South Carolina Civil War Rosters – 2nd Regiment, Company F.

CAPTAINS: Perryman, W.W., McDowell, G.W., Vance, W. Cal.

LIEUTENANTS: Fouche, —-, Maxwell, J.C., McNeil, A., Parks, J.T., Adams, J.J., Koon, S.A., Lunbecker, W.A., Appleton W.L., Connor, G.W., Johnson, W.A.

SERGEANTS: Moore, A.W., Fuller, H.F., Smith, J.W., Bond, S. Lewis, Brooks, Chas. E., Seaborn, —-.

PRIVATES: Anderson, J.W., Anderson, James, Bailey, W.H., Benson, V.S., Blake, A.W., Burrell, W.J., Butler, Jno., Brooks, Stanmore, Boozer, S.P., Boozer, William, Benson, Thos., Brownlee, J.A., Barratt, Jno. G., Bell, Wm. S., Bell, Wm. P., Carr, Jno. L., Chaney, Willis, Chaney, J.S., Chaney, R.E., Chaney, Ransom, Cheatham, J.T., Cheatham, Jno., Crews, C.W., Crews, M.A., Carter, V.C., Creswell, I.D., Creswell, P., Caldwell, G.R., Chipley, W.W., Chipley, T.W., Cobb, C.A., Calvert, J.H., Crawford, H. Henry, Cason, Richard, Cason, J.F., Day, M., Davis, Dr. Frank, Davis, Jno. F.H., Deal, S.C., Douglass, W.W., Ellis, A.B., Fisher, C.D., Fouche, Jno., Fouche, Ben., Fuller, P.M., Fennel, J.L., Gilmer, Robt. P., Gilmer, Wm., Gillam, J.M., Griffin, V., Griffin, G.W., Grant, W.H., Grant, Jno., Goodwin, Jno., Hancock, W.H., Harris, G.M., Heffernan, J.L., Hearst, T.J., Hughey, J.E., Hughey, Fred. T., Hughey, N., Hodges, J.W., Harris, T., Hutchison, Soule, Hutchison, Jno. W., Hutchison, R.F., Henderson, W.E., Hunter, W.C., Henderson, J.T., Ingraham, M.S., Jackson, C. Johnson, F.P., Johnson, Saml., Johnson, J.W., Johnson, D.Q., Johnson, G.W., Jones, J.R., Johnson, J.W., Jones, C.C., Jones, Thomas, Jones, Willie, Jester, Benj., Lomax, W.G., Lenard, V.A., Lenard, J.J., Meriwether, W.N., Moreen, Jno. A., Milford, J.T., Marshall, G.W., McKellar, L.W., McKellar, G.W., McKellar, J.R., McCord, D.W., McNeill, H.B., McKensie, Jno., Major, R.W., Major, J.M., Moore, J.R., Moore, Robt., Moore, Henry, McCrary, B., Malone, A., Malone, Jno., Partlow, Jno. E., Powers, J.W., Pinson, A., Pinson, T.R., Pinson, Jno. V., Parks, Wm., Pelot, Dr. J.M., Rampey, G.W., Rampey, S.D., Reynolds, B., Reynolds, A.D., Reynolds, Jno. M., Roderick, W.F., Riley, E.C., Rykard, T.J., Riley, W.N., Rykard, L.H., Robertson, Jno., Ross, T.M., Ross, Jno., Ross. G.P., Ross, Wiley, Reed, J.S., Saddler, J.H., Saddler, Willis, Shadrick, W.S., Shepard, E.Y., Shepard, J.S., Selby, E.C., Selleck, C.W., Smith. R.G., Smith, T.N., Seal, J.R., Silk, Jas., Turner, J.S., Townsend, J.F., Turner, Ira, Teddards, D.F., Vance, J. C., Watson, G. McB., Waller, W.W., Waller, C.A.C., Walker, W.L., Wiss, E., Younge, J.C.

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AccessGenealogy. South Carolina Civil War Rosters. Compiled from a variety of sources. © 2010-2013.

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