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Eagle, chak’-chak.
Ear, kwo-lann’.
Early, ten’-as sun.
Earn, to, to’-lo
Earth, il’-la-hie.
Eat, to, muck’-a-muck.
Egg, le sap’; le zep’.
Eight, sto’-te-kin.
Elk, moo’-lock.
Enclosure, kul-lágh.
English, king chautsh.
Englishman, king chautsh.
Enough, hi-yu’; ko-pet’.
Entreiils, ki-yágh.
Evening, ten’-as po’-lak-lie.
Every, kon’-a-way.
Exchange, húy-huy.
Eyes, se-áh-host.

Face, se-áh-host.
Faded, spo’-oh.
Falsehood, klim-in’-a-whit.
Far, si-áh.
Fast (quick), hy-ak’.
Fast (tight), kwutl.
Fasten, to, kow.
Fat, glease.
Father, pa’-pa.
Fathom, it’-lan.
Fear, kwass.
Fell, to (as a tree), mam’-ook whim.
Fence, kul-lágh.
Fetch, to, mam’-ook cháh-ko.
Fever, waum sick.
Few, ten’-as.
Fight, to, mam’-ook sol’-leks.
Fight, with fists, mam’-ook puk’-puk.
Figured (as calico), tzum.
File, la leem.
Fill, to, mam’-ook pahtl.
Find, to, klap.
Fingers, le doo.
Fire, pi’-ah; o-la-pits’-ki.
First, e’-lip, or el’-ip.
Fish, pish.
Fish-hook, ik’-kik.
Five, kwin’-num.
Flea, so’-pen e’-na-poo; cho’-tub.
Flesh, itl’-wil-lie.
Flint, kil-it’-sut.
Flour, sap’-o-lill.
Fly, to, ka-wak’.
Fog, smoke.
Food, muck’-a-muck.
Fool, pel’-ton.
Foolish, pel’-ton.
Foot, le-pee’.
Forever, kwáh-ne-sum.
Forget, to, máh-lie.
Fork, la poo-shet’.
Formerly, áhn-kut-te, or áhn-kot-tie.
Four, lak’-it, or lok’-it.
Fowl, la pool.
French, Frenchman, pa-si’-ooks.
Friend, sikhs, or shikhs.
Frog, shwáh-kuk.
Fry, to, mam’-ook la po-el’.
Frying-pan, la po-el’.
Full, pahtl.
Fundament, o’-poots.

Gallop, to, kwa-lal’-kwa-lal’.
Gather, to, ho’-ku-melh.
Get, to, is’-kum.
Get out, mahsh.
Get up, get-up’,-or ket-op’.
Ghost, skoo’-kum.
Gift, cul’-tus pot’-latch.
Give, to, pot’-latch.
Glad, kwann.
Go, to, klat’-a-wa.
God, ságh-a-lie ty-ee’.
Gold, pil chik’-a-min.
Good, klose, or kloshe.
Good-bye, kla-how’-ya.
Goods, ik’-tah.
Goose, whuy’-whuy; kal-ak-a-láh-ma.
Grandfather, chope.
Grandmother, chitsh.
Grease, la-kles’; glease.
Green, pe-chugh’.
Grey; a grey horse, le gley.
Grizzly bear, si-am’.
Ground, il’-la-hie.
Gun; musket, suk’-wa-lal.

Hair, yak’-so.
Half, sit’-kum.
Hammer, le máh-to.
Hand, le máh.
Hand (game of), it’-lo-kum.
Handkerchief, hak’-at-shum.
Hard, kull.
Hare, kwit’-shad-ie.
Harrow, to, mam’-ook comb il’-la-hie.
Hat, se-áh-po; se-áh-pult.
Haul, haul.
Hazel-nuts, tuk’-wil-la.
He, his, yáh-ka.
Head, la tet.
Heart, tum’-tum.
Heaven, ságh-il-lie il’-la-hie.
Heavy, till.
Help, to, mam’-ook e-lann’.
Here, yuk’-wa.
Hermaphrodite, bur’-dash.
Hide, to, ip’-soot.
High, ságh-a-lie.
Hit, to, kwul’h.
Hoe, la pe-osh’.
Hog, co’-sho.
Hole, kla-whap’.
Holiday, sunday.
Horn, stone.
Horse, kiu’-a-tan.
House, house.
How, káh-ta.
How are you, kla-how’-ya.
How many, kun’-sih; kun’-juk.
Hundred, tuk-a-mo’-nuk.
Hungry, o’-lo.
Hurry, howh; hy-ak’.

I, ni-ka.
If, spose.
In, ko’-pa.
Indian, si’-wash.
In shore, máht-wil-lie.
Iron, chik’-a-min.
It, yáh-ka.

Gibbs, George. Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon or Trade Language of Oregon. New York: Cramoisy Press. 1853.

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