reynolds dec’d; Miller acknowledges in Lebanon Co. Pa.

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263 6 May 1867 John L. Bridges to Jackson Grubb; for a valuable consideration, transfer of costs due Bridges as former Clerk and Master at Athens; Power of Atty.

265 11 Feb 1867 Zachariah Rose to Thomas Armwine a freed man of color; part of the John Armwine land.

269 3 May 1867 John J. Maston to William McKinsey; Acknowledged by Maston in Jackson Co. Mo.

271 29 Apr 1867 William C. Owen to Virginia Brigham.

272 1 Jun 1867 Joseph A. Dillard, Declaration for Homestead.

276 6 Jun 1867 Henry Latham to Augustin G. Bryant of Haralim [sic] Co., Ga.

277 6 Jun 1867 Henry Latham to William J. and S.A. Bryant of Haralson Co., Ga.

278 3 Jun 1867 Henry Latham to Alfred C. Blevins and wife Katharine, Benjamin F. Morgan and wife Sarah A., Alfred C., Joseph, and Elizabeth Stipe, all of Georgia.

279 8 Aug 1866 Agreement between McElwee and Sons and John J. Dixon and Sons, concerning Eureka Mills.

280 14 Jan 1867 Agreement between William C. Davis and P.H. George; Davis sells George one half interest in the Press office, a Printing office in Athens; they are to share expenses and profits, Davis is to have exclusive control of the Editorial department of the Paper, Davis is to make a hand in said office, and George is to hire H.C. Horton to make a hand as Book Keeper and Clerk.

281 7 Jun 1861 Mary Sellers, William, Thomas H., and Frances Gallant, and Hannah Clark formerly Gallant, to John O. Bottom.

282 15 Mar 1867 Isaac M Grubb of Iowa to Peter J. Grubb of McMinn Co.; undivided interest in land; acknowledged in Des Moines Co., Iowa.

283 22 Jun 2867 Joseph W. Gibson Sheriff to O.P. Hall; judgment rendered against Nathaniel D. and John J. Smith and O.P. Hall, and the interest of the Smiths in lands where Nat. Smith Sr. now lives, 10 Sep 1864.

285 27 Jul 1865 Henrietta P. Howard to M.A Helm & Co.; signed by John R. and Henrietta Howard, and Henrietta acknowledges apart from her husband.

287 22 Oct 1866 John M. Sehorn to William M. Sehorn in trust for sister Elizabeth C. Engledow and Martha, George R., Catharine D., Mary, Alice, and Richard and Oliver Engledow; for love; house and Lot No. 115 in Athens.

288 1 Jul 1867 William P. and James S. Varnell of Calhoun to John H. Bruner Trustee of the Ambrister fund of the Holston Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South; for $600; lot 58 in Calhoun on which said William P. now resides.

289 15 Jul 1867 Thomas H. Gallant, Declaration for Homestead.

290 22 Jul 1867 William H. Bridges to William H. Briant and T. Richmond; lot 3 in Athens, bounded on the S by Washington Street.

291 22 Jul 1867 William H. Briant and Theodore Richmond to Rebecca O. Bridges.

292 26 Jul 1867 William R. Grubb of Catoosa Co., Ga, to George W. Ross.

298 13 Aug 1867 Copy of Decree of County Court rendered Jan 1861 in case of John Cunningham, Regular Gdn. VS Joseph and Mary Ann Howard by Gdn. Ad libelum; at sale 29 Dec 1860, John Cunningham was the high bidder.

300 9 Jan 1866 George W. Wallis of Rhea Co. to Thornton C. Goddard.

301 15 Aug 1867 Wm. H. Bridges and wife Rebecca O. to Ezekiel Daniel.

301 2 Oct 1865 S.P. Hale, Gdn. Of J. M. Yearwood, agreement with John C. and James Dean and Charles M. Keith; Hale leases farm upon which James M. Yearwood dec’d formerly lived to John C. Dean, for five years, unless Chancery Court orders sale.

305 19 Aug 1867 Thomas B. McElwee to James and Frank McElwee; transfer of his interest in the mercantile establishment of McElwee & Walden in Decatur, Alabama and his interest in the Dixon Cotton Factory in McMinn Co.; James and Frank are his securities on note.

