McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book N

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1 25 Feb 1862 John Vaughan of Monroe Co. to Lucy Rothwell.

2 26 Feb 1862 Ann E. Pope, wife of Fielding Pope, of Blount Co. to Stephen K. Reeder, lots 92 and 93 in Athens for which she, Ann E. Hammon before her marriage, gave Title Bond on 21 Oct 1856; acknowledged in Blount Co. apart from her husband , Rev. F. Pope.

3 19__1860 Thomas Gibson to daughter Mahaly J. Jones; for love and affection.

4 17 Sept 1859 “Fisher’s Heirs, Deed, Boyd Porter”; James F.H. Gregory and wife Adoreus, Andrew Cowan and wife Margaret, and John Fisher to Boyd Porter; all their interest in land.

5 13 Jan 1862 John E. Hickox to Ferdinand Jett; one house and lot near Athens, bound on West by the public road leading to Mont Verd Mills.

6 10 Jan 1862 James C. Fain; the undivided one half interest in land.

9 7 Mar 1862 John L. Bridges, Clerk and Master, to James M. and A.L. Henderson; lots belonging to widow and heirs of A. D. Keyes dec’d sold 11 Oct 1860; lot 12 in Athens, with house thereon, to James M. Henderson and lot 19 to A.L. Henderson.

12 15 Jan 1862 Morin E. Wamack, and heir of Ezekiel Bonner dec’d , to James Gregory, Adm. of James Bonner dec’d, for the benefit of the heirs of James Bonner dec’d; her undivided share in land of Ezekiel Bonner.

13 24 Feb 1862 Nancy, Rufus, Louisa, and Lycrgus McClary, heirs of Thomas R. McClary dec’d, to James M. Knox of Bradley Co.

16 8 Mar 1862 James M. Knox of Bradley Co. to William Knox of Polk Co.

17 Feb 1862 F. M. Millard to G.W. Millard; land with exception of lot on which Andrew Chapel stands

24 1 Sep 1857 David Weir to Elizabeth Coffman; 7 Apr 1862, witness John Whiteside proves deed and James T. and William Whiteside prove handwriting of witness Joseph G.Whiteside, who is dead.

25 20 Mar 1862 L. Dotson, Allen Cochran, Joseph B. Reed, and Charles A. Barnett, Trustees of Mount Cumberland Church formerly known as Jerusalem Church, and Successors of John Miller, James McKamy, Nathaniel Smith, Joseph Robeson, and Isaac W. Fyffe, former Trustees, to William M. Seahorn and James H. Hornsby; two acers on Eastanalle Creek, formerly known as Jerusalem Camp Ground.

29 16 Dec 1861 Thomas B. McElwee to John Baker of Meigs Co.

30 19 Aug 1859 William Paris Sr. to Robert H. Paris.

32 Nov. 1861 William C. Courtney and Gilbert B. Tennent, trading under name of Courtney & Tennent, to William H. Briant; Bill of Sale for slaves; acknowledged in Charleston District, S.C. before Samuel J. Hull, a Tennessee Commissioner in S.C.

38 24 Oct 1860 William C. Owen to Sintha Robinson; land on which she now lives.

39 3 Feb 1862 John N. Melton to Stephen J. Melton.

40 12 Feb 1862 James Massingale to J.C. Massingale.

41 17 Jan 1857 Nathaniel Barnett of Meigs Co. to Martin Bunch.

42 14 Mar 11861 James M. Brett of Desoto Co. Miss. To James H. Reagan: Power of Atty. to sell his land in Monroe Co. and in Sweetwater.

48 15 Apr. 1859 William P. Cooper of Polk Co. to Thomas Cooper; all his right to land known as H. Cooper farm.

49 17 Mar. 1860 Martha Younry of Athens to Cornelius W. Jorden in trust for her daughter Mary Jane Jorden, wife of said Cornelius, and at death of Mary Jane to her children, Mary R. Martha A., John A., Cornelius S., Willee R. and George B. Jorden, and such other children as she may give birth to; lots 26 and 27, for love.

51 12 Jul 1862 Raleigh Chesnutt to Henry R. Chesnutt.

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55 28 Apr. 1862 Johnathan Thomas to M. C. Owens and wife Caroline formerly Thomas; for $500.00. and also their part of the estate of said Thomas.

