1757, June 26


The Yound gellow which I mentioned to your Excellency being with the Savannah’’ in the Creek Nation he being the prince of Chattugee Son, for which one of the womed belonging to one of the three Savannah’s that where killed, she was kept as an hostage for him. Returned here on the 19th. Instant, he Reports that Leiut. Wall was at the Oak Chow that the two Warriors Mefsenger’s from Old Hop were preparing to Return back, that all the Savannah’ss were out a Hunting that there was only their women and children Left in there Town’s that the Creeks were Resolved to propose two Question’s to the Savannah’s, that they Sould go off to the Northward amongst the Reft of their Brothers, or to Devide themselves so many of them to Live in each of their Town’s and that french John was at Left put under great confinement at the french fort, for dReasons why he could not tell and that two day’s Journey from the Creek’s he meet the five Savannah’s that had made their excape, very much afflicted for the Lofs of their Comrades, being quie Naked, that they were going to Acquaint their chief with what had happened for him to do what he Should think most proper; Since Tho. Smith was Dispatched we had a great deal of heavy rains, I wish my letters may gett safe to your Excellency hands;after those heavy rains being fallen the Glafsees of our fortification wanted much being Repaired, I have ordered Corporall Bacon to have the care of it and he does it perfectly well; the fort is now intirely done to M. Debrahm’s Last Supplement and Agreable to your Excellency Orders to me, there has been some few palisades’s Removed Since my laft to take some out Traverfes in of each Side of King George’s Bation to make it intirely exact to his Direction an additional Platform is to be made to Flank Bastion Prince of Wales were the three Small Sweivells is to be monted on Carrigesto Defend the Same. Walter Bateman had ingaged himself bu an Agreement to erect and Compleat three Double Chimney’s and a Single one for the Barracks, & Just as he had finished the Second it fell down and for fear the first Should do the same & kill Some of our men, I had it pulled Down and had I not done it, it would have fallen of it Self, he made them to heavy and Clumsy with Stones, the fellow knows nothing of that Businefs, he was pay’d the Sum of One Hundred po9unds for Diging all the Stones which were Requisit to build all the Chimneys and for other work’s he had done in the fort. As the Stones and morter are Ready and at hand I have imployed Some good Mafon’s, which are amongst the Provincials, to Build Seven Single Chimney’s they are to be all in a row on the back part of the Barracks which will look better and more Commodious and give more room within, and be Soone built for they have allready built two, and will not come by a good deal to So much money as the two hundred pounds which Baterman was to have had. By the Left Exprefs I mentioned that I had Noteyed that Paragraf of your Excellency Orders to me to M. Chivellette Relating to the Cattell before Cpt. Stuart imagining that he would take proper meafures to Provide Some meat kind in time and not to Delay it till too Late he then told me that your Excellency had write to him very exactly upon that Subject, that you was immediately a going to Conract for a gang of Cattell and that they Should come away without any Delay I told him that it ws not a Sufficient Reason that Probably the Cattell might be a long time a coming, and accideence might happen that we should be in want, Sir Say’d he there is no Cattell that can be here Sooner then them, that his Excellency have agreed for, that he was Sure their was none at Ninety Six nor Salludy and if there is any they have Distemper, they would all dye at two days Journey and besides how would it Look for him to buy a gang of Cattell when the Government had bought another and was Sure they were upon the Road that man is very Obstinate and has a good deal of Debrahm’s temper in him, & tis no wonder (etant Du meme Pain) about that Same time one Cornelius Cokely came from Ninety Six, and was heard by Capt. Stuart Deliver a Mefsage to M. Chevellette from William Turner of Salludy, the Said Turner being then at Ninety Six, that if he wanted Sixty head of good fat Stears to send him word and he should have them M. Chivellette gave him no answer nor would not write to him, when I heard of it, it was two days after Cornelius ccokely was gone, other ways I would have wrote to Turner my self, I went to M. Chivellette and asked him the Reason why he would not buy Turner’s Cattell his answer was that it was nothing else but a Drunken frolick of his, that he knew his, and had served him twice so before. I Desired him that there might not be no peake on such an occafsion as this was, and he say’d how can I believe it when he did not write to me, for he is Just come from Charles Town, and Certainly he woud have proposed his Cattell to the Governour; we have now but two Milk Cow’s of Judge friends Left, two poor ones that are not fit to eat, and two Sow’s with pigg which are keep for Breed and no more then two days of meat kind for the men, tis to be hopped that the Cattell will soon come up, we shall do0 as well as we can till then. M. Chivellette wanted to kill the whole of them, but at the Request of the Gentlemen I oppos’d him, for it would have been a pitty, and the men did Declare openly that if he killed the two poor Cow’s they would not eat them; I fear and am almost certain that M. Gallmen of the Congrees has Sent up Some buckwheat flower in Lieu of White, and that kind of flour will not keep, and am afraid that will be so much money lost to the publick and a great Disappointment ,but Shall inquire farther into that important matter This day the man killer of Tellico Arrived in this fort with all his people and the white man that went with him, and brought one Sculp they mett only two French Indians (Tawwas) a hunting on Some of the Branches of the Mississippi River, they were not far off from their Camp, were our Indians Guest there was pretty many they killed one and the other gott off and they Returned home immediately, tis their Custon that at the first blood Shed to come off., I Receiv’d them as well as I could and as there was great many of them and they being gone on that Service to show their Zeal, and Just Accounted to us it was thought proper to pay them for four Sculps Old hop hearing the Gun’s, came and was very great with them and Acquainted the man killer, how three Savannahs had been killed and seemed not Displeased the man killer is to come to see me in Six days. I conclude having the Pleasure and Satisfaction to Acquaaint your Excellency that all is well in this place except my Self that I am very ill with a Cough, Shortnefs of Breath, and Attended with an inward fever. I am Sir with the Greatest of Respect

Your Excellency most Hunble
And Obedient Servant

Ray Demere

Just as I had finished my letter Dennis Agen Arrived and brought the Agreable News that he Left the Cattell at Ninety Six, had I not heard from your Excellency I believed I should have sent and Exprefs with this Single letter, for I was upon apoise, Sight assay, in order to ______________the Cattell over the hills to the fort, One Cohn Fatton of Tueowee came up with Dennis Agen, he Reports that an Upper Creek & three Savannahs, were come theree with a belt of Wampun __________give a Talk to the people of Theowee & to Some other of the Lower Towns as the head men are out at war there was __________Talk given it Appears that M. Chivellette does not want his name to be in Publick Orders, theiris better & greater men then he, which are every day mentioned in Orders, it does not suit me to give him verbal orders for several Good Reasons, and was I to continue here, all the Orders that I sould have Occafsion to give to him Should be inserted in the Orderly Book.

Lyttelton, William Combe Baron Thomas Lyttelton. Letters of the Late Lord Lyttelton. Philadelphia: Moses Thomas. 1812.

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