McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book F

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4 5 Nov 1838 Andrew Fox to Mary Fox; Power of Atty. to receive his share of estate of Andrew Fox dec’d ; late of Greene Co.

7 3 Nov 1838 David Reid Sr. to Martin D. Anderson.

12 21 Dec 1825 Robert C. Crow to John H. Beck of Rhea Co.; his part of undivided land willed to him by his father John Crow dec’d.

13 23 Nov 1838 Caleb Starr and wife Nancy to William H. Cook and Thomas Cooper; $8350; plantation of about 1533 1/2 acres on both sides of Connasauga Creek including their reservation.

16 30 Nov 1838 Fanny Romines to A. J. Ballew Trustee for Dempsey Casey; Casey is security for personal appearance bond of Devenport Romines at next Circuit Court.

17 4 Dec 1838 Charles Madaris to William Cate Trustee for William Madaris.

19 5 Jan 1837 Sarah McCall [sic] to George Cloud; signed Sarah McCloud.

28 25 Sep 1838 John Moor Sr. to John Moor Jr.

34 5 Oct 1838 John Ware of Bradley Co. to John M. Rankin of Blount Co.; Power of Atty. to sell two lots in Calhoun.

35 26 Jul 1837 Abijah Bogges of Meigs Co. to John Rogers.

41 17 Apr 1837 Elijah Cate, Exec. of Charles Cate dec’d , to Elijah Hurst.

51 26 Sep 1838 Amon (Amos) and Seth Atchley to William White.

52 11 Jan 1839 William W. and Michael D. Box to James Parkieson Trustee for William Burns.

57 11 Jan 1839 Robert B. Carr (Karr) to John McCartney Trustee for William Karr.

62 5 Jun 1834 Moses Cunningham to Peter Airhart, both of McMinn Co.

63 21 Jan 1839 Peter Airhart of Bradley Co. to James Hardy and Biron Allen.

70 10 Feb 1839 Phebe Campbell to John Matlock.

72 12 Feb 1839 Madison C. Hawk to Elizabeth Meigs.

73 26 Jan 1839 Preston Hail to James C. Hail Trustee for Robinson Snider.

76 14 Feb 1839 Joel K. Brown and Solomon Bogart; Article of Agreement; they have by mutual consent constructed their building on Lot No. 7 in Athens so that part of each building is on other’s land.

81 6 Mar 1839 George W. Gaut to Thomas and John Duckworth.

88 12 Mar 1839 Nathaniel Smith for himself and Williamson Smith late firm of W. Smith & Co. of Athens, to John Matlock.

89 28 Feb 1839 James Madison Anderson to James W. Deaderick, both of Jefferson Co.; land adjoining Athens now occupied by Col. V.M. Campbell beginning at Rudd Spring on Eastanallee Creek, except so much that has been conveyed to T. N. Vandyke, about two acres, and so much as was conveyed by Thomas A. Anderson for the benefit of the Normal Academy, about 1/4 acre, leaving about 11 1/4 acres.

98 19 Mar 1839 Andrew Cowan to John Mount, both of Bradley Co.; Deed of Trust.

99 12 Feb 1829 Marriage Contract between John Hoyle and Mary Love; have agreed to marry on this evening; property and Negroes willed to Mary by her former husband Samuel Love; if said Mary have no children; sworn to by witnesses and registered 26 Mar 1839.

103 7 Jan 1832 Celia (Selah) Suttles late Celia Hambrick to Nathaniel Smith; her life estate in land willed to her by her father Nathan Hambrick.

110 27 Jul 1837 Israel Boon to Simeon Eldridge of Roane Co.

114 9 Apr 1839 William Rogers to son Thomas Rogers.

114 18 Mar 1839 John, Israel, and Joseph Smith, heirs and Execs. of William Smith dec’d to Nathan St. John.

116 28 Feb 1838 Phillip Cooper to Thomas Cooper.

117 16 Jan 1836 Joseph Worley of Grainger Co. to Tidance Lane.

