Historical Sketches of Bluehill Maine

Clough Genealogy of Blue Hill, Maine

Asa Clough was born at Haverhill, Mass., Aug. 25, 1764; died Jan. 2, 1851, in his eighty-seventh year. He married Abigail Pecker, Nov. 27, 1789. She was born at Bradford, Mass., Nov. 27, 1766, and died March 16, 1854, in her eighty-eighth year. They had a family of ten children, as follows:

  1. Daniel Clough, born April 11, 1790; married Polly Tenney. See further.
  2. Cheever Russell Clough, born July 20, 1792; lost at sea when a young man.
  3. Sally Clough, born Nov. 5, 1794; married first Benjamin Clay; second John Osgood.
  4. John Clough, born Jan. 27, 1797; married Jane Limeburner. See further.
  5. Asa Clough, born Jan. 8, 1799; married first Abigail Sinclair; second Louis Ray.
  6. Leonard Clough, born Sept. 3, 1801; married Mary Jane Wood. The Leonard Clough Place and house were nearly opposite the Annie Wood place. That house was built very near or a little before the death of Miss Anne Wood, say about 1840, by Mr. Clough, who continued to occupy it from that time until his death in July, 1865, in his sixty-fourth year. Leonard Clough was the sixth child of Asa, Sr., and Abigail S. (Pecker) Clough, born Sept. 3, 1801, married Mary Jane, daughter of Samuel and Fanny (Colburn) Wood, Nov. 30, 1837. He was a spar-maker by trade, who made the spars for vessels built at Blue Hill for forty years before his death. He made the spars for brig “Equator” from a draft made by the writer, and from which she was rigged and her sails cut and made. He was a modest, good man, and by his death the town lost a valuable citizen and his church and neighbors a true friend. Mr. Clough left no children, and the house and place passed into other hands. The house is still standing. A few years ago his widow died, thus ending the family record of that branch.
  7. James Clough, born Sept. 3, 1803; married Mary Marshall Carman. See further.
  8. Lydia Clough, born Oct. 22, 1805; married Putnam Ingalls.
  9. Zelotes Clough, born Nov. 24, 1807; married Jane Grover. See further.
  10. Louisa Clough, born Sept. 27, 1811; married Isaac Merrill.

Asa Clough, Sr., was a farmer owning a large farm upon both sides of the main road extending from the line of the Wood farms to that of Jeremiah Stover on the west, and to his son Daniel’s on the east, amounting to more than a hundred acres. He was hardworking and industrious, as it was necessary for one to be with a family of ten children, and his sons were like him in habits of industry.

Zelotes Clough Family Genealogy

Nearly opposite his house his son Zelotes built a house previous to 1840, where he resided and reared a family of twelve children. His wife’s maiden name was Jane Grover, to whom he was married Oct. 1, 1831. She was the daughter of the wife of Robert Robertson, Sr., by a former husband, and resided with the Robertson family until her marriage. When the writer was born she nursed his mother. She then was living with her mother’s family in the house that stood in the upper part of the field of the writer’s father, afterwards moved and joined to his house as an L, as previously related. Mrs. Clough was fond of calling the writer her boy, from the above circumstance.

Zelotes Clough carried on his father’s farm, and was a hardworking, good-natured man, whom the boys of the neighborhood were fond of and he of them. The writer can never forget the corn-huskings at his place and the many pleasant evenings spent at his house in the years of long ago when he and his wife were in their prime, surrounded by a young and growing family of children, the names of whom were as follows:

  1. George Russell Clough, born Nov. 11, 1832; lost at sea m 1853.
  2. Mary Susan Clough, born Feb. 18, 51834; died at Chelsea, Mass., Aug., 1874.
  3. Erastus Parker Clough, born Jan. 3, 1836.
  4. Alvaro Jewett Clough, born Dec. 8, 1837.
  5. Robert Bruce Clough, born July 25, 1840; died at Callas, Peru, March, 1869.
  6. Leonard Foster Clough, born Dec. 26, 1841.
  7. Ruby Ann Clough, born June 27, 1843; died at Chelsea, Mass., Feb. 12, 1867.
  8. Minerva Brown Clough, born March 4, 1845.
  9. Edgar Clough, born Jan. 5, 1847.
  10. Parker Granville Clough, born Jan. 14, 1849.
  11. Charlotte Gordon Clough, born Feb. 25, 1851.
  12. Georgiana Clough, born Jan. 9, 1854.

