1861 Directory of Auburn California

Auburn California in 1857.
Auburn California in 1857.

1861 Directory of Auburn California.

Addrian A. baker, Eagle Bakery, Main St
Allen B. C. banker, Main St.
Ambrose William, steward, American Hotel
Anderson Geo. L. attorney-at-law, Commercial St.
Andrews M. watch-maker and jew’r, Commercial St.
Armitage J. laborer, bds Am. Hotel
Atkinson John, laborer, California St.
Atwood N. teamster, bds Crescent City

Banvard E. M. Treasurer
Barnhart Barnhart, teamster, Auburn Turnpike Road
Barny John, Empire Livery Stable, Washington St.
Barrett J. S. teamster
Barrett S. E. carpenter, bds Empire Hotel
Batton S. beer saloon, Main St.
Bayard Charles, laborer, bds Orleans Hotel
Beckett J. F. miner, bds Empire Hotel
Bigerman M. Cox’s Ranch
Bird A. B. bar-keeper, American Hotel
Bishop & Co. Aub. Meat Market, Main St.
Bishop & Long, res Main st
Boggs J. C. Constable, res Turnp’e R’d
Bronson W. S. physician, County Hospital, Com. St.
Brooks J. P. banker and b’k-st’e, cor Center Block
Broomhead William, carpenter, res Sacramento St.
Brown John, teamster, Gove & Gordon
Browne J. L. clerk, Hall & Allen’s Bank, Main St.
Bullock L. L. Sheriff
Butler W. S. school teacher, bds Hogan’s
Butts George C. sawyer, bds Hogan’s Rest

Campbell H. D. prop. Bloomer Ranch,
Carter I. farmer, Auburn Ravine
Carter J. farmer, Auburn Ravine
Cash Martin, miner, Grizzly Diggings
Caust Jacob, carpenter, Sacramento St.
Charbonnean John B. clerk, Orleans Hotel
Clancy John, laborer, bds. Orleans Hotel
Clark Jas. H. farmer, Newtown Road
Clark Jas. H. prop. Yankee Jim’s S. L.
Cloth Jno. bds. Batton’s, Main St.
Collins M. wood chopper, Empire Hotel
Conkey W. W. of H. & C
Conner John, District Collector, bds. American Hotel
Conway James, tailor, bds. Orleans Hotel
Coulter Day, miner, Ill. and Sac. roads
Cox Paul, farmer, Cox’s Ranch, Marysville road
Crandall J. R. Sec’y Bear River Co. Court St.
Crawford & Openshaw, Temple Saloon, cor. Coln. & Court Sts.
Credit & Burlingam, proprietors Bank Exchange, Main St.
Credit I. W. pro. Bank. Exchange, Main St.
Credit J. G. bds. Soda Factory, East St.
Cromer, L. W. tinner, Main street
Cross Thos. tinner, Sacramento St.
Crutcher W. M. Deputy Sheriff, Court House,
Curtis, E. J. teamster, Geo. Willment’s store

Daguerrean Rooms, entrance Norcross’ store, Main St.
Dallman Joseph, clerk, Commer’l St
Davidson A. merchant, Main St.
Dodd Jno. farmer,
Dodd Sam. farmer, Auburn Ravine
Dodd Sam. jr. farmer
Dodsworth M. butcher, Main St.
Donner Charles, blacksmith, Main St.
Drew H. L. stage driver, Sacramento road
Duncan William, Sacramento St.
Durst F. bds Batton, Main. St.

Elliott S. G. County Surveyor, bds Empire Hotel, Auburn
Enix Jno: laborer, Sac. and Ill. roads
Evans E. teamster, Gove & Gordon, Auburn

Faigle Charles, saddler’s shop, Main street
Feldberg I. clothing merchant, Commercial street,
Finley C. W. surveyor
Fisher R. J. carpenter, bds Empire Hotel,
Fleming Jos. steward, Empire Hotel
Fletcher Charles, miner, Auburn Ravine
Foster Geo. (W. F. & Co.’s messenger), bds Star Bak’y & Res. Com. St.
Furniss Chas. laborer, AuburnTurnpike Road
Furniss Miles, pr. Star Bakery, and Restaurant Commercial St.