56 1 May 1862 Jonathan Thomas to John L. Thomas ; for $2000. and all his legatee of the estate of Jonathan Thomas when deceased.

59 6 Aug. 1862 James Gaut of Bradley Co. to William S. Edgeman.

60 Mar. 1862 L.J. and B.J. Glaze, deed to divide among themselves the land of Henry Glaze dec’d, which came to them by descent and by deeds from various heirs.

61 30 Dec. 1861 John E. Hickox t Lorette Reed and her heirs.

66 30 Jun. 1862 Ferdinand Jett to John E. Hickox; house and lot near Athens, bound on S by W.A.G. Reed dec’d.

67 7 Feb 1856 William Thompson to John F. Sharp; 18 Nov 1859, witness William B. Porter proves deed and proves handwriting of the other witness A.L. Sharp who is dead.

75 28 Sept. 1854 George W. Culpeper and wife Sarah formerly Armstrong, and Priscilla Armstrong to William Moore Jr.; the 1/6 undivided interest, each, in land of John Armstrong dec’d, subject to widow’s dower.

76 25 Mar. 1858 Francis M. Pearce and wife Amanda formerly Armstrong to William Moore Jr.; their 1/6 ;undivided interest in land of John Armstrong dec’d, subject to widows dower.

77 8 Sept. 1862 Milus Smith and wife Louisa P. formerly Armstrong to William Moore Jr.; their 1/6 part of land of John Armstrong dec’d, subject to widow’s dower.

85 5 Nov.1860 County Court decree from Buckner’s heirs toAlexandr McKinzey; James R. and John A. Buckner, Isaac H. Lewis and wife (does not give complete style of case ); land sold and interests of complainants and respondents divested from them.

87 4 Aug. 1862 John L. Bridges to Thomas Rogers, Chairman of McMinn Co. Court and his Successors in office for the benefit of said County; $400; lot 34 with buildings thereon in Athens.

88 8 Dec. 1860 William Yearwood to son H.B. Yearwood; for love; Deed of Gift of slave, but not to take effect until William’s death; deed shall not be so construed as to prevent said son from an equal division with other children.

92 26 Dec. 1860 Elizabeth Armstrong to William Moore Jr.; her undivided 1/6 part of land of John Armstrong dec’d, subject to widow’s dower.

95 2 May 1859 County Court Decree; A.J. Hill, Exec. VS “John Charles Cocran & Willoby ray burn De__ & J.J. Dixon”, land known as the old Price place sold, reserving that which was deeded form Teastator, Joseph Rayburn, to his son J.J. Rayburn; rights of heirs of Joseph Rayburn named in the acption to the decree vested in E.P.Bloom, the high bidder.

96 10 Jun 1862 T.J. Weir, P.B. Weir, John H. Weir, by his Atty. T.J.Weir, Margaret Weir, Isabella Weir, and Sav___Weir, heirs of John M.C. Weir dec’d, tho Joseph McCully; signed by T.J., Margaret, Bill, Villa, P.B. and Bella Weir, and “Bella Weir PB”; witness depose that they were acquainted with T.J., Margaret, Villa. P.B. and Bella Weir and they acknowledge deed in their presence.

100 16 Oct.1862 Thomas Grisham to William L. Lafferty and Mary B. Boyd

101 2 Oct. 1862 Henderson Carter to Allen Dodson; nine shares in two tracts of land.

102 14 Sept. 1857 Mary M. Sellers, William, John, Thomas H. , Hanna, and Francis Gallant, and Nancy Wilson and husband James E. Wilson, heirs to James Gallant; Hannah signs as Hanna Clark.

105 30 May 1862 The heirs of James W. Long dec’d, viz, J.A., W.R. and G.A. Long, Maize Blackburn and wife Louisa, Willy Shugart and wife Mary H.., John Goodner and wife Nancy, and W.H. Stephenson and wife Lucy Ann all of McMinn and Bradley Counties, to Carroll Long of McMinn Co. and James R. Long of Haywood Co., NC; the Blackburns, the Goodners, and G.A.long acknowledge in Bradley Co. and the other Grantors acknowledge in McMinn Co.

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109 14 Mar. 1862 W.A.Rucker to H.H.Burk; his undivided interest in the dower of Miriam Rucker and his interest in the share of John C. Rucker dec’d.