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305 30 Aug 1856 Patton A. Bradford, Adm. Of John Wolf dec’d, to John Wallen; Wolf made Title Bond to Wallen, registered in Book L, page 334; 107 acres that William Helms died possessed of and by him willed to his wife Rachel during her natural life and at her death to son James Helm, the same land that Rachel now lives on, sold subject to her life estate.

306 28 May 1863 James Atkins to H.B. and S.M. Leeper of Blount Co.

307 22 Aug 1867 R.J. Patty, Tax Collector, to James Wilson; at Apr Term 1866 the land of Lewis R. Hurst was reported by N.J. Peters the then tax collector for the taxes for 1865; sale held 6 Aug 1866, after first advertising in the Cleveland Banner, a newspaper of Cleveland, there being no public newspaper published in McMinn Co.

309 No date. F.M. Norvell, Eliza Jane Henderson, John C. and Celia J. Wilson, Isham Cottingham Gdn. For John H. Norvell’s heirs, the heirs or part of the heirs of Mrs. Mary Norvell dec’d, living in Henderson and Webster Counties, Ky.; Power of Atty. To John C. Wilson of Henderson Co., Ky. To collect their interests in estate of Mrs. Mary Norvell dec’d of McMinn Co. and in estate of brother Elijah Norvell dec’d son of Mrs. Mary Norvell; acknowledged 30 Jul 1867 by above and by J.A. Henderson in Henderson Co., Ky.

311 30 Nov 1866 Note of J.W. Blackwell to Silas Latham, which he is not to pay “before my death” as Latham has lien on copper Smith’s and Tinner’s tools, and they are his until paid.

313 7 Sep 1867 John Cunningham, J.L. Jarvis and wife M.A., and J.W. Howard to W.H. Briant and Theodore Richmond; part of lot in Athens bound on the S by Washington Street, on the W by the street that runs from Washington St. to Mrs. Kilgore’s…said lot being known as the lot of George W. Howard dec’d.

314 9 Aug 1867 R.C. McCrary and wife R.E., and George W. Clayton and wife Elvira C., to James H. Reynolds; their 1/6 interest in land that David Crocket died possessed of and also their interest in land of John Crockett dec’d known as the Green Reynolds land, adjoining land of John K. Jackson dec’d.

315 11 Sep 1862 J.P. Briant agreement with William M. Dixon; Briant has sold to Dixon his 1/3 interest in lands, grist mill, saw mill, and cotton factory formerly owned by John J. Dixon & Co. and Dixon has given Briant notes secured by his 2/3 interest in above.

318 19 Sep 1867 Wm. M. Sehorn to Caleb McDermott (Colored).

318 17 Sep 1867 Wm. M. Sehorn to Stewart Bradford (Colored).

320 27 May 1867 Copy of Decree of Chancery Court; James H. Magill VS Rebecca A., Rebecca Ann, Susan Ann, Elizabeth, Matilda, Theodore, John W., ad Rufus Beasley, James Denton, John F. Browder, and Jasper N. Stephens; title to land divested out of the Beasleys, heirs of John J. Beasley dec’d, subject to dower of widow Rebecca A.

320 9 Aug 1864 Copy of Circuit Court Decree; T.J. Lowry, Adm. Of Isaac Lowry dec’d VS Manerva J. Lowry widow, and Isaac R. and Wallace L. Lowry, minor heirs of Isaac Lowry.

323 24 Sep 1867 James L. Jarvis to Jacob Zeigler of Monroe Co.

324 23 Sep 1867 John Washum to Baxter Reed; land….to where Rachel Fenny used to live.

325 9 Dec 1866 James Gregory and wife Elizabeth, Ezekiel B. and James B. Bonner, John E. Hutsell and wife Margaret, and Calvin L. Bonner all of McMinn Co., Elmore Brock and wife Mary of White Co., John H. Weir and wife Martha of Sebaston Co., Ark., Joseph Walker and wife Sarah of Polk Co., Mo., al l heirs of James Bonner dec’d, to John H. Shearer; land adjoining the dower of Ann Bonner.

327 2 Sep 1867 Milton L. Phillips to son Horrace Phillips; Title Bond; to made deed in two years; for love.

