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Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon

The sudden illness and death of Grandma Hulse was a shock to the whole community, as she was one of the dearest and kindest mothers and friends. She was loved by everyone, being one of the north end pioneers, having lived here most of time since 1898. The family left the north end once and went to southern Oregon where they stayed only a short time.

Mr. Hulse died the winter of 1911 and since that time Grandma had made her home with her only daughter, Mr. Ida Moore, north of Flora, only visiting with the other children a short period at a time. Only her son, Eddie and her daughter, Mrs. Moore were with her during her last illness as her son Minor had left a few days before she was taken sick, for a mining camp in California. There was no way for them to get word to him. Her son Lon left on Sunday for the upper Salmon River to trap this winter. Messengers were sent at once to find him, but no clew was found of him or any camping place. Harry Hafer of the upper Eden country, rode over that part of the country two days and Charlie Davis and others of Troy rode the Salmon country over two days, but no word was found of Mr. Hulse, so this sad parting will be a great shock to the two sons when they learn of their mother’s death.

Mrs. Ida Moore, Eddie Hulse and the two daughters-in-law, Mrs. May Hulse and Mrs.Pearl Hulse, wish to express their sincere thanks to those who worked so hard and faithfully to find Lon Hulse during his mother’s sickness.

Enterprise Record Chieftain, Wallowa County, Oregon, Thursday, November 26, 1925, Page Ten



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