110 22 Aug. 1862 Chancery Court Decree: Polly Lowry by her next friend Willie Lowry VS Charles McGhee in his own right and as surviving Exec. Of John McGhee dec’d, W.J.Niles and wife Margaret W., Mary McGhee widow and Admx.with Will annexed of Barclay McGhee dec’d, Ann, Margaret, John, Levina, and Mary McGhee, minor heirs and children of Barclay McGee by their Gdn. Mary McGhee; “It being suggested to the Court that the respondents have… contracted to sell, for $1500., about ten acers of land heretofore ordered to be sold for the satisfaction of the decree rendered in favor of the complainants in this Cause to the Trustees of the Athens Female College which is described…as lying and being on the north side of Athens& bounded as follows, on the South West by lands belonging to Erastus Rowley, A.McKeldin, & the estate of A.D. Keys, and others, on the North side by the road running from town to Forest Hill, and continuing in a strait line with the road until it reaches the North line of the described land, being the land on which the Athens Female College is located….”‘; land divest out of respondents and vested in fee simple in John F. Slover, William M. Sehorn, R.M.Fisher, William H. Ballew, Alexander H. Keith, R.C.Jackson, George W. Bridges, M.L. Phillips, Tim Shullings, Thomas L. Hoyl, S.K. Reeder, Willie Lowry, Andrew Hutsel, John L.Bridges , and Samual P. Ivins, trustees of the Athens Female College; the contract to supercede a contract existing between William Lowry and others and the trustees, and the money when paid is to go to Polly Lowry.

116 22 Nov 1862 G.W. Marler Sr. and G.W.Marler Jr. to David Miller.

120 4 Oct 1862 A.R.T. Rogers to Thomas Rogers; his undivided interest in land.

128 No date. Thomas Rogers to James B. Lackey of Blunt Co.; deed registered 24 Dec. 1862

129 12 Dec. 1862 Joseph S.Yoder of Virginia to William M. Sehorn; land except a house and one acre sold by me to Miss Sarah Walker, lying on the road leading form Athens to Fite’s Bridge; acknowledged in Marion, Smyth Co., Virginia.

140 26 Sep.1862 William Yearwood to son James M. Yearwood, he being physically weak; not an advancement to him and not to prevent him from sharing with my other children in my estate; for love and affection; Deed of Gift of slave.

141 31 Dec. 1862 L.L.Ball to daughter Emeline E.Weir; for the love he has for her.

144 1 Dec. 1862 Jesse H. Gaut and John B. Hoyl of Bradley CO. to John F.Sharp; land which they bought at sale.

145 15 Mar.1861 W.T.Russel to T. J. Russell; Deed of Trust for land in Polk Co.( the beginning of this deed is on page 145 and is continued on page 279 which is among the deeds for 1864.)

155 1 Dec. 1862 County Court Decree; Ex parte proceedings, Mathew, Albert, Sham and wife Luana, Jesse Samples and wife Debby, William Bolin and wife Leticia, Jessee Grisham and wife Levina, Jonathan Jones and wife Celia, William Calhoun and wife Martha, and Henery Neal Adm. of Edmund Browder dec’d.

156 6 Nov. 1862 Circuit Court Decree; Wilson &Dixon, Adms. Of Eli Dixon dec’d VS widow and heirs; house sold to widow Malissa Dixon.

157 22 Nov. 1849 William Foster to Isaac E.Fitch of Meigs Co.; acknowledged 21 Aug. 1860.

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159 27 Jan 1863 George Wattles and Otis B. Wattles. Article of Agreement; entering into partnership in the tanning and manufacturing of leather in Athens.

160 16 Dec.1862 Eli and John C. Hellums and Rebecca Dillon to David W. Weeks; land known as the James Hellums farm.

161 25 feb.1859 William P. Allison of Walker Co.Ga. to William Cannon..

163 25 Aug. 1862 Abija Boggess of Meigs Co. to Mrs. Elizabeth S. Cowan.

164 3 May 1862 G.W.Norvill of Bradley Co. to Charles Cate.

169 5 Sept. 1860 Mathew Maddux to father Joseph Maddux; Lease; father Joseph is to live in house he now occupies for his lifetime, and Mathew agrees to care for him, “also his present wife Lettitia, is also privileged to stay on the premises so long as she behaves herself like a good affectionate wife”. 24 Feb. 1863 , witness J.C. Carlock proves deed and declares that the other witness, C.E. Mountcastle, is in the service.