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328 3 Jul 1858 Copy, made 1 Oct 1867, of County Court Decree: Elizabeth Sloop widow of Henry Sloop dec’d, Elizabeth and John Sloop, and Melvina Patterson VS Henry M. Sloop; Commissioners lay off land to all parties.

329 27 Sep 1867 Julia H. Philips late Julia West to Mahala Sivils; acknowledged in Hamilton Co.

339 21 Oct 1867 William Brazilton of Jefferson Co. to daughter Emily McKeldin widow of A. McKeldin dec’d lately of Athens; for love; lots 84 and 85 on which A. McKeldin’s dwelling and store house stood.

344 1 Aug 1866 Thomas Carver to Campbell Carver; for love.

345 12 Nov 1867 Thomas B. Mayfield to Susan Gibson wife of Elias P. Gibson, Susan Gibson daughter of Timothy F. Gibson, William Mayfield son of said Thomas B. Mayfield, Emily S., Thomas B., Jr., and Pearson Mayfield children of said Thomas B. Mayfield; lands, subject to listed debts of Thomas B. Mayfield, and he is to hold lands as heretofore with the comfortable support that he has enjoyed, and he may choose to have live with him for his lifetime any of his children and grandchildren.

346 16 Nov 1867 Silas G. Latham, Declaration for Homestead; land conveyed to him by James Ellis and registered to Deed Book L, page 168.

347 28 Aug 1855 William Brittain of Bradley Co. to Thompson Blackburn of same; land in McMinn Co. except 4 acres whereon Brittain’s Methodist Meeting House stands.

348 18 Apr 1863 Samuel A. Smith of Bradley Co. to Joseph A. Dillard.

348 18 Nov 1867 Thompson Blackburn of Bradley Co. to Edwin A. Atlee Sr. and John L. Atlee; land in deed on page 347.

350 18 Nov 1867 Marian (his mark) Davis and Martin Davis to James Reed.

350 18 Nov 1867 James Reed, Marian and Martin Davis to Morgan Davis.

351 2 Apr 1866 Copy of County Court Decree: J.W. Plank, Adm. Of Jeremiah Knox dec’d VS Isaac B. Haney et al; Richard a., George W., Margaret S., Laura J., and John S. Knox are the only children of Jeremiah Knox dec’d; land subject to widow’s dower.

353 5 Nov 1867 Robert McCrary and wife Elizabeth to Alfred Hamilton and Charles Cleage; Title Bond to land in District 7, beginning at the bridge on the Rail Road and running West with the Race Track Road.

353 14 Sep 1867 C.L., E.B., and James B. Bonner¸ John H. Shearer and wife Paralee, heirs of James Bonner dec’d, to John E. Hutsell; their interest in dower land of Ann Bonner, widow of James.

355 30 Nov 1867 Henry Rowley, Lewis Evins, Burrel and Albert J. Hamilton to Mary E. Trousdale; Deed of Trust for lot on which the school house is situated known as the Coloured School House.

356 4 Dec 1867 Nelson M. Crockett of Bartow Co., Ga. To Rebecca W. Cantrell of McMinn Co. and Sarah Crockett of Bartow Co., Ga.; his interest in home place of John Crockett dec’d.

358 13 Nov 1867 Joseph W. Gibson Sheriff to Lou Emma Dennis; land of Jane Autry sold for judgment in 1861 and Orien Dennis by his Agent Allen Dennis was high bidder; Lou Emma is the only legal heir of Orien dec’d.

360 18 Nov 1867 Susan Campbell of Iowa to J.W. Tally; Power of Atty. To receive from William H. Briant, Atty., money due her upon a judgment obtained by her against Thomas and Thomas L. Upton in Monroe Co.; acknowledged in Washington Co., Iowa.

360 21 Nov 1867 James McDaniel to Mary A. Miller.

361 12 Dec 1867 James Peel and wife Parmelia to R.F. Cooke; land of which Mathias Firestone died possessed.

362 12 Dec 1867 R. Taylor Rutherford and wife Margaret E. to James H. Reynolds; their 1/12 interest in land that David Crockett died possessed and their interest in lands of John Crockett dec’d known as the Green L. Reynolds land.