120 21 Mar 1834 Thomas B. Mayfield, D.A. Cobb, and W.T. Mayfield Adms. of Jesse Mayfield dec’d, to Mahulda Mayfield, to Thomas B. Mayfield Gdn. for Carter Mayfield, to Elizabeth Mayfield, and to Thomas B. Mayfield (four documents); Bill of Sale for slaves; Attest to all four: B. D. Smith and Samuel M. Mayfield. All Acknowledge by Thomas B. Mayfield and David A. Cobb, two of the Adms. 20 Apr 1839.

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122 30 Nov 1830 John J. Brown of Jackson Co., Ala. to Aaron B. Brown.

124 7 Jan 1832 Vinsant Hambrick, Syndarilla Pearce late Syndarilla Hambrick, Callaway Hodge and Mary Hodge late Mary Hambrick to Nathaniel Smith; their right to land after death of Celia Suttles late Celia Hambrick to whom life estate was given by Will of Nathan Hambrick; proven Apr 1839. {The will of Nathan Hambrick was proven in Rowan Co., N.C.}

126 5 Jul 1832 Drury Hambrick of Ala. to Nathaniel Smith; his right to land as in page 124, above; proven Apr 1839.

127 25 Apr 1839 Sterling Camp to Thomas Camp; for love.

131 29 Mar 1839 Nat Smith to daughter Mary M. Hunter and her husband Dctr. James Hunter of Cherokee Co., N.C.; Bill of Sale for slave.

152 17 Jan 1829 Jeremiah Fields to Green Fields, both of Rhea Co.; Title Bond.

156 5 Jun 1839 Pascal G. Hamblen and wife Jane Ann to William B. Porter; their 1/9 part of land of heirs of Thomas Parsons dec’d.

157 26 Feb 1838 Solomon Kean of Decalb (Dekalb) Co., Ala. to George Morgan of Taladego (Talladega) Co., Ala.; land in McMinn Co. except 34 acres heretofore sold by Solomon to Trustees of Forest Hill Academy; Teste: Irby Morgan, E. Hightower.

158 3 Feb 1838 George Morgan and wife Frances of Taladego (Talladega) Co., Ala. to Dr. John Lyde; same land as in deed on page 157, above. Morgans acknowledge before Henry Sims, J. P. of Taladego (Talladega) Co., Ala. who is certified by Felix G. McConnell Clerk and Green T. McAfee, Judge of Court.

160 28 Aug 1830 Spencer Beavers, Sheriff, to Daniel Carmichael. Writ issued by Knox Co. 11 Aug 1830 to make sale of goods and chattels of David B. Ayres dec’d which were in the hands of Calloway Hodges, Adm. , to satisfy judgment obtained by Daniel Carmichael and Jessee Ayres and also by writ issued 21 Aug 1830 in McMinn Co. to make sale of good and chattels of Harris D. Thorp one of the heirs of David B. Ayres dec’d to satisfy judgment obtained by Joseph Lusk. Bill of Sale for slaves, acknowledged 14 Jan 1839.

164 18 Jun 1839 Ephraim Maples o Josiah Maples; land except 80 acres already sold to Moses Long and Peter Maples.

168 No date. John f. Lane to Russell Lane; acknowledged 24 Jun 1839.

174 3 Jul 1839 Lymon Rice to Albert G. Rice; land on which said L. Rice now lives.

175 27 Jan 1839 William Parson to Hiram Ingram; land being part of the section left by Thomas Parson dec’d to his heirs.

178 19 Dec 1838 Thomas Crutchfield of Athens to the President and Directors of the Branch Bank of Tenn, at Athens; Lot No. 68 and twenty feet off south side of Lot No. 59 adjoining.

179 Jan 1838 James C. Henderson and wife Frances late Frances Holt, one of the children of Irby Holt dec’d to James H. Reagan.

180 14 Dec 1837 John K. Farmer to Dempsey Casey; “lot on which my house formally my residence is all except my medical office.”

186 10 Jan 1839 Nancy C. Mayfield widow of William T. Mayfield to Thomas B. Mayfield. Teste: James Parkison and Williams Mayfield.

187 11 Dec 1838 Williams, Jesse, and Mahulda Mayfield, David A. Cobb and wife Prussia, Jessee Mayfield Jr., John and Samuel Mayfield, Elizabeth Hill, and Nancy Mayfield for herself and as Gdn. for William, Thomas, James, Walks, Clemons, and Parson Mayfield, to Thomas B. Mayfield.

