South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 7th Regiment, Company B.

CAPTAINS: Mattison, G.M., Hodges, W.L., Hudgens, T.A., Townsend, J.A.

LIEUTENANTS: Clinkscales, E.B., Townsend, I.F., Hodges, J.F., Klugh, P.D., Hodges, J.R., Callahan, S.W., Hodges, W.C.C.

SERGEANTS: McGee, J.S., Riley, W., Agnew, J.A., Henderson, J.W., Franklin, T., Stevenson, F.A., Rolinson, C.

CORPORALS: Norris. E.B., Sitton, J.Y., Mathis, J., McGee, A.C., Dolan, F., Tribble, D.A., Dunn, R.H., Brown, J.N., Pruitt, F.V.

PRIVATES: Armstrong, J.C., Armstrong, W.C., Austin, J.H., Ashley, J.S., Anderson, J.C., Alguny, II., Ashley, W.S., Allen, A., Bowles, I.W., Bowle, H.W., Bowle, E.B., Bowen, S.M., Bowen, J.O., Barmore, W.C., Bailey, J.M., Brownlee, J.R., Bramyon, T.M., Bell, F.M., Bryant, H., Coleman, T.J., Calvert, J.M., Cochran, R.M., Carpenter, T.J., Cromer, A.F., Callahan, M., Callahan, W.N., Coleman, J.T., Clark, H.B., Cowen, J.W., Davis, S.J., Davis, I.W., Davis, T., Davis, W.Y., Davis, J.A., Deal, M.L., Donald, J.L., Drennan, L.O., Duncan, W.P., Duncan, J.B., Duncan, D., Ellison, S., Graham, J.M., Graham, B.C., Graham, E.C., Griffen, J., Gilmore, J.W., Grimes, W.B., Hemphill, R.R., Hinton, A., Hughes, H.H., Hawthorn, H.B., Hawthorn, C, Hawthorn, L., Hodges, C.R., Harris, J.N., Harris, W.M., Kay, W.A., Killingworth, W.P., Kirly, B., Latimer, S.N., Lindsay, A.B.C., Long, G.W.M., Long, H.J.S., Lovelace, R., Martin, J.R., McAdams, R.V., McAdams, W.N., McAdams, A.J., McDowell, W.N., McCown, J., McWhorter, J.R., McGee, J.M., Moore, T., Moore, R., Moseley, W.L., Nabors, A., Owens, S., Owens, V., Owens, W., Owens, D.B., Peeler, J.W., Pratt, T.W., Pratt, W.A., Pruitt. J.J., Pruitt, W.A., Robinson, R.A., Strickland, W.A., Sharp, M.C., Simpson, J.H., Stone, J.E., Stone, R.P., Seawright, J.B., Straborn, R., Shirley, G., Seawright, R.W., Smith, R.N., Taylor, J., Timms, J.T., Vandiver, E.W., Wakefield, J.A., Ware, W.A., Ware, R.A., Waddell, G.H., Webb, J., Weir, W.A., Whitelock, F., Wilson, J.S., Wilson, J.L., Wilson, John S., Williamson, J.A., Williams, J.F., Williams, G., Young, J.V., Young, L.J., Young, I.B., Young, J.C.

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AccessGenealogy. South Carolina Civil War Rosters. Compiled from a variety of sources. © 2010-2013.

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