Mr. and Mrs. Clough lived to reach more than four score years. Their house is still standing.

Daniel Clough Family Genealogy

The Daniel Clough house and place upon the east side of the highway and nearly opposite the Stover place is the next in order to be described. Daniel Clough was the first child of Asa and Abigail (Pecker) Clough born April 11, 1790; married Polly, eldest daughter of Dr. Nathan and Mary (Carleton) Tenney, May 24, 1818. She was born April 3, 1797; died Dec. 8, 1858; he died April 2, 1867, aged seventy-seven years. He was a sea captain in his younger years and commanded among other vessels the three-masted schooner “Magnolia” built at Blue Hill in 1833, the second vessel of that rig known. In after life he gave attention to the management of his farm. The house he lived in was built by him about the time of his marriage, say about 1820, and is still standing, in good repair, and occupied by his youngest son, Charles Carroll Clough and family, who also own the farm of his grandfather, Asa Clough. The children of Capt. Daniel and Polly (Tenney) Clough were:

  1. Caroline Clough, born Nov. 30, 1818; married Capt. William Walker, half brother of the writer, June 24, 1836.
  2. Mary Tenney Clough, born Nov. 1, 1820; married George W. Brown Jan. 11, 1840 and died at Ellsworth in 1852.
  3. David Daniel Clough, born Feb. 26, 1826; removed to Portland where he was twice married, his two wives dying, leaving no children; he died a few years ago.
  4. Augustine Washington Clough, born Oct. 9, 1831; was a captain in the War of the Rebellion; married at Portland in 1865; had two daughters; he and wife died a few years since at Everett, Mass.
  5. Charles Carroll Clough, born July 7, 1837; married Emeline S.,daughter of Johnson Wood, May 24, 1859; they had three children born to them, viz:—
    1. Harriet Gertrude Clough, Feb. 28, 1861.
    2. Bessie Carroll Clough, Sept. 2, 1872.
    3. Daisey Lou Clough, Dec. 22, 1878.

The house and family of Capt. Daniel Clough were familiar to the writer in boyhood, for beside a marriage relation, David Daniel was near his age, his schoolmate playmate and intimate friend, which threw them much into each others company and formed a lasting friendship which only death was able to sever.

Capt. Clough played the flagellate, which was a source of pleasure to the boys who had an ear or fancy for music. The halls, rooms and chambers of that house carry the writer back to the years of his childhood, and with the eye of memory he sees the occupants as they were then, and with the ear of imagination he hears their voices in conversation and the sound of the hautboy mingling their musical notes of gladness.

John Clough Family Genealogy

The John Clough place on the west side of the highway, is the next to claim attention. The John Clough house was built by him in 1822, the year of his marriage to Jane Limeburner, of Brooksville, and in it he and his wife took up their residence when married, as it had been completed and furnished in anticipation of that event. It is still standing. John Clough was the fourth child of Asa Clough, Sr., born Jan. 27, 1797; a stone mason and farmer. He was for many years a highway surveyor of the town, and accounted to be a good builder and repairer of roads and highways.

The children of John and Jane (Limeburner) Clough were as follows:

  1. Rufus Clough, born Dec. 30, 1823. He was a sailor and sea captain, married Margaret Parker, foster sister of the writer. He was drowned in San Francisco, Cal., in 1855, by falling through a hole in the wharf.
  2. Joanna Allen Clough, born Nov. 8, 1825; married first, Capt. Peter Powers, of Deer Isle; second, Asa Hutchinson, of the noted Hutchinson family singers; third, a Mr. Bittenbender, of Chicago, Ill., where she died in 1897, leaving three children by her first husband. She, Almira Wood and the writer were rivals in school at spelling in the days when the spelling classes stood in a row in front of the teacher’s desk, taking their places in the class according to their proficiency and rank in spelling, and one of the three was usually at the head with the other two next in the line.
  3. Julia Ann Limeburner Clough, born Jan. 21, 1829; married Hiram Jones; had no children and died in California. Hiram was a sailor and sea captain, who lived at one time with his wife’s father and after that in the Newton Stover house near by. He died April 30, 1853.
  4. Ashman J. Clough, born May 30, 1829; married Sarah B. daughter of Ira Witham. He was a sea captain, lost at sea while master of the ship “Romance of the Seas” on a voyage from China to San Francisco in 1864; the ship not being heard from after leaving China.
  5. Maria Louise Clough, born March 5, 1831; married Otis Witham Nov. 8, 1857, son of Ira and removed to California.
  6. Margaret Jane Clough, born March 9, 1833; died August 14, 1834.
  7. John Russell Clough, born May 26, 1838; married Hattie V. Darling, daughter of Col. William H. Darling; he died a few years ago.