170 24 Dec. 1862 Daniel Horton to Jane E. Casey.

172 21 Sept. 1852 Claiborne Neil to brother Joseph Neil; all his interest in estate of our father John Neil who is yet living.

176 24 Feb. 1863 John Cate and William Parshall Cate to John Crews and wife Eliza formerly Cate; in consideration of an agreement; all are heirs of Simeon Cate dec’d.

181 4 Mar.1863 William Teague and wife Julian A. formerly Coats to Eliza Coats; their undivided interest, as heirs, in land of William Coats dec’d.

184 19 Mar. 1863 Elias Gibson to Charles F. Gibson; in return for slaves, stock, farming utensils, Charles F. is to go upon the farm where Elias now lives, enjoy the profits, and care for Elias and wife as long as they live, and to educate John W. Gibson, son of Elias, and give him at age 21, a horse, saddle and bridle.

187 24 Mar. 1863 Charles Staples to William H..Staples.

190 6 Mar.1863 James Gregory to Andrew hut sell; land subject to natural life estate interest of Eleanor Burk formerly the widow of Tapley Gregory dec’d.

191 10 Feb.1863 E.T.and Ga. R.R. Co. to R.C.Jackson; whereas on 14 Aug 1862, the Board of Directors for the East Tenn. And Ga. R.R. Co. ordered that James H.Reagan and Jno. L. Bridges be appointed a Committee to sell the old office and lot of the company at Athens; north half of lot 20.

192 Thomas Stephens to Pleasant Lane of Monroe Co.; 23 Mar.1863.

193 8 Jan. 1863 C.L.Rice to J.F.Elkins of Polk Co.

195 5 Sept. 1859 John M.Lowry to John Lowry; in consideration of land conveyed to me by John and James H. Lowry, I covenant to pay to Robert A.Lowry, per annum during the life of my father and mother John and Elizabeth Lowry, as my part of their support, and at their death, to pay sum to the living children of said John except Robert A. Lowry; and the children of such children as are dead; the part coming to the children of Jane Neely ( who is now dead.) not to be paid to their father, but to them or their Gdn.

196 No date. Robert A.Lowry to father John Lowry; in consideration of land conveyed to me by said John and James H. Lowry, I covenat to decently support said John and his present wife Elizabeth Lowry, they being my father and mother, for their lifetime, and to pay sum at their death to their living children except John M.Lowry, and the children of those that are dead; money coming to children of Jane Neely (who is dead) is not to be paid to their father, but to them or their Gdn.

197 7 May 1862 County Court Decree; James Orton, adm. of John Baker dec’d VS Cal, Hamilton and James Baker, Sol Bogard and wife Catharine, Sarah and Elizabeth Baker, Mary Baker, widow of John Baker ; land sold to E.P. Bloom.

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202 9 Apr. 1857 Rankin Co., Miss.; Marriage contract between William E. Coleman and Frances C.Walker formerly of Ga. But now of said county, James S. and Freeman Walker, Trustees; Frances C. is possessed in her own right of about $33,000., part in her possession and part in the possession of said trustees for the purpose of collection; acknowledged in Rakin Co. Miss.

204 5 May 1858 Upson Co. Ga.; Petition of Daniel Grant, James S. and Freeman Walker, William E. Coleman and wife Frances C.;by marriage settlement ,9 Apr. 1857 in Rakin Co., Miss. Between William E. Coleman and Frances C., James S. and Freeman Walker were appointed Trustees; William E. and Frances C. have removed to Ga. And the Trustees live in Miss., and a large part of the estate is in said Upton Co.Ga.; Daniel Grant appointed Trustee; Documents registered in McMinn Co. 18 Apr.1863.

207 13 Nov 1862 Margaret Rice, Obligation; Margaret Rice, widow of Henry Rice, releases to the heirs her right of dower, in return for their releasing to her all their clam to property that was hers before their marriage.

210 4 Apr 1863 Allen Boon, Exec. Of Samuel hardy dec’d to Jacob.George, William, and John Vance.

211 3 Feb. 1863 M.G.McNabb to N.B.McNabb; his on undivided share, as heir, in land of James McNabb, dec’d; 200 acres of which his part is about 22 acres.