189 11 Dec 1838 Jessee and Mahulda Mayfield, David A. Cobb and wife Prusia, Jessee Mayfield Jr., John and Samuel Mayfield, Elizabeth Hill, and Nancy Mayfield for herself and as Gdn. for William, Thomas, James, Walker, Clement, and Prussian Mayfield and to Thomas B. and Williams Mayfield.

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190 25 Jul 1839 Joseph Rudd to John Rudd.

191 25 Jul 1839 John Rudd to Thomas Rudd.

193 22 Sept 1838 D.H. Thomas to James Thomas

204 10 Aug 1839 George W. Pearson to John Fagan; Lot No. 10 in Town of Columbus.

206 27 Oct 1838 David Hawkins of Union Co. , Ga. to John Torbert; place where Thomas Polk now lives; line between Jeremiah Polk and said Hawkins.

208 18 Mar 1839 Robert S. Holt to Frances S. Henderson (her); his 1/7 undivided interest as an heir in dower land of Sarah Holt widow of Irby Holt dec’d.

209 19 Aug 1839 David J. Patterson late of Miss, but now of McMinn Co. to William Clark; Bill of Sale for slave.

211 24 Aug 1839 Lawson Thomas a free man of color to Joel K. Brown; Deed of Trust for his barber shop built on the lot of Julius W. Blackwell.

212 26 Feb 1839 Charles Martin to Abagil Martin; Bond to secure payment of $90 on condition that Abagil drops suit in a case of Bastardy against said Charles Martin.

212 26 Mar 1839 Nat Smith to John Matlock; Power of Atty. to convey to R.D. Jones Lots Nos. 118 and 119, upon Jones complying with conditions of a bond.

213 28 Aug 1839 James Bacon of Monroe Co. to John B. Jackson; Bill of Sale for slave.

214 15 Jan 1839 John Matlock, John C. Haley and wife Elizabeth, Henry and William Matlock, Martha Rice, Elisha Dodson and wife Mary, heirs and devisees of Charles Matlock dec’d to Stephen Bedford.

215 29 Sep 1838 William W. Haines of Walker Co., Ga. to William S. Haynie; Bill of Sale for slave.

216 4 Dec 1839 Micagah Southard Sr. to Micagah Southard Jr.; Deed of Trust.

218 5 Sep 1839 John Neill to granddaughter Martha Ann Neill, daughter of Geo. D. Neill; for love; cows and calves.

219 No date. Able Peek to Blewford Peek.

221 25 Nov 1831 Warren Sams of Rhea Co. to Thomas Sliger of Monroe Co.; land in Rhea Co.

222 16 Sep 1839 Margaret Waters to Mark Massey, Trustee for Burrel Barker; personal property.

226 17 Nov 1838 James L. Senter to Richard and Alfred Swafford; title Bond; witness F.W. and R.W. Earnest prove before John H. Robeson (Robertson) Clerk of Bradley Co. by his deputy Euclid Waterhouse.

231 4 Oct 1839 Joel Kelly of Bradley Co. to John Wilson; land where Joseph Carter now resides and where Richard Kelly formerly lived.

232 23 Sep 1839 James Witt of Bradley Co. to William Burns.

235 6 May 1839 John Heart (Hart) Sr. to John Heart Jr.; proven 5 Oct 1839 by witness Isaac Gollahon who saw witness Benjamin Hart, who has since died, sign.

259 24 Oct 1839 Joab Hill to William Hill. Teste: Anderson, John, John R., and William Neil.

263 29 May 1837 John McCartney Sr. to Aaron Haynes, both of Benton Co., Ala.; acknowledged before Mathew M. Houston, Clk. of Benton Co., Ala. and certified by C.A. Green, Judge.

266 18 Nov 1839 Lewis Waters to Bennet Waters.

270 1 Dec 1839 William Shook to John Shook; Deed of Trust for personal property.

276 21 May 1839 Aaron Haynes of Benton Co., Ala. to John G. Doren; part of Lot No. 31 in Athens being the NE end beginning at corner running 35 or 40 feet with the Broad Street towards said Doren’s house, from thence the full length of said lot to the corner of Benjamin Ragsdale’s’ lot adjoining the Methodist Meeting House lot.

277 20 Feb 1839 Benton Co., Ala.: Pleasant H. Pearson to Mrs. Alley Pearson of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. to sell his interest in land where she now lives, for which title was made to heirs by State of Tennessee.

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283 10 Dec 1839 Robert W. McClary of Polk Co. to Joseph Smith; land known as lime Hill tract.

284 14 Aug 1839 George W. Pearson to Mrs. Ally Pearson; Power of Atty. as in deed on page 277, above.

285 17 Sept 1839 Ally Pearson, Atty. in fact for Pleasant H., Jesse W., George W., and William H. Pearson , and Gdn. for Christopher C. and Lucinda J. Pearson, and Louiza Pearson for herself to David Maxwell; lands granted to George W. Pearson dec’d by the State of Tenn.

288 23 Jan 1838 Sarah Witt to Willis Wright; 80 acres with exception of one acre where the meeting house now stands… east side of Mouse Creek…dividing line between Polly Witt line and said land. 6 Jan 1840, witness Richard McAdoo saw witness Silas Witt, who has since died, sign.

289 6 Dec 1839 Willis Wright to Allen Dennis; land he bought of Sarah Witt, dec’d.

291 7 Oct 1836 John Hardwick to Leven L. Ball; land except so much as is described in a deed f from said Hardwick to said Ball and A. Edens for the use of the Methodist Camp ground and ground yard.

295 13 Jan 1840 William Collins to John M. Gibbs for use of Malvina Ady; Deed of Trust for personal property; Malvina is his security on notes.

301 27 Dec 1838 Tidence Lane of Brandon, Miss. to James T. Lane.

304 27 Jan 1840 John W.M. Brazeale to Samuel H. Jordan, Trustee for Wm. Lowry who is security on note made by Brazeale to John Winton of Roane Co.; personal property.

311 27 Dec 1839 John Blankinship to Spencer Blankinship of Monroe Co.; Teste: Wm. and Isom Blankenship.

319 2 Dec 1839 Sidney S. Wright and wife Sarah formerly Sarah Kee to James Hickey.

320 13 Mar 1839 Anderson P.H. Jourdan to Rachel Zeigler.

321 1 Feb 1840 George W. Gaut and wife Nancy A., Micagah Dorsey, Richard T. Goode and wife Martha to Gideon Cate; the three undivided shares of land of Nancy, Micagah, and Martha as children of Dimmon Dorsey dec’d; Title Bond.

323 18 Sep 1835 Samuel Martin to A.B. Brown; land where Jasper Romins formerly lived.

325 27 Feb 1840 Kenedy Lonergan of Knox Co. to James Quinlin of McMinn Co., Trustee for George E. Mountcastle of McMinn Co.; personal property.

328 29 Feb 1840 Jonathan Richardson to Mark Richardson of Jacksborough; his 1/8 undivided interest in land in McMinn Co. as heir of William Richardson dec’d. Teste: David Richardson.

343 30 Dec 1838 Nancy Parsons heir of Thomas Parsons dec’d to Mandawill Parsons; her right in farm of father Thomas.

343 29 Feb 1840 Thomas Parsons of McMinn Co. and John Rutledge of Cherokee Co., Ala. to Mandawell Parsons; their undivided interest as heirs of Thomas Parsons dec’d.

346 6 Mar 1840 James and Nancy O’Neal heirs of Thomas Parsons dec’d to William B. Porter; their 1/9 equal part of land including their part of dower at mothers decease.

348 14 Mar 1840 Kenedy Lonergan of Knox Co. to Thomas Lonergan of McMinn Co., Trustee for Richard C. Jackson and Moss & Jackson of McMinn Co. and Joseph Jackson & Co. of Knox Co.; Deed of Trust for 2500 shares of stock in the Hiwassee R.R.

353 17 Mar 1840 Mandawell Parsons to James Parkison Trustee for David Cleage; his 1/9 part of land of his father Thomas Parsons dec’d including interest in dower of his mother, also the interests of heirs Thomas Parson, John Rutledge, Nancy, William, and John Parsons, which he had purchased.

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355 24 Feb 1840 Celia Hambrick, Joseph G. and Nancy Ivy, Delilah Hambrick, heirs of Nathan Hambrick dec’d by their Atty. in fact the said Celia Hambrick of Cherokee Co., Ala. to Nat and Stephen Smith.

356 29 June 1835 Monroe Co.: Mary D. McCamon to Francis P. Pettitt; Bill of Sale for slave.

359 18 Feb 1840 Wm. Thompson of Benton Co., Ala. to Samuel W. Thompson and Wm. E. Gibson.

369 27 Mar 1840 Samuel P. and Washington P. Bayless to James Baker for use of Granham Emerson & Co.., their security on note to George Magors; Deed of Trust for personal property.

373 13 Jan 1840 Barney Casteel of Cherokee Co., N.C. to John Jack.

375 17 Sep 1838 George Winton of Anderson Co to John Hartley.

377 16 Mar 1840 Chancery Court at Madisonville: Eveline Cunningham widow of Pleasant T. Cunningham, dec’d and Sara and Pleasant T. Cunningham,, heirs of said Pleasant T. dec’d by their Gdn. Marshall W. Cunningham,; sale of land.

378 4 Sep 1838 John Howel of Rhea Co. to Charles H. Royster.

384 20 Oct 1839 Michael H. Sellers of Roane Co. to John Burnett.

387 4 Dec 1834 Article of Agreement between Jesse Kerr of Blount Co. and John W.M. Brazeale of McMinn Co.; said Brazeale agrees to take charge of the Tennessee Journal printing office now in operation in Athens which said Kerr has this day purchased. 12 Nov 1835: Jesse Kerr transfers to Brazeale but holds mortgage for notes.

389 18 Apr 1840 John Glaze to Jefferson Glaze; his undivided interest in lands of Henry Glaze dec’d and interest in dower of Susan Glaze.

390 10 Jan 1834 Tidence Lane to Charles Matlock. 21 Apr 1840: John M. Gibbs identifies handwriting of witness Samuel M. Hood who resides outside Tenn.

400 8 May 1840 Robert Pharris of Meigs Co. to Wm. Clark, Cashier of Planters Bank of Tenn. at Athens; Deed of Trust for land in Meigs Co.

405 7 May 1840 Peter Fite Sr. to Rachel Simpson formerly Rachel Fite wife of John Simpson, Henry, Jacob and Peter Fite Jr., his children; for love and affection.

408 21 May 1840 Abraham Gonce to John Gonce of Monroe Co.

409 30 May 1840 William Shook Sr. to Solomon Bogart; Lot No. 6 in Athens on which Shook now lives and as laid down in the plan of lots run out on the donated land adjoining Athens on NW side; lot conveyed 24 Feb 1837 by Commissioners of Athens to John O. Shook minor son of said William Shook but lot is really the property of said William.

413 13 Apr 1839 (1840) Henry Rice to Thomas L. Twomey; land with exception of two acres where Columbiana Church is now situated.

416 27 Jan 1840 John Glaze to Elihu A. Taylor of Monroe Co.

418 16 Jun 1840 Lewis Hale to John Cansler; Deed of Trust for land and personal property for use of wife Sally and three children, Granville H., Patsy, and William L. Hale; for regard and to secure them a comfortable support.

424 1 Apr 1839 John Devine Sr. to Thomas H.S. Smith of Monroe Co.

430 31 Jul 1840 William W. Bayless of Meigs Co. to Thomas Williams of same; land in McMinn Co.

431 31 Jul 1840 Elizabeth McKenzie now a resident of Randolph Co., Ala. to son Absalom H. McKenzie of same; Power of Atty. to collect her dower in estate of her late husband Chesley McKenzie late of McMinn Co. Teste: Mark McKenzie, Reuben Phillips.

432 23 Apr 1839 William F. Briant to Lewis F. and John G. Briant, twin sons of Allison and Ann Briant; for love.

437 8 Aug 1840 John Rogers to James H. Rogers, Trustee for Jesse Wallin.

441 12 Aug 1840 James W. Culton to Sarah Hudson.

444 7 Jan 1838 John and William Bryant to James Pelly.

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445 11 Aug 1840 William M. Brothington to Margaret D. and Mary D. Moore; personal property; for love and affection and their kindness.