John Clough, father of these children, died Oct. 13, 1883, aged eighty-six years and ten months, and Jane, his wife, died Aug. 12, 1881, aged about eighty years.

The John Clough house is still owned by his descendants, and there stands near it a small house built for and occupied by his youngest son and family before the death of the parents.

James Clough Family Genealogy

The James Clough place is the next to be described, with a blacksmith shop on the east and house on the west side of the road, adjoining the Frederick Parker farm. This house was built prior to 1840 by Mr. Clough, in which his family and he resided until his death.

He was the seventh child of Asa, Sr., and Abigail (Pecker) Clough, born Sept. 3, 1803. He married Mary Marshall Carman, of Deer Isle. He died Feb. 7, 1883, in his eightieth year. He was a blacksmith and shipsmith, and in the earlier years of his married life resided at Deer Isle, but moved back to Blue Hill before 1836. There were six eight children born to him, as follows:

  1. James Russell Clough, born July 4, 1826; never married; died when over seventy.
  2. Mary Ann Moore Clough, born July 27, 1828; married Robert W. Armour.
  3. Caroline Elizabeth Clough, born Feb. 27, 1831.
  4. Martha Haskell Clough, born Oct. 22, 1833; married Alfred Stillman Osgood.
  5. Harriet Webb Clough, born Jan. 7, 1836; died July 20, 1838.
  6. Harriet Webb Clough, born June 15, 1839.
  7. Charles Abbott Clough, born April 13, 1842; died July, 1845.
  8. Charles Merrill Clough, born June 25, 1848.

Mr. Clough and wife were jolly and fond of company, especially of young people. James Russell, their eldest child, worked with his father as a helper at the forge and anvil, living at home until the death of his parents. The blacksmith shop has long been gone from its site, but the house is still standing and occupied, but probably by strangers to its former owners and occupants.

James Clough and his son did the iron-work of brig “Equator”, built at the Tide Mills in 1850, and commanded by the writer. He was of a sunny nature and something of a joker. At the death of a brother-in-law many years ago he remarked that “a death in the family had its favorable feature, as it enabled relatives to procure a newer suit of clothes to wear at the funeral.”

The Moses P. Clough House

The Moses P. Clough House is the next below and adjoining the Kittridge house. It was built by Capt. Moses P. Clough about 1831 or 1832 and occupied by him and family until his death at sea June 28, 1836, of bilious fever. He was a sea captain and son of John and Polly (Coggins) Clough. The family consisted of four children, viz.:

  1. Moses, born Aug. 7, 1800; died March 30, 1801.
  2. Moses Parker, born Feb. 5, 1802; died June 28, 1838. Capt. Moses Parker Clough married Sally Prince, daughter of Reuben and Sally (Peters) Dodge, June 19, 1832. She was born Dec. 12, 1806. She married second, Weston Merritt, of Cherryfield, Dec. 7, 1842. By Capt. Clough she had one daughter:
    1. Ellen Maria Dodge, born Feb. 9, 1833.
  3. Warren, born June 19, 1804; died May 17, 1827.
  4. Polly, born Aug. 14, 1806.

John Clough, father of this family, died Jan. 12, 1807, aged thirty-five years and nine months. Mrs. Polly Coggins Clough, mother of this family, married Jacob Ingalls for her second husband, and died July, 1853, aged about eighty years.

After the death of Capt. Moses Parker Clough, and prior to 1840, the house and place were purchased by Bushrod W. Hinckley, Esq., and was his home and that of his family until his and his wife’s death and is at this writing owned by daughters of theirs.

Asa Clough Family Genealogy

The Asa Clough Place opposite Moses P. Clough’s house just described, the house still standing, was built by Samuel Baker in 1822 and sold to Mr. Clough in 1827. On Sept. 17, 1829, Mr. Clough married Louisa Ray, daughter of Matthew and Roxana Ray, born April 1, 1811, for his second wife; his first having been Abigail Sinclair who died without children Dec. 3, 1827, aged thirty-two years. Asa Clough died Nov. 20, 1861, aged sixty- two years and ten months. Mrs. Louisa Clough, his widow, died Nov. 18, 1881, aged seventy years and seven months.