212 3 Feb.1863 M.G.McNabb to N.B.McNabb; the share of Taylor McNabb, which he purchased, in land formerly owned by Elizabeth McNabb, dec’d; Taylor her heir.

213 30 Dec. 1860 Elizabeth Stafford to Thomas Rogers; Power of Atty. to sell land.

214 10 Oct 1862 Agreement; Daniel, Nancy W., Samuel H., R.R., George W., James B., and Delphina A. Thompson with H.P. and G.W.Williams, and James A. Peck; Thompson’s agree to lease their Iron Works for five yrs, and the Williams and Peck agree to repair the Iron Works and put it in operation; but any time that the Williams and Peck should be stopped by the authorities of the United States of America , is not to be counted in the five years; of the said H.P. Williams shall be forced out with the Conscript, then this obligation to be null and void, if he wishes it to be; M.E.Rogers signs with the Thompson’s.

219 18 May 1863 Peter L. Bryant of Bradley Co. to Thomas G. Bryant.

220 Jan 1863 William (W.M.) Heiskell and wife Virginia formerly Netherland, and James M. Yearwood and wife Cornelia formerly Neatherland, to William L. Rice; their undivided 2/7 interest, as heirs in land of Dr. J.W. Netherland dec’d. on which his widow now resides and has dower.

222 Jun 1863 R.C.Jackson to D.W. Prather, Charles Staples, Mitchell Gaston, Morris C. Sullins, J.D. Gaston, A.J. Prather, and Alexander Turner, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Cedar Springs Camp Ground; for regard for the Church; ¼ acre were the church now stands.

227 17 Apr 1854 William R. and Joseph H. Walker, Division of Land that was willed to them by their father Robert Walker.

230 8 Jul 1863 Marshal Arnwine to Zechariah Rose; land deeded to him by his father John Arnwine.

235 22 Jul 1863 Ephraim Sawtell to A.S. Jones and M.P. Sally of Wane Co.Ky. Bill of Sale for a colored woman named Elizabeth Willer, wife of William.

238 5 Aug.1863 Madison Love of Sequatchee Co. to Charles L.King and Joseph Alexander.

239 7 Oct.1862 John W. Paris to Thomas Mayfield of Polk Co.

241 1863 Michael C. Reynolds of Monroe Co. to James K. and John N. Reynolds.

244 8 Sept. 1857 John, Hugh B., William G. and Mary C. Robinnett, heirs of Michael Robinnett dec’d, to James L. Lemons; signed by John and H.B.Robinnett and A.J. and Mary Guffey.

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246 18 Aug. 1863 Thomas G. Bryan to H.H. Rudd of Hamilton Co.

255 3 Sept. 1863 Asa Ambrister of Roane Co. to Laura V. Gerding wife of Fre___ W. Gerding and daughter of the late Alphonse de Montyr of Roane Co.; land in Rhea Co.

258 23 feb.1863 Fargus M.Kilgore To Mary Ann McCasland.

259 Nov.1862 Pheby White to Mary Grisham.

260 9 Mar.1863 H.H. Matlock to Ed jerkins; land for the services of Ed Jerkins in the Confederate Service as a substitute for H.H. Matlock.

267 20 Feb,1864 Montgomery Kibler of Bradley Co. to Henry D.Massereau.

268 16 Mar. 1864 Marriage Contract between Alferd C.Aytes and Loretta Reed; to be married on 17th inst. They agree that her own property is to be reserved to her and her two children.

281 10 Apr.1860 Marcus B. John and wife Mary Ann to James Willson; land except mother’s dower; acknowledged in Maries Co, Mo. on same date.

284 2 Aug. 1864 James Denton to Calvin Denton; Deed of Trust; James is Gdn. of Isaac and Matilda Denton, children of William and Amanda Denton, and Joseph Keepheart (Keetheart) of Monroe Co. is his security.

285 21 Aug. 1861 W.C.,M.A., Leah, J.L., Rachel B. Robert Y., and M.A. Vaughan, Reynolds and Sarah A.E. Cantrell, H.R. and Mary I.Chesnutt, to Calvin Denton; farm that belonged to Thomas Vaughan at his death.

289 1 Nov. 1864 Robert N. McEwen of Know Co. to Edwin Abate Sr. and John L. Atlee.