Hale, Jas. E. lawyer, Commercial St.
Hall E. M. banker, Main St,
Halley E. baker, Star Bak’y & Rest. Com.. St.
Hamilton Jo. lawyer, Court St,
Hammond John, turner,  bds Empire Hotel,
Harrison & White, blacksmith shop, Washington St.
Harty R. printer, Herald office,
Harwood & Conkey, mercht’s, Sacramento St.
Harwood J. Harwood. & Conkey, Sacramento St.
Hastings James, butcher,  Main St,
Hawkins Hiram R., druggist, cor. Center Block,
Hazell H., druggist, cor. Main and Washington Sts.
Henson, W. T., City B. & S. Store, Main St.
Higgins A. S., lawyer,  bds Empire Hotel,
Higgins C. B. Deputy Recorder, bds at Empire Hotel,
Higgins F. B., lawyer, bds Empire Hotel,
Hildreth L. G. wagon maker, Turnpike road,
Hillyer C. J. attorney at law, Commercial street
Hillyer E. W. attorney at law, Commercial street
Hilton William, miner, Auburn Ravine
Hogan Jefferson, (colored), Louisiana Rest
Hoin P. P. Jr. printer, Signal office,
Hoin P. P., Lafayette Saloon,  Main St.
Holdrige D. carpenter, Sacramento St.
Holmes Dr. George, Main and Washington Sts.
Hotchkiss T. B., Center Block, Main. St.
Howard Amos, American Hotel
Hubbard Henry, physician, Court St.
Hyneman Sam, Ms American Hotel

Isaacs Henry M. cigar and fruit store, Empire Saloon, Main St.

Jackson J. Q. (W. F. & Co’s agent) Main street
Jamison Thos. cabinet maker
Johnson F. prop’r Eagle Bakery, Main St
Johnson Geo. under sheriff, Court House
Johnson Julius, farmer
Johnson W. P. clerk, Main St

Keadle Geo. teamster, Court street.
Keener Geo., Sacramento street
Kimball M., Ms Empire Hotel
Kohn & Steinhert, clothing mercht’s, Main street

Lancaster William, carpenter, bds. Empire Hotel
Langdon Joseph clerk
Lautenshlager, T. tailor, Commercial St
Lauterbach Edward, shoemaker, Main St,
Leach I. B. road agent, Toll House
Leighton & Howard, prop. American Hotel, Main St
Leighton Geo. C. prop.
Levy B. clothing merchant, Sacramento St.
Lipsett A. cl hing merchant, Gibson’s stone build. Main
Livergood D. W. teamster
Lockhart J. turner, bds Empire Hotel
Love M. P. H. farmer Ill. and Sac. roads
Lubeck D. W. drygoods merchant, cor. Main and Commercial St

Maguire Joseph, clerk, cor. Commercial and Court Sts.
Marks Dr. J. physician, Gibson’s stone building, M’n St
Marsh D. clerk, Sacramento street
McBurney & Higgins, Magnolia Sal’n, Commercial street
McColm It. C. bar-keeper, Empire Hotel
McCreedy George W. soda factory, East street
McDaniel Wm. merchant, Sacramento street
McDermitt P. teamster. bds Orleans Hotel
McDonald -. miner, bds Hogan’s Rest.
McGinley James, mason, bds at American Hotel
McGinnis W. F. miner, bds Orleans Hotel
McGuire John, steward, Empire Hotel
Merriam E. D. photographic artist, Main street
Miller Frank, speculator, bds Horn’s
Mills M. E. attorney at law, cor. Commercial and Court sts
Mitchell, T. & C. H. pro’s Herald, Main street
Moore Wm. jobber, Court street
Moran Michael, miner, [N. F. bridge,)
Morris Sam. steward, American Hotel
Morrison C. prop’r U. S. Stand, Turnpike Road
Mullin B. laborer, Turnpike road
Mullin E. laborer, Ill. & Sac. roads
Munsell Alvin E. painter
Munson James, wagon maker, Mt. Pleasant House, Turnpike road
Myers B. F. District Judge, residence, Sac. St.
Myers Dr. J. M. dentist

Neall James, sup’t Bear River ditch, bds Star Bakery and Rest.
Ninns N. hotel keeper, Turnpike Road
Nolan Jas. merchant tailor, Main St.
Norcross W. F. jeweler, Main St, sign mammoth watch
Nosier Thos. M. bds American Hotel

O’Neil Jno. Headquarters Saloon, Center Block
O’Reilly M. Headquarters Saloon
Openshaw Jno. bar-keeper, Temple Saloon
Osburn G. residence Turnpike road
Osburn Wm. night watchman, residence Ill. and Sac. roads