Mr. Clough was a ship carpenter and master builder of vessels, of which he built many and worked upon many more. He made the rudder and windlass of the brig Equator in 1850, the writer’s first command.

After his death and that of his wife, the place was occupied first by his son Roscoe and family, and at this writing by his brother George A. and family, as a summer residence. The children of Asa and Louisa Clough were:

  1. Charles Henry Clough, born Oct. 19, 1830; died Dec. 7, 1849.
  2. Abby Louisa Clough, born June 21, 1832; married Capt. Nichols.
  3. Roscoe Clough, born Nov. 13, 1835; married Harriet Bridges. Roscoe made a voyage from Boston to San Francisco as a sailor with the writer in the ship “Electric Spark” in 1861. At San Francisco he went second mate of a barque commanded by Capt. J. Willard Friend, of Blue Hill. At his death in Boston, Feb. 12, 1890, the writer wrote his obituary, which was published in The Ellsworth American. Mrs. Harriet Clough, his wife, died Aug. 13, 1881. By his wife Harriet, he had three children:
    1. Abby Beatrice Clough, born Feb. 5, 1857.
    2. ____ Clough a son born Feb. 27, 1861; died March 30, 1861.
    3. Louisa R. Clough, born Dec. 6, 1865.
  4. George Albert Clough, born June 27, 1838; died Oct. 3, 1841.
  5. Ellen Elizabeth Clough, born Jan. 20, 1841; died April 21, 1841.
  6. George Albert Clough, born May 27, 1843; married Amelia M. Hinckley.
  7. William Pecker Clough, born May 8, 1848; married Ellen M. Lord.

Benjamin Clough Family Genealogy

Upon the north side of the main road near to the intersection with it of the road branching to “the Kingdom”, in the Douglass neighborhood, stood the house of Benjamin Clough, in the boyhood of the writer. His father’s name was Benjamin Clough, born Aug. 15, 1755, married Relief Wyman, March 12, 1788. She was born Sept. 16, 1761, and died March 25, 1819. The date of his death is not recorded. He was supposed to be an older brother of Asa and John, who came from Haverhill, Mass., early in the settlement of Blue Hill.

The children of Benjamin, Sr., and Relief (Wyman) Clough were:

  1. Moody Clough, born Oct. 4, 1789.
  2. Abigail Wyman Clough, born August 15, 1792.
  3. Hannah Clough, born August 16, 1793.
  4. Phebe Clough, born July 16, 1795; died June 26, 1827.
  5. Benjamin Clough, born June 20, 1797; married Amy Knowles. See further.
  6. Dorias Clough, born July 5, 1800.
  7. Ezra Clough, born August 5, 1803; died Jan. 27, 1804.

Benjamin Clough Family Genealogy

Benjamin, the fifth child of Benjamin, Sr., and Relief (Wyman) Clough, who owned the house and place above described, married Amy Knowles, daughter of Samuel and Jane (Gray) Knowles, March 2, 1823. She was born June 28, 1802; died April 29, 1880. He died Sept. 13, 1873. Their children were:—

  1. Samuel Knowles Clough, born Oct. 15, 1823; lost at sea.
  2. Job Nelson Clough, born Dec. 15, 1825; married Mahala H. Dodge, of Sedgwick.
  3. Matthew Limeburner Clough, born Feb. 25, 1828.
  4. Lydia Jane Clough, born Aug. 15, 1830; died Oct. 4, 1834.
  5. Phebe Maria Clough, born Nov. 2, 1832.
  6. Jane Elizabeth Clough, born August 15, 1835.
  7. Lyman Pearl Hall Clough, born Jan. 23, 1838; married Adeline Grindle, of Penobscot.
  8. Sarah Clough, born Feb. 26, 1840.
  9. Mary Clough, born Dec. 20, 1842.

When and by whom the house in which this family resided was built, the writer does not know, nor does he know where the father of Benjamin resided in the town.

Candage, R. A. F. Historical Sketches of Blue Hill, Maine. Ellsworth, Maine: Hancock County Publishing Company, Printers. 1905.

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