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363 23 Aug 1867 Samuel Wilson to A.H. and S.P. Wilson; his undivided interest in land.

365 25 Nov 1867 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: John D. Lowry, F.M. Pennington et al VS David N. Varnell et al; partition of lands of Daniel Lowry dec’d among the complainants and respondents: to James R. Lowry, Lot No. 4; to Nancy J. Delzell, Lot No. 5; to John D. Lowry, Lot No. 8; to Daniel C. Lowry, Lot No. 7; to Martha N. Lowry, Lot No. 3; to Virginia M. Pennington, Lot No. 6; to Margaret A. Newman, Lot No. 2. [The lands partitioned are described on pages 366, 372, 373, 374, 381, and 388.]

368 17 Dec 1867 Thomas B. McElwee to Jan Gilbreath and husband J.H. Gilbreath and to Wm. L. Adams as trustee for Hugh McElwee a minor; Title Bond; they are to pay his debts for the land.

375 20 Nov 1865 Martha Ball to John H. Carter; Interest that she now has or may have had in a certain dowry where she now lives upon the land that Jeremiah Knox dec’d bought.

375 20 Feb 1861 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: James M Henderson, Adm. Of Alexander D. Keys dec’d VS Mary E. Keys widow, John, William, and David L. Keys, Rebecca and John Smith, Mary M. and C.J. Moore, Benj. And Samuel Keys, and the children of Elija Todd, Rebecca B., Mary A., and Sarah E. Todd, the last two by their Gdn., and Margaret J. and Wm. H. White; sale of lots and negroes of estate ordered and sale held 11 Oct 1860, when Alfred Caldwell became the purchaser of house and lot, 9 acres, known as the home place, adjoining J.S. Bridges, Athens Female College, A. McKeldin, and others.

376 23 Dec 1867 Alfred Caldwell of Knox Co. to Alexander C. Robeson; the lot whereon he formerly resided in Athens, situated on the N side of the road leading from the Depot to the Court House, and bounded on the E by land of McKeldin’s heirs, on the W by lands of James S. Bridges, on the W by the Wesleyan College and others, and on the S by the road aforesaid, 9 acres; acknowledged in Knox Co.

377 30 Dec 1867 Elika A. Taylor of Monroe Co. to A. Blizard and William Bradford.

378 11 Dec 1867 John Shearer and wife Pairlee to Levi and Dianah Fitzgerald; lands of Ezekiel Bonner dec’d.

381 11 Jan 1868 A.C. Aytes and wife Loretta to Wm.H. Briant; Deed of Trust.

382 25 Nov 1867 Copy of Chancery Court decree: C.M. Howard VS Lucinda McNabb and others; land known as Romine’s quarter set apart to C.M. Howard in accordance with Will of Justus Steed dec’d and balance of lands set apart to Lucinda McNabb.

384 6 Dec 1867 Eliza Emeline Weir to Martha Bradford of Polk Co.

387 9 Jan 1868 Edwin A. and John L. Atlee to W.A. Nelson, John F. Slover, A.C. Robeson, and the remaining officers and members of McMinn Chapter No. 74 of Royal Arch Masons in Athens, to W.G. Horton, W.B. McKeldin, Henry K. Brown, and the remaining officers and members of Meridian Sun Lodge No. 50 of ancient free and accepted masons in Athens, and John J. Helm, Thomas A. Cleage, and John F. Slover,
and the remaining officers and members of McMinn Lodge No. 54 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Athens; $320.; part of Lot No.9 in Athens.

391 24 Jan 1868 Clemuel Gregory to son Ambrose H. Gregory; for parental affection.

393 29 Nov 1867 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Morris C. Sullins, J.D. Gaston, Timothy Sullins, Moses A. Cass, John Prather, Warren Hyden, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South VS Richard C. Jackson; in deed from Jackson to D.W. Prather, Charles Staples, Mitchell Gaston, Morris C. Sullins, J.D. Gaston, A.J. Prather, and Alexander Turner as Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal South at Cedar Springs, dated June 1863 and registered in Deed Book N, page 222, the word South after the word Church in the second line was left out through mistake; Chancellor rules that word be inserted.