290 1 May 1863 A.C. Robeson and Rebeca Buttram to Mary A., Narcissa C. , Samuel H.,and James H.Hamilton; Title Bond to land when the Hamiltons reach 21.

291 9 Dec. 1864 John H.Cassaday of Roane Co. to A.J. Shelton.

295 10 Dec. 1864 Samuel A. McDermott, Adm. of James E. McDermott dec’d to Louiza A. McDermott Deed of Trust for his undivided sixth intrest in 3000 acers in Monroe Co. known as the McDermott farm, and to house and lot in Athens; is indebted as Adm. of P.M. Cooke wife of James B.Cooke, and Louisa A., Inez, and Julia McDermott; acknowledged in Knox. Co.

298 30 Dec.1864 William M. Sehorn to Eliza Wattle.

308 14 Apr. 1865 David A.Cobb(Cobbs) to A. Blizard; Deed of Trust for land where he now lives , bound on the S. by Chilhowie Mt.; is indebted to various persons and to the heirs of Thomas B. Mayfield, to wit, Frances, Elizabeth, Louisa ,Penelope, Mary, Letitia, Elvina, Emaline.

309 22 May 1863 Samuel P. Henderson to Charles A.Proctor of Polk Co.; Mortgage deed.

312 25 Oct., 1862 James Prichard to Elizabeth J.Rudd.

313 10 May 1865 J.A. Long to C.Long in trust for Mahala Jane Long, wife of said J.A., and her children. Nancy Annett, James Robert Dudley, John Bascum, Rufus Albert Spencer, William Carrol Clinton, and Matta Carry Long, and any other children that may be born to her; “whereas a great portion of my funds came by my wife which was mainly vested in my lands.”

316 22 Jun.1865 Robert Smith to Children Robert P., Elizabeth and Presley C. Smith; for love and affection; Land.

317 22Jun.1865 Robert Smith to youngest son Jesse Smith aged nine years old the 15th of April 1865; for natural affection; the home place.

318 30 Jun.1865 Robison Snider to Montgomery Snider; Deed of Trust; is indebted, together with H.M.Bales and Chas.Metcalf, to James A. Darwin, adm. f John T.Blevins dec’d.

319 1 Jul.1865 James P.Taylor to Henrietta P.Rudd.

322 11 Jul.1865 William H.Bridges to father James H. Bridges, aged, almost helpless and in decline of life, for love and affection, for his lifetime and then to Horace A. Bridges, for love and affection.

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324 13 Jul.1865 J.A.Hoskins and wife Mary E. of Whitfield Co. Ga. To J.H. Magill; lot in Mouse Creek upon which Mary E.Shedden now Mary E. Hoskins formerly lived.

327 28 Jun.1865 J.E. Caldwell of Bradley Co. to William F. Baumann of Knox Co.

328 7 Sept. 1863 J.Jack to S.H. and F.M. Jack.

328 19 September 1862 Benjamin Eldridge to Montraville Reynolds, School Commissioners; for the advantage of a convenient and permanent school and for the purpose of the cause of Religion; land contiguous to the Middle Creek Academy.

329 9 Aug. 1865 Stephen J. Melton to Henry H. and Thomas M. Glaze.

333 5 Apr. 1865 Samuel Firestone to son Samuel Polk Firestone; for love.

334 5 Apr.1860 Samuel Firestone to daughter Permelia Firestone; for love; land of which Mathias Firestone died possessed.

334 20Aug.1863 Samuel Firestone to daughter Sarah Purdy; for love.

346 28 Aug.1865 James W. Netherland to John P. Netherland; his undivided one seventh of farm occupied by the late Dr. James W. Netherland.

347 13 Jun 1865 Hugh L. and Alexander E.Moore; Deed of Trust for land know as the farm purchased by William Moore Sr. in his lifetime.

352 20 Nov 1854 William M. Baker to Clemuel Gregory; “the third part of all the land that Alexander Baker died possessed of the legacy of Wilson Baker”.

353 13 Jul. 1863 John O. Bottom of Meigs Co. to T.L. Farrell.

355 18 Sept.1865 Martin Bunch to A.Howard and wife R.Howard and Jasper Faris and wife Margaret ; Deed of Gift.

358 28 Aug.1865 John Brandon and wife Telitha to Benjamin A.Prophet.

