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Above, ságh-a-lie.
Absolve, mam’-ook stoh.
Acorns, káh-na-way.
Across, in’-a-ti.
Afraid, kwass.
After, Afterwards, kim’-ta.
Again, weght.
All, kon’-a-way.
Alms, e’-la-han, or e-lann’.
Also, weght.
Although, kégh-tchie.
Always, kwáh-ne-sum.
American, Boston.
Amusement, hee’-hee.
And, pee.
Anger, Angry, sol’-leks.
Apple, le pome.
Apron, kéh-su, or ki’-su.
Arbutus uva ursi, lahb.
Arrive at, ko.
Arrow, ka-li’-tan.
As if, káh-kwa spose.
At, ko’-pa.
Aunt, kwal’h.
Awl, shoes keep’-wot.
Axe, la-hash’.

Bad, me-sáh-chie; pe-shuk’.
Bag, le sak.
Ball, le bal.
Bargain, máh-kook; húy-húy.
Bark, s’ick-skin.
Barrel, ta-mo’-litsh.
Basket, o’-pe-kwan.
Beads, ka-mo’-suk.
Bear (black), chet’-woot; its’woot; (grizzly), si-am’.
Beat, to, kok’-shut.
Beaver, ee’-na.
Because, kéh-wa.
Become, to, cháh-ko.
Bed, bed.
Before, e’-lip, or el’-ip.
Behind, kim’-ta.
Bell, tin’-tin.
Belly, ya-kwáh-tin.
Below, kee’-kwil-lie.
Belt, la san-jel’.
Berries, o’-lil-lie; o’-lal-lie.
Best, e’-lip closhe.
Bird, kal-lak’-a-la.
Biscuit, le bis’-kwee.
Bitter, klihl.
Black, klale.
Blackberries, klik’-a-muks.
Blanket, pa-see’-sie.
Blind, ha’-lo se-áh-host.
Blood, pil-pil.
Blow out, mam’-ook poh.
Blue (light), spo’-oh.
Blue (dark), klale.
Blunder, to, tsee’-pie.
Board, la plash.
Boat, boat.
Bob-tailed; a bob-tailed horse, sis’-ki-you.
Boil, to, lip’-lip.
Bone, stone.
Borrow, to, a-yáh-whul.
Bosom (female), to-toosh.
Both, kun’-a-moxt.
Bottle, la-boo-ti’.
Bow, o’-pitl-kegh.
Bowl, oos’-kan.
Box, la ca-sett’.
Bracelet, klik’-wal-lie.
Brave, skoo’-kum tum’-tum.
Bread, le pan.
Break, to, kok’-shut.
Breasts, to-toosh’.
Breech clout, o’-poots sill.
Bridle, la bleed.
Bright, to-wágh.
Broad, kluk-ulh’.
Broom, bloom.
Brother, káhp-ho, if elder than the speaker; ow, if younger. Male cousins the same.
Brother-in-law, ek’-keh.
Bucket, ta-mo’-litsh.
Buffalo, moos’-moos.
Bullet, le bal; ka-li’-tan.
Bundle, kow.
But, pe.
Butter, to-toosh’ la-kles’.
Buttons, tsil’-tsil.
Buy, to, máh-kook.
By-and-by, win’-a-pie.

Candle, la shan-del’.
Carrot, la ca-lat’.