Page 115

394 27 May 1867 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Louis F. Briant VS Wm. H. Briant. Wm. A. Nelson and wife Martha, Wm. Foster and wife Elizabeth J., Mathew S. Briant, Mary I. Briant, J.C. Pennington and wife E.C.; land sold to complainant and title divested out of respondents.

396 28 Jan 1868 Elizabeth Sloop to Mary J. Sloop; for love and affection, her 1/8 interest in lands of John Sloop dec’d and her 1/8 interest in lands of Henry Sloop dec’d.

397 9 Jan 1867 William Humphrey to Mrs. Elizabeth Bookout.

398 5 Mar 1868 Matthew Clancy and wife Malissa formerly Dixon to Samuel G. Chesnutt; house and lot in the village of Mouse Creek known as the E. Dixon house; acknowledged in Marion Co., Ind.

399 17 Oct 1867 Kissiah M. Tunnell of Autauga Co., Ala. and Esther Catharine Roberts of McMinn Co. to Mary Ann McCasland; on 11 Aug 1858, Esther Catharine being then a married woman was entitled in her own right as one of the heirs of her father John Tunnell then late of McMinn Co. dec’d, to money due from the sale of land, and funds were invested in a lot near Athens for her sole benefit apart from her then husband James Roberts, and title was put in Kissiah as trustee; husband James Roberts has died; sale of lot in Athens….fronting on College St.; acknowledged by Kissiah in Autauga Co., Ala.

401 5 Feb 1867 County Court Decree: M.L. Phillips, Adm. Of John E. Hickox dec’d VS Widow and heirs; land sold.

402 21 Mar 1868 William and Catharine Humphreys, Mary A. Cochran of McMinn Co., Eagleton M. and Mary J. Carson of Blount Co. to Joseph Smith.

404 20 Feb 1867 Joseph W. Gibson Sheriff to Milton L. Phillips; land known as the home place of John L. Bridges, sold to satisfy judgment brought against Bridges by William G. Horton, Gdn. Of the minor heirs of Frank Pettitt, 7 Feb 1865.

404 28 Feb 1867 Elijah Cate and Henry M. Simpson to Samuel G. Chesnutt; Eli Dixon Tanyard lot in Mouse Creek.

405 4 Apr 1867 Joseph H. Greer to Isaac Blankinship; Title Bond to 160 acres but Greer to have 15 acres including his house, stable, and barn, for so long as he may remain on it.

422 Apr 1867 John A. Goldy to John A. Turley of Polk Co.

423 Dec 1866 Copy of Circuit Court Decree: Philip Rowland and wife Sarah VS David, James L., James S., and John A. McCroskey, Josephine Emmerson, Esther Melton, and Joseph W., Frances M., Alfred, and Margaret Melton, Sarah C. Stephens and husband Tipton H. Stephens, Celia Mathews and husband Daniel H. Mathews, all of full age, and Mary Jane, Peter L., James K.P., George M.D., Amanda H., and William H. Melton, the last six of whom are minors defended by their Gdn. Ad litem Jacob S. Mathews; dower assigned to Josephine Emmerson; Philip Rowland is high bidder at sale and title divested out of all parties to the suit; sale held 13 Oct 1866 after giving 30 days notice in the Athens Press.

425 15 May 1867 Thomas G. Townsend Sr. to Elizabeth W. McConnell wife of J.P. McConnell; lot 52 in Calhoun upon which he built a house and resided.

426 6 Sep 1858 Copy of County Court Decree: James and John Wallen VS Thomas, Jessey, Isaac, and John Wallen, Sarah Igo formerly Wallen, Nancy Wallen who married David Wallen, Elizabeth McMurry formerly Wallen, James Jr., Eliza Jane, Nancy, John Jr., Matilda, and Mary Ann Wallen, heirs of Elizabeth Wallen, dec’d.

434 1 Apr 1867 Copy of County Court Decree: Montriville Reynolds, Adm. VS William H. Reynolds and others; sale of land to W.H. Wetmore, high bidder, and title divested out of W.H., Manerva Jane, Robert H., and Susan Clarrinda Reynolds.

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436 9 May 1868 John J. Dixon and son Wm. M. Dixon to Jacob P. Brient; mutual agreement to settle the business of the firm of John J. Dixon & Co. composed of the parties aforesaid.