Palmer C. T. clerk, W. F. & Co. Main St
Palmer Geo. wagon maker, bds at Empire Hotel
Parkinson Wm. K. merchant, cor. Main and East Sts.
Patton R. R. attorney at law, cor. Commercial and Court sts
Peterson Chas. miner, Auburn Ravine
Peterson Henry, milkman, Baltimore Ravine
Peterson Howard, miner, Auburn Ravine
Pitcher Wm. miner, bds at Orleans Hotel
Poland & Ruwell, lawyers, Gibson’s stone build’g, Main St
Praigg J. G. miner, Auburn Ravine

Rackliff A. carpenter, Ill. and Sac. Roads
Reed Sr, French, carpenters, cor. Turnpike and Main Sts.
Richardson A. bar-keeper, Temple saloon
Russell Geo. district assessor, bds Orleans Hotel
Russell Jno. dwelling house, Main St.
Russo Jno. bds Star Bak’y Rest. Com. St.

Salsbury E. farmer, Auburn Ravine
Salsig Sam. farmer and miner, Aub’n Turnpike road
Samtir H. clothing merchant, Main street
Samtir L. clothing merchant
Sanders L. merchant
Schulthciss G. gun-smith, Auburn Turnpike
Scott D. C. deputy county clerk, bds American Hotel
Shepard John, hostler, Empire Stable, Main street
Sherman M. liquor dealer
Sherman Thos. plumber, dwelling house, Sac. St.
Shroutz Jas. miner, Millertown
Siefert Alex. butcher, Main St,
Simpson J. E. farmer, Sac. and Ill. roads
Sleach IL hostler
Smith E. G. machinist, Ill. and Sac. Sts.
Sopher John, blacksmith, cor. Cal. and Washington Sts.
Stanton John, stage driver, bds American Hotel
Steele S. R. laborer, bds Orleans Hotel
Stephens Geo. H. speculator, bds American Hotel
Sternfels M. cigar store
Stevens Thos. E. clerk, Commercial St.
Stewart James, teamster, Union Saloon, Center Block, Gove & Gordon
Stewart John, blacksmith, cor. Cal. and Washington Sts.
Stewart W. W. farmer, Auburn Ravine
Stone & Freedman, blacksmiths, Turnpike Road
Strealer Chas. gardener, Auburn Ravine
Strong John L. stage driver, Marysville road
Sullivan W. IL bar-keeper,
Swan Chas J. prop. Empire Hotel, Washington St.

Thomas Chas. E. bar-keeper
Thompson John, blacksmith, bds Orleans Hotel
Towle Wm. Empire and Pioneer stables.
Turner W. A. J. bds Brooks’, Auburn
Turner Wm. Elephant House, A. and N. roads
Tuttle C. A. lawyer, Commercial St.
Tuttle E. D. laborer, Ill. and Sac. roads
Tuttle James, laborer, American Hotel

Vandecar E. H. county judge, bds Hoin’s
Vanmater J. M. hardware merchant, Main street
Wadleigh B. P. clerk, Pioneer stable
Walker John, butcher, bds Empire Hotel
Walker M. G. steward, county hospital, Com. St.
Walkup Joseph, bds Empire Hotel
Walsh Edward, merchant tailor, Main St.
Waterman Wm. carpenter, bds Empire Hotel
Weil S. S. fruit store, Goodkind & Co. Main St.
Weld Wm. painter, Sacramento St.
Wells R. B. carpenter, bds Orleans Hotel
Welsh James F. lawyer, Court St.
Wharton -, farmer
Wharton -, farmer
Wharton -, farmer
Whitmarsh Sam. H., C. S. Co’s agent, bds Empire Hotel
Williams Thos. wood-sawyer, Willments
Willment Geo. merchant, cor. Court and Com. sts.
Wilson D. W. miner, Baltimore Ravine
Wilson W. B. merchant, Main St.
Woodin S. B. supervisor, bds Mrs. Roussin
Woods & Angell, butchers, Main St.
Woods Owen, hostler, Pioneer stable.
Woods Thos. hostler, Pioneer stable.
Worsley John, shoemaker, Main St.
Wyman S. B. farmer, Virginia, residence Auburn Ravine

Zentmyer J. J., bds Empire Hotel


Steele, R. J.; Bull, James P.; Houston, F. I. Placer County Directory of 1861. Placer County, California: Placer County Historical Society. 1861.

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