Biographical Sketch of Jesse Severance

(V) Jesse, son of Joseph (2) Severance, was born about 1751. his birth is not on record, but he was doubtless of this family. He died November 21, 1831, aged eighty years. In 1774 he was of Deerfield and of Shelburne in 1781. He settled in Conway and was selectman in 1784, and deputy sheriff in 1791. Before 1806 he returned to Deerfield and was a tavern keeper at Bloody Brook in 1810. In 1790 he was of Conway, according to the first federal census and had in his family four sons under sixteen and five females. He married Eunice Abbott. Children: Eunice. baptized June 23, 1776; Jesse, mentioned elsewhere; Lois, married, February 19, 1815. Captain Nathan Frary; Lucy. married Allen Mansfield; Jennette, married David Cooley Leonard.

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