438 14 May 1868 Joseph W. Gibson to wife Sarah A. Gibson; for $4000, which Sarah A. received from the estate of her father William Matlock dec’d.

439 30 Mar 1868 Sarah Walker, daughter of James Bonner dec’d, to husband Joseph H. Walker of Polk Co., Mo.; Power of Atty. To collect her share of estate; acknowledged in Polk Co., Mo.

441 23 May 1868 Joseph H. Walker and wife Sarah formerly Bonner of Polk Co., Mo. To Levi Fitzgerald and wife Dianah; their 1/10 interest in lands of her father James Bonner.

443 3 Aug 1867 Christopher C. Knox of Bradley Co. to James H. Hays of same; land in McMinn Co., also the right and use of the ferry landing on the N bank of the Hiwassee River opposite to the old Underwood ferry.

444 26 May 1868 John F. Browder to Simeon E. Browder; his undivided interest in land upon which the widow Browder now lives; in Apr 1867 his interest was sold to satisfy a judgment, and this deed is to give Simeon the right of redemption.

446 27 May 1868 Joseph W. Gibson Sheriff to Simeon E. Browder of Polk Co.; land in above deed, formerly owned by Joseph Browder.

448 23 May 1868 Copy of Chancery Court decree: Jacob C. Cate VS Robert E. Cate, Allen Dennis Sr., Mark Dennis, Allen Dennis Jr., and Jane Autry; on 21 Aug 1861, a decree was rendered against Jane Autry in favor of one Joel Dennis and the said Allen Dennis Sr.

451 13 May 1868 William Hoback to Mrs. Rutha Ann Young, Admx. of Thomas Young dec’d; Deed of Trust for steam engine and fixtures and boiler which he has this day purchased from Mrs. Young.

452 28 Dec 1867 Clinton Sivils to Mahala Sivils; his undivided interest in lot.

453 4 Mar 1868 William H. Bridges to Elizabeth Brown and her two children, Charles Marshall and Laura Styles; lot in Athens on Washington Street.

457 27 Feb 1868 Charles K. Bradford to Wm. C. Bradford; his undivided interest and his interest in the undivided interests of his brothers Frank and John D. (Jack) Bradford both dec’d, in lands of father James F. Bradford and mother Nancy Bradford, both dec’d.

458 11 Apr 1868 Samuel H. Dickey to Nancy M. Dickey.

461 18 Feb 1856 Copy of Chancery Court decree: Sarah Patty widow of Obed Patty dec’d, Ede Patty widow of William Patty dec’d, Obed and Robert J. Patty, George Reynolds, James M. and Isum Raphael Patty, William H. and David W. Ballew in their own right and as Execs. Of William Ballew dec’d, and Mary L. and Harriet H. Ballew VS Riley Patty, an infant defended by his Gdn. William Furguson and Martin M. Hicks; Robert J. Patty is high bidder at sale of lands of Obed Patty dec’d.

462 21 Jun 1868 Joseph Lattimore and Sarah Ann Cantrell, Execs. Of L.E. Cantrell dec’d, to F.M. Cantrell.

464 24 Mar 1868 James H. Pearce to Isabella N. Pearce; his 1/11 interest in estate of their father James Pearce dec’d.

465 9 Jul 1868 Jasper N. Stephens and wife Margaret W. to Moses Cunningham; Power of Atty. To sell land; acknowledged by Mararet in Red River Co., Texas and by Jasper in McMinn Co.

466 23 Aug 1860 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: John Scruggs and James Forest, Adms. VS Widow, heirs, and creditors of Albert G. Rice dec’d; dower land laid off to widow Margaret W. and other land sold to settle insolvent estate and Margaret W. is the high bidder.

467 7 Aug 1868 Martha C. Lunsford to William H. Briant; her undivided interest in house and Lot No. 7 in the plan of lots run off by H.B. Haywood, which was sold to her mother Elizabeth J. Fuqua, now dec’d.

468 10 Aug 1868 William B. Clark to Wallace N. Hoge; lot 36 in Calhoun.

468 10 Aug 1868 William B. Clark to Ellen J. Hoge.

