Surname: Walker

Biography of Mortimer Eugene Walker

Mortimer Eugene Walker, whose prominence in the profession of law entitles him to more than passing notice as a representative of the Racine bar, is today well known as a member of the firm of Simmons & Walker. Endowed by nature with keen intellectual force, he has so directed his energies and developed his talents that he is found adequate to the solution of most intricate legal problems. Racine County numbers him among her native sons. He was born in the town of Mount Pleasant, June 25, 1872, and represents an old New England family. His paternal grandfather, Nelson A.

Biography of William A. Walker

William A. Walker is a member of the board of supervisors of Racine County, while his business interests are those of a manufacturer. He is devoting his attention to the making of railroad anchors and has developed a business of a very substantial character. Mr. Walker was born in Windham, Ohio, July 28, 1850, a son of John B. and Ellen (Whiteley) Walker, who were natives of Yorkshire, England. When eighteen years of age the father came to the United States with his eldest brother, landing at New Orleans, whence they made their way northward to St. Charles, Illinois. After

Biography of Walter F. Walker

Walter F. Walker, president of the American Skein & Foundry Company, has developed the business to substantial proportions and has won a place among the representative manufacturers of the city during the eleven years of his residence in Racine. He was born in Dundee, Illinois. December 6. 1871. a son of William E. and Mary C. (Foster) Walker. The father has now retired from active business but still makes his home in Dundee. In the public schools of his native city Walter F. ‘Walker pursued his education and also attended business college. His activity throughout his business career has always

Biographical Sketch of Nelson A. Walker

Nelson A. Walker, the elder son of R. M. Walker, was born on the old family homestead in Mount Pleasant and attended school until fifteen or sixteen years of age. He was early trained to habits of industry in connection with the work of the farm and for twenty years he operated his father’s dairy. During the past five years his time and energies have been devoted to the further cultivation of his father’s eighty-acre tract of land, which he has brought to a high state of development, rendering it very productive. His methods are at once practical and progressive

Biography of R. M. Walker

R. M. Walker resides upon a farm on section 19, Mount Pleasant Township, where he has made his home continually since 1878. All the buildings have been erected by him, all the trees planted by him and the work of improvement has been carried steadily forward, indicative of his progressive spirit. He is a worthy representative of an honored pioneer family that has been identified with the growth of Racine County for eighty-one years. Mr. Walker was born in Byron, New York, June 7, 1836, a son of Nelson A. and Lucinda Walker, the former removing to the west in

Biography of Samuel Barnum Walker

Samuel Barnum Walker, who is engaged in general farming on section 19, Mount Pleasant Township, has an excellent tract of land and the soil, naturally rich and productive, readily responds to the care and labor bestowed upon it. For a long period he has made dairying an important feature of his business and in this connection has become widely known. He was born in Leavittsburg, Trumbull County, Ohio, June 20, 1861, a son of John B. and Ellen (Whiteley) Walker, both of whom were natives of England. They came to the United States in 1842 and settled at Elgin, Illinois,

Biographical Sketch of Col. John Walker

Col. John Walker, a native of Argyleshire, Scotland, was born in 1832. He was educated in Stirling, and began business first in Leith, but subsequently removed to Glasgow where he continued until 1864 when he came to Canada. Being a man of excellent business qualifications he was selected by Scotch capitalists to come out here to take charge of the Bothwell property which they had acquired from the Hon. George Brown, for the purpose of farming the lands and developing the oil interests. During the oil excitement subsequent to Col. Walker’s arrival at Bothwell, the population being greatly augmented by

Biography of James Lucas Walker

James Lucas Walker, better known as “Jim Crow,” was born on July 18, 1838, at Longstreet, Bleckley County, Georgia (formerly a part of Pulaski County), and died in Cochran, Georgia, on July 31, 1913. His grandfather, George Walker, with his brother, Thomas, and his sister, Mary, and her husband, John Dallas, came directly from Ireland to America in 1750, landing in Pennsylvania. George and Thomas immigrated to Georgia, settling in Burke County. The former was a soldier with the Georgia troops in the Revolutionary War. He was the father of David Walker, who married Ann Lucas. They became the parents

Biography of George Walker

George Walker (known during his residence in the county as Judge Walker) was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1774. His father, John Walker, came of an old family in Leicestershire, England, was a graduate of the university of Edinburgh, and a barrister at law, removed to America in 1753, married in Boston, and settled in Hartford, Connecticut. George received a good business education, and engaged in mercantile business in Cooperstown, New York. For several years he was highly successful, but, through the dishonesty of a partner, he became deeply involved, and was compelled to close business at a great sacrifice.

Biography of Dr. Ezra Walker

Doctor Ezra Walker, the first resident physician of Ames township, was born December 9, 1776, at Killingly, Connecticut, in which state he studied his profession, and practiced for some years. Removing from Connecticut he settled in Poultney, Vermont, about the year 1800, and from thence migrated with his family to Marietta, in the autumn of 18 to. He remained on the Muskingum till the spring of 1811, when he came with his family, consisting of wife and seven children, into Ames township, and immediately resumed the practice of medicine. He pursued a general practice for more than twenty years, and,