Surname: Robertson

Biography of David Robertson, M.D., M.P.P.

David Robertson, the leading physician and surgeon in Milton, and a member of the Ontario Legislature for Halton, is a native of this county, and was born in the Township of Esquesing, July 9, 1841. His father, Alexander Robertson, was from Perthshire, Scotland; his mother, whose maiden name was Nancy Moore, from New England. The father of our subject, born in Perthshire, 1785, was the grandson of Colonel Donald Robertson, of Woodshiel, who commanded the Clan Robertson at the battle of Culloden, April 16, 1746, in which he was severely wounded. On recovering he made his escape to France, and

Biographical Sketch of Samuel Robertson

Samuel Robertson, banker, is a native of Glasgow, Scotland, dating his birth, March 31, 1831. His father, James Robertson, was a weaver in that city, and his grandfather had to flee from Scotland to Ireland at one time on account of political troubles. The mother of Samuel was Marion Harvie, also Scotch. In May, 1841, the family came to Upper Canada, and our subject went on the farm of Henry Widdefield, three miles from Newmarket, where he spent between one and two years, doing chores, and attending school three months; spent two and a half years in the village of

Biography of Alexander Robertson

Alexander Robertson, Mayor of the City of Belleville, and one of its prominent barristers, is a native of the Province of Ontario, being born at Trenton, County of Hastings, December 5, 18 38. His father was William Robertson, lumber merchant, from Glenelg, Inverness-shire, Scotland, coming to Canada in 1827; his mother, Jane Simmons, a native of Canada, and daughter of a United Empire Loyalist. William Robertson, who died in 1861, was a descendant of the Robertsons of Strowan, “who were noted for their bravery and fine physique.” When James I. was murdered in Black Friars Monastery, in the presence of

Biographical Sketch of W. M. Robertson

W. M. Robertson, firm of Robertson & Campbell, attorneys at law. Is a native of Delaware County, N. Y.; at about the age of ten, came with his parents to Forreston, Ill.; in 1867, he commenced the study of law; was admitted to the bar in 1869, at Ottawa, Ill.; has since been actively engaged in the practice of his profession, first practiced in Ogle County. In 1874, came to Norfolk, Neb.; soon after removed to Madison, where he has since resided; was a member of the Constitutional Convention of 1875, which framed the Constitution of Nebraska. He enlisted in

Biography of Fred Robertson

Fred Robertson, the present United States district attorney for Kansas, with office and residence at Kansas City, Kansas, had been a resident of this state since 1885. It is only necessary to recall some of the early conditions of his life in Kansas to show that he had won his way to influential poaition over many obstacles. He was fourteen years old when his parents came to Kansas, and he had been born in Orange County, New York, and his early boyhood was spent on a farm, with an education in the district schools. His parents were John M. and

Biographical Sketch of Archibald Robertson

Archibald Robertson, born in Scotland, in 1708, emigrated to America in 1754 with his wife, Elizabeth, and children. He came to Chesterfield, and December 14, 1775, he was chosen to represent Chesterfield and Hinsdale in the provincial congress, that was to assemble at Exeter, the twenty-first of that same month, being the first person ever chosen by the town for such a purpose. James, son of Archibald, came to Chesterfield in 1762, married twice, first, Sarah Bancroft, and second, Mrs. Mary Snow. Ebenezer, one of his large family of children, was born July 7, 1787, married Phila, daughter of Samuel

Biographical Sketch of Lauson Robertson

Lauson Robertson, son of Alexander, was born in the town of Chesterfield, N. H., April 23, 1811, in the western part of the town. When a young man he worked in a store for Oscar Cooledge, in his native town. October 13, 1835, he married Edith, daughter of John Harris, of Chesterfield, and came to the town of Alstead and located at the Center, where he kept a store. He remained there for five years when he sold out and removed to what was known as Paper Mill Village, now Alstead, and purchased the hotel and brick store opposite. Here

Biographical Sketch of Dr. R. H. Robertson

R. H. Robertson was born in Augusta county, Virginia, September 15, 1819. His parents were also natives of Virginia. He was educated at the University of Virginia, located in Albemarle county, and received his medical education at the Richmond Medical College, of Richmond, Virginia, under Professors John Cullin, R. E. Bohannon, and Dr. Chamberlain. He began the practice of his profession in his native county in 1842, and removed to this county in 1857, began practice, and has continued ever since. In 1861 he went to Texas, returning in 1869. Dr. Robertson was married, August 22, 1839, to Miss Elizabeth

Biography of James W. Robertson

JAMES W. ROBERTSON (deceased). There is little need to portray the virtues or defend the memory of this gentleman, for he lives in the affection of his family and friends as a devoted husband, kind neighbor and public-spirited citizen. During the many years he resided in Christian County he was to the people all that is required in good citizenship, public enterprise and sympathetic friendship. In the love of his estimable wife he found his cares lightened, and in the respect of his fellow-citizens received the reward of his faithfulness. Mr. Robertson was born in middle Tennessee May 15, 1830,

Biography of Thomas L. Robertson

THOMAS L. ROBERTSON. A man’s life work is the measure of his success, and he is truly the most successful man who, turning his powers into the channel of an honorable purpose, accomplishes the object of his endeavor. In the study of every man’s life we find some mainspring of action, something he lives for. In Thomas L. Robertson it seems to have been an ambition to make the best use of his native and acquired powers, and to develop in him self a true manhood. A native of Stone County, born October 26, 1856, his early life was spent