362 25 Sept 1865 Mary A. and W.M. Carson to F.A. Pettitt and wife Sarah E.; land deeded to Mary A.,W.M. and Sarah E.Carson; by agrement of all parties.

363 2 Oct.1865 William T.McCarty to William G.B.Britt of Dooley Co.Ga ; his undivided sixth part of lands of his father John L. McCarty dec;d, laying in McMinn , Bradley and Meigs Counties.

364 27 1865 Copy of Discharge of William B.Shelton, a private of Lt.Wiley M.Christian’s Co.B., First Tenn. Infantry, who was enrolled 3 Dec 1862; discharged 3 Aug. 1865 at Nashvilleform service of the United States; born in McMinn Co., is 19 yrs of age, 5’9″high ,red complexion, yellow eyes, red hair, and by occupation when enrolled a mechanic; Shelton makes Oath of Identity, and says he was in the regiment cmmanded by R.K. Byrd.

366 5 Oct 1865 John R. Porter to daughter Martha Sharp; for love.

365 7 Oct 1865 Jamison L.Mynatt and wife Mary E. to James Parkison; Deed of Trust for their undivided hald interest in land that was willed to Mary E. Mynatt and Sarah I. Weir by their father William R. Weir dec’d.

of W.H.Cooke dec;d, except timber to make 10,000 rails for fencing on D.H. and R F Kimbrough’s farm should they need the same.

370 15 Oct. 1865 M T Stanfield of Monroe Co.. to SD Stanfield.

371 17 Oct 1865 William D.Smith to William H.Ballew; Deed of Trust for his undivided interest in land willed by Jackson Smith dec’d to his daughter Eliza Emeline Lowry now dec’d.

374 23 Oct.1865 Alfred Swafford to Larkin F., John L.M. and Alfred A .Swafford.

379 15 Feb. 1865 Ann Bonner, widow of James Bonner dec’d, Agreement with Preston G.B.Melton ; Melton leasing her land for farming on shares.

383 13 Nov.1865 Marriage Contract between William C.Eblin and Mrs. E.L. McElorath now a widow; contemplate marriage on 14 Nov 1865; her property to remain hers, including farm and mills at mouth of Eastanallee Creek.

384 9 May 1855 B C Jamison to Bogan Cash; witnesses identify handwriting of Jamison now dec’d.

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384 18 nov 1865 James W.Plank to William J.Plank; $400.00 for 79 acers and Deed of Gift for another 79 acres.

387 24 Nov.1864 Joseph H.Smith to Burrell Hamilton, a Freed Man.

390 27 Sept. 1864 Alfred Swafford to William C. ,Nancy P., and Joel C. Cole, heirs of Elizabeth Cole; for love; said Elizabeth Cole to have use of land for purpose of raising and schooling said children until they become of age.

396 9 Dec.1865 William D.Browder to David A. and William Browder of Monroe Co.; land in McMinn and Monroe Co.

397 24 Nov.1865 Thomas M. Dodson to James Reed, Marion, and Martin Davis.

414 12 Sept.1865 Thomas A.Cass to W.M.Cass.

415 28 Dec.1865 Calvin M. Johnson and wife Lucinda to J.H.Magill; Deed of Trust.

418 2 Nov.1865 Charles V.Orton to Charles V.Orton Jr.

419 6 Sept. 1865 Copy of Decree of Meigs Co. Circuit Court, David L. Hutsell, CLK.;29 Dec. 1858, Petition for Partition; J___P. Denton and wife Sarah Ann Jehu or John T. Denton and wife Narcissa, Tyler Nance and wife Polly Ann, Thomas H. Smith and wife Jemima, heirs of Thomas Wamack dec’d VS J.W.Roberts and wife Polly Ann, William, Jacob, Thomas, Daniel, and Samuel Wamack, the three last minors by Gdn.E.W. Roberts.

422 16 Dec. 1865 Moses Bonner to daughter Elizabeth Jane Bonner; for love.

423 13 Jan 1866 Clemule Gregory to Elijah N. and James F.H. Gregory; for love.

426 13 Jan. 1866 George A. Caldwell of Sullivan Co. to James M. Henderson; lots 88 and 89 upon which said Caldwell recently resided.

427 6 Jul.1863 Thomas Cooper to W.T. Peck and N.C. Peck the daughter of said Cooper.

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Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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