475 25 Jun 1868 W.H.H. Duggan of Monroe Co. to son James A. Duggan; Power of Atty.

476 26 Sep 1862 Catharine Avens of Ark. by Westley Avens, Agent, to Clerisey Balding; lots in Calhoun.

477 8 Aug 1868 Robert W. Fuqua, Louesa C. Fuqua, Thomas R. Wyatt and wife Manerva F., William L. Green and Wife Luisa A., A.J. Woods and Harriet A., to William H. Briant; their interest; their interest in house and lot of their mother Elizabeth J. Fuqua dec’d; Manerva F. Wyatt acknowledges in McMinn Co., the Greens in Bradley Co., the Woods in Atlanta, Ga., and R.W. and Luesa C. Fuqua and Thomas R. Wyatt in McMinn Co.

481 22 Aug 1868 Henry C. Eblin and wife Mary C. of Roane Co. to William A. Duckworth; their undivided half of land which descended to Mary C. and the said William A. Duckworth from their father Thomas N. Duckworth, subject to dower rights of widow Mary Duckworth.

484 29 Aug 1868 Joseph Hamilton to John B. Hamilton; for love and affection; lands including land which he gave to daughter Mary and which Mary sold to John B., also one half of the mills land; witnessed by Richard B. and Joseph W. Hamilton; “For and in consideration of the foregoing gift, I, John B. Hamilton agree jointly with Albert L. Hamilton to support father and mother during their life time.”

485 29 Aug 1868 Joseph Hamilton to son Albert L. Hamilton; for love, land and one half of mills; “For and in consideration of the foregoing gift, I, Albert L. Hamilton agree jointly with John B. Hamilton to support Father and mother during their life time.”

486 21 Aug 1868 William Paris to Thomas L. Hoyl, Joseph Cobb Sr., C. Long, T. Melton, J.B. Cobb, James Payne, R.H. Paris, W.M. Cass, and Cain Queener, Trustees; $10.; 10 acres and free use of the Big Spring, for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church South.

487 8 Sep 1868 Harvey and Jehu S. Fry, Execs, to James Dean; land which Dean bought at public sale on 30 Aug 1860 agreeable to Will of Philip Fry dec’d.

488 8 Aug 1868 James Dean to William G. Kelly and Mrs. M.J. Small.

489 20 Nov 1867 T.L. Farrell to Rutha Gallaher.

491 23 Feb 1860 Copy of Chancery Court Decree: Daniel Robinson and wife and others VS James H. and Elizabeth Lasater.

492 12 Sep 1868 George Monroe to Wiley N. Wallace; land adjoining lands he conveyed to Harriet N. Monroe and the farm upon which Robert Monroe formerly lived.

493 30 Mar 1868 Polly, William P., Jasper N., and John M. McAmy to Jesse W. Dodson

494 7 Sep 1868 Copy of County Court Decree: Reynolds, Rebecca, and Malcom Cantrell, S.P. Hale and wife Elminda VS C.B. Newman and wife Clementine, Alice E., Martha A., Margaret M., and Mary M. Cantrell, Maranda A. Hale, Felix M. Hale and wife Sarah A., and Gdn. Ad litem C.R. Hale; land sold and title divested out of heirs of David Cantrell dec’d.

495 2 Sep 1868 George Monroe to Harriet N. Monroe, wife of son Joseph Monroe dec’d and her children Mary E.J.B. Wallace wife of Wiley Wallace, Margaret E. McChristian wife of John L. McChristian, William M., Lewis F., Horace L., Charles B., Joseph M., Sarah A., Elizabeth P., and George W. Monroe; land, for love.

497 7 Sep 1866 William Ferguson Sr. to William Ferguson Jr.; Title Bond for land; William Jr. to have a credit on the purchase price for the support and maintainance of his father and mother during their natural lifetime.

501 3 Sep 1868 George A. and Alfred Caldwell of Knox Co. to Theodore Richmond.

Page 118

505 6 Jul 1868 Copy of County Court Decree: Jacob Elder VS Eliza Elder widow and Gdn. of the minor heirs of Robert Elder dec’d, and Thomas Caldwell, Adm.; partition of land between Jacob Elder and Eliza Elder widow and her minor children.

Land, Land Records,

McMinn County TN,

Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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