McMinn County, Tennessee Deed Book A

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4 12 Sept 1833 Isaac Anderson, Mary W. Anderson, A.B. Weir, Elizabeth Weir, Newton Armstrong, Martha Armstrong formerly Elizabeth and Martha Anderson to William W. Anderson, All of McMinn Co.; Power of Atty. To sell land in Rockbridge Co., Va. On waters of North River and being land owned by Robert Anderson dec’d; land adjoins Daniel and Robert Rhea on the East and Land formerly owned by William Walker on the South.

7 23 Jan 1834 Lewis Clark of Lumpkin Co., Ga. To Isaac Lowery of McMinn Co.; Bill of sale for slave Lucy.

11 30 Oct 1833 Spencer Beavers, Sheriff, to Samuel Shelton; Judgment recovered 17 Apr 1830 against Rachel and Aaron Bennet.

21 15 Jan 1834 James W. Hope of Washington Co., Va to David Pearce.

23 27 Oct 1833 Henry Bradford to Henry E. Bradford, age about one year, son of Henry C. Bradford; Bill of Sale for slave

24 8 Sept 1826 [sic] John McEntosh of McMinn Co to Samuel Parks and James McDaniel of Monroe Co; proven in Court 16 Mar 1821, Young Colville, Clk

26 11 Apr 1821 Templin W. Ross and wife Eliza of Cherokee Nation to George Harlin of same.

31 20 Sept 1821 John Walker Sr. to John Walker, Jr.; bill of sale for slaves.

32 14 June 1821 John Walker Sr. to Thomas C. Henderson of Rhea Co.; lots in Calhoun.

33 7 Dec 1821 John Walker Sr. to Gideon Morgan Jr. of Monroe Co.; distinctly understood that the town of Calhoun is not considered a part of conveyance although included within its lines.

40 16 Apr 1821 John Walker Sr. to Sterling Camp of Roane Co.

44 26 Apr 1824 James McDaniel and John McIntosh of McMinn Co and Samuel Parks of Monroe Co. by his Atty. In fact James McDaniel to James C. Mitchel and Thomas Kelly of Rhea Co.; John McIntosh’s Reservation on South Fork of Mouse Creek.

45 28 Feb 1824 Archibald Fitzgerrell to James Standfield: land in Franklin Co., West Tennessee

46 23 Feb 1824 William Tipton of Blount co. to Robert Cowan of McMinn Co.

47 1 May 1824 Rubin Walker and wife, Susan, late, Susan Rice, daughter of Isaac Rice dec’d of McMinn Co. to Henry Matlock; land in Roane Co. being lot no. 7 in division of real estate; also the undivided 1/12 part of land in McMinn Co., being land laid off as dower for widow Martha and now held by her.

50 3 March 1824 Robert Thompson for himself and as Exec. Of Will of David Thompson dec’d to David and Oliver Dodson.

53 6 Mar 1824 Capt Fox Taylor of Cherokee Nation to McGees and McCarty of the Cherokee Agency; Bill of Sale for slave Yedoke.

54 4 Sept 1823 Nathan Hambrick of Rutherford Co., N.C. to Daniel Newman of McMinn Co.

57 21 Apr 1824 John Walker Sr. of McMinn Co. to George W. Lavender of Cherokee Nation; lot in Calhoun.

61 30 June 1823 Gideon Margan Jr. to Joseph McMinn, John Hambright and Silas Morgan, Trustees for Presbyterian Church; one acre near Calhoun on road from Calhoun to Blair’s Ferry on Tenn. River Roane Co,; for building meeting house and graveyard

62 20 Apr 1824 Samuel Parks of Monroe Co. to James McDaniel of McMinn Cherokee Nation: Power of Atty. To sell his interest in undivided half of land known as John McIntosh Reservation where said McIntosh has a mill and distillery and whereon he has lived for several years.

66 19 Oct 1822 George P. Hogg of McMinn Co. to James Turk and Thomas Maxwell of Blount Co.; Trust Deed for personal property.

70 15 Aug 1824 Tolontiskee (Tah-lon-tee-skee or John Rogers, Sr.) of Cherokee Nation to Stanwix Hord of Hawkins Co.

71 26 Feb 1824 Archibald Turk of McMinn Co. to George F. Reynolds of Knox Co.

72 4 June 1825 Samuel McConnell, George Colville, Alexander C. Robeson, John Walker, William H. Cooke, Thomas Armstrong, John B. Flanagin, and Elijah Hurst, Commissioners for town of Athens, to Aaron Matthews; Lot No. 120. Signature of Samuel McConnell is not on deed.

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80 15 August 1824 John Hilderbrand to Woody Jackson of Oglethorpe Co., Ga. And Samuel McConnell of McMinn Co.

84 6 Jan 1826 Daniel C. Carmichael of Granger Co. James Carmichael of same; his share of joint entry.

85 2 Nov 1822 William Barnes to Augustine P. Fore of Jefferson Co.,; land on Conasauga Creek.

89 5 Sept 1826 Solomon Kean and Hiram Worley to John Miller, James McCamey, Nathaniel Smith, Joseph Robeson, and Isaac W. Fiffe and their successors for Cumberland Presbyterian Church; land on Eastanallee Creek including place known as Jerusalem Camp Ground; two acres

90 5 Sept 1826 Solomon Kean and Hiram Worley to Charles F. Keith, Irby Holt, Augustus P. Fore, Tidence Lane, Nathaniel Smith, Horace Hickox, Return J. Meigs, Thomas J. Campbell, John H. Porter, James McCamey, Jesse Mayfield, John Miller, Esq., Isaac W. Fyffe, and Elijah Hurst, Trustees of Forrest Hill Academy; three acres near Eastanallee Creek.

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Boyer, Reba Bayless. McMinn County, Tennessee Land Deeds. Copyright 2001. Provided to AccessGenealogy for perpetual free display.

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