447 11 Aug 1840 Henry Bradford of Polk Co. to Asbury M. Coffey; Bill of Sale for slave.

448 27 Feb 1840 James A. Turnly of Cherokee Co., Ala. to Daniel R. Mitchell of Floyd Co., Ga.; Deed of Trust. Acknowledged before John S. Wilson, Clerk of County Court of Cherokee Co., “sealed with private seal there being no seal of office”; George Birdwell, Judge.

457 15 Sep 1831 Thomas Jefferson Cate to Elijah Cate; his undivided share willed to him by his father Charles Cate dec’d.

460 15 Mar 1839 John Matlock Exec. of Charles Matlock dec’d to Peter Smith.

466 4 Apr 1838 William Price of Bradley Co. and of Cherokee Nation to Jesse Wallen.

466 22 Sep 1840 Sarah B. Stogdon to William H. Stogdon; Bill of Sale for slave.

469 22 Oct 1840 Tyra Lawson to James Humphrey of Niagara Co., N.Y.

477 10 Nov 1840 Benedick Plank to Hiram Plank; Christian Plank’s line.

479 14 Oct 1840 Ambrose N. Armstrong and William McKamy to Joseph M. Alexander; land in McMinn and Polk counties on the Hiwassee River formerly property of Elizabeth Meigs.

482 26 Oct 1840 William Bates of Cannon Co. to William Cumming; Power of Atty. to sell the rights in Tenn. for Parsons Patented Upright Vibrating Shingle Machine; acknowledge before Rezin Fowler, Clk. of Co. Ct. of Cannon Co.

482 23 Nov 1840 James C. and Churchwell Hail to Andrew Hutsell; Deed of Trust for bay mare named Eliza Ross.

483 20 Nov 1840 Whereas I William Bates of Cannon Co., Tenn. have purchased of Thomas G. Abel of Fredonia, N.Y. who purchased of the original Ludlam Parsons of Castleton, Rutland Co., Vt. the sole right for State of Tenn. to vend a machine for manufacture of shingles known as Parsons Upright Vibrating Shingle Machine; for $1000, sells to W. H. Cook, J. W. Lyde, John Parshall, P.B. Anderson, and J. M. Gibbs of McMinn Co. the rights to McMinn, Meigs, and Polk counties.

485 21 Nov 1840 John H. Torbett to Samuel Wolff and wife Ann.

487 7 Dec 1840 Washington Breedwell to Henry Goforth, Trustee for John Callahan of Barren Co., Ky. who hath paid John Smith formerly of Meigs Co. as security of said Breedwell; personal property.

500 16 Nov 1840 James Hickey to Penelope E. Irvine.

505 23 Sep 1840 Nancy Pickens Sr., Robert, Reece, Andrew, William K., and Charles A. Pickens, John Smith, Israel C. Smith and wife Dorcas formerly Pickens, Abram B. Neill and wife Rebecca formerly Rebecca Pickens, Henry B. Davis and wife Nancy formerly Nancy Pickens, Warner Trew and wife Martha formerly Martha Pickens, all of McMinn Co. and all heirs of John Pickens dec’d, to John Lowry.

510 12 Jan 1841 John Graham to Onslow G. Murrell; his claim to four tracts of land together with buildings, paper mill, saw mill, machinery; same land heretofore conveyed by John Beeler to said Murrell and said Graham and now known as Glenmore Paper Mill.

520 29 Jan 1841 John Hill of Murray Co., Ga. to John Moss, R.C. Jackson, S.K. Reeder, and John F. Reeder; Bill of Sale for slave.

521 27 Jan 1841 Spencer Beavers, Sheriff, to George E. Mountcastle; Lot No. 104 in Calhoun sold by Court for $3.291/2 taxes, costs, and charges for 1838, the heirs of John Walker Sr. the reputed owners.

Page 30

5 30 Jan 1841 William Clark to Absalum Beck and Brooks Brown; Title Bond to the Athens Race Course embracing land purchased from A.D. Keyes and from Doctor Deaderick, now under fence and over which a part of the track is made.

7 2 Feb 1839 Scott Powell to Tubal Zigler of Henry Co., Va.

8 2 Feb 1841 Rachel Zigler to Terrell Nance; Teste: Benjamin T. and Tubal Zigler.

11 10 Feb 1841 Given R. Hambright of Bradley Co. to John Hambright.

17 2 Feb 1841 Robert and Barton McKamey of Anderson Co. to William McKamey; our interest as heirs of William McKamey dec’d of Anderson Co.; acknowledged before Wm. Cross Clk. of Anderson Co. by his Deputy John G. Whitson.

19 14 Oct 1839 Wm. Haymes, W.W. Haymes, Henry King, D.D. Haymes, John Carter, and Jane Haymes to Caleb Haymes; Power of Atty. to sell land where Jane Haymes now lives formerly owned by Wm. Haymes, dec’d; Teste: David R. Haymes and A.C. Robeson.

21 Feb 1841 Vinsant Haymes, Caleb Haymes, James and Nancy Cowan formerly Nancy Haymes, Robert and Polly Lacky formerly Polly Haymes, daughters and heirs of late Wm. Haymes dec’d Wm. Haymes Sr. and Jr., Daniel D. Haymes, John and Pemella Carter, Henry and Elizabeth King formerly Elizabeth Haymes, Permilla and Elizabeth Haymes heirs of late Wm. Haymes dec’d and Jane Haymes widow of Wm. Haymes dec’d, to John McDonald.

23 23 Sep 1840 Robert, Reece, Andrew, and Wm. K. Pickens, John Smith, Israel C. Smith and wife Dorcas formerly Pickens, Abraham B. Neal (Neill) and wife Rebecca formerly Pickens, Henry B. Davis and wife Nancy formerly Pickens, Warner Trew and wife Martha formerly Pickens, all heirs of John Pickens dec’d and all of McMinn Co. to Charles A. and Nancy Pickens Sr.; 2/3 of land to Charles A. and 1/3 to Nancy.

27 23 Sep 1840 Grantors and Grantees as in deed on page 23 above to Robert Pickens of Bradley Co., heir of John Pickens dec’d.

29 2 Aug 1840 Grantors and Grantees as in deed on page 23 above to Reece Pickens of Benton Co., Ala., heir of John Pickens dec’d.

38 1 Mar 1841 Samuel W. Thompson and Wm. C. Gibson to John Matlock; land known as Wm. Thompson tract..

43 8 Mar 1841 Spencer Beavers, Sheriff, to John Matlock, Exec. of Charles Matlock dec’d; land of Tidence Lane; notice given to James T. Lane the tenant in possession

47 1 Mar 1841 Elizabeth Sperman(Spearman) to Jemima, John H., Stephen H., Daniel, Elisha E., Thomas Jefferson, Malinda, and Nancy Miller, and George Morris; her share of land belonging to the heirs of Thomas Miller dec’d.

48 1 Mar 1841 William McKamey and John H. Miller, Adms. of Thomas Miller dec’d to Elizabeth Sperman widow of Wesley Sperman dec’d.

52 15 Mar 1841 John F. Power to minor son Miles Power; land for love.

57 3 Feb 1840 Augustus W. Elder to Francis Boyd in trust for M. Shields & Co.; Lot No. 59 in Madisonville on which said Elder published the Hiwassee Patriot about a year ago, buildings, a printing press now in possession of Jonston and Elder in Monroe Co., and type and press now in use by Elder in the Patriot office in Athens, also one dun guildin named Henry Clay and one Baroush.

60 19 Mar 1841 Edward Brown to son Henry Brown; for love; personal property.

70 16 Nov 1840 Julius A. Blackwell to Robert Frazier in trust for Ann, John E.S., and Adaline A. Blackwell of Knox Co.; personal property and one lot in Athens on which is his residence and one lot on which is his coppersmith shop; Julius received cash for benefit of Ann from Marcus D. Bearden who received the amount from Daniel Ruff, Exec. of Stephen Blackwell dec’d of New Orleans, who bequeathed same to Ann Blackwell.

73 23 Jan 1841 David Penington and wife Matilda to William B. Carter.

Page 31

75 22 Mar 1841 Paschal G. Hamblin of Bradley Co. to Daniel C. Kenner; Bill of Sale for slave.

76 11 Jul 1839 F.W. Earnest of Bradley Co. to Daniel C. Kenner; Lot No. 61 in Calhoun that James Senter dec’d occupied.

77 1 Feb 1836 Nathaniel McKinney of Allegany Co., Va. to Solomon Bogart; Power of Atty. to sell his house and lot in Athens; acknowledge in Allegany Co., Va. before John L. Baswell, J.P.,Andrew Fudge Clk.

87 13 Apr 1841 John Camp, Adm. of Andrew Bigham dec’d, to John Matlock.

88 25 Feb 1840 Samuel Johnston Sr. to W. Josiah Rowan, both of Monroe Co.; land in McMinn Co. granted to Willis Webb and transferred by him to Johnston.

89 24 Mar 184 [sic] Gideon Morgan of Monroe Co. to Robert T. Hanks; the undivided half of and near mouth of Eastanallee Creek of McMinn Co., to be cut off from tract know as Walker Reservation, commencing at Lewis Ross’ lower corner on the Hiwassee River “so as to include half of a Spring near where G. I. Washam now lives’; proven 17 Apr 1841.

90 30 Dec 1840 Agreement, John Hambright with James H. Fyffe, A.D. Keyes, and John L. McCarty, Agents of Hiwassee Rail Road Co.; Hambright being owner of land on which there are valuable beds of iron ore; Rail Road Co. to erect an establishment for manufacture of iron.

92 2 Jan 1840 [sic] Agreement as above, with Frederick Michael.

93 2 Jan 1841 Agreement as above, with Samuel Kelly.

94 30 Dec 1840 Agreement as above, with Sterling Camp.

95 2 Jan 1841 Agreement as above, with John Poe.

96 1 Jan 1841 Agreement as above, with George Cobb.

97 2 Jan 1841 Agreement as above, with John and Sampson Bishop.

103 13 Mar 1841 Tyler Drake to his grandchildren Susannah, William, and Tyler Hardy, minor children of Thomas Hardy; Deed of Gift of slave.

104 10 Jul 1840 James F. Benton to Edmond Benton; Teste: Jeremiah Benton, John Jack.

115 12 Sept 1840 David R. Brazeale of Roane Co. to James Thomas.

123 7 Jun 1841 Jonathan Thomas to Isam Dennis and Allen Butler as Trustees of Rogers Creek Baptist Meeting House; $5.00; one acre and 36 poles as long as said church shall continue or have any house.

124 9 Feb 1841 Francis Crews, James B. Riddle, and John Miller, Gdns. for Benjamin Riddle Jr., minor heir of Benjamin Riddle dec’d, to John McMahan.

129 7 Jun 1841 John L. McCarty, Exec. of John Walker Jr. dec’d, to William Clark; slave sold at public auction.

134 15 Mar 1837 W.H. Cooke to Joseph Robison, Joel K. Brown, John F. Lane, James H. Fyffe, Ebenezer Cooper, and John Dorsey, Elders of Cumberland Presbyterian Church; $250.; Lot No. 40 in Athens.

143 6 Jul 1841 Jacob Gilbert to William L Atlee; Deed of trust for Bt. Gilbert of Adams Co., Pa.

146 10 Jul 1841 George Hinkle to John A. Gouldy of Bradley Co.

153 2 Mar 1841 Return J. Meigs to Alexander D. Keyes; Power of Atty. to sell lot in Athens on which James T. Reid now resides and
has resided for some years; acknowledged in Davidson Co.

167 20 May 1841 James B. Riddle to Frances Crew (Frances Riddle); his share of land purchased as one of the Gdns. of Benjamin Riddle, minor heir of Benjamin Riddle dec’d whereon Pleasant W. Lane now lives.

170 3 Sep 1841 Elisha Bishop to Jesse Wallin; his 1/7 part of land of Thomas Bishop dec’d ; Deed of Trust for Isaac Wallin.

176 13 Jul 1841 Henry C. Bradford and wife Elizabeth, Hamilton Bradford Sr., and Benjamin B. Bradford, all of Warren Co., to Malvena Hord, William Hord, and Nancy E. Mercer formerly Hord; Thomas Hord Gdn. of Malvena, William and Nancy obtained decree in Chancery Court at McMinnville against said Henry ` C. Bradford; deed for 1/3 part of land in McMinn Co. known as Pain

Land, Land Records,

McMinn County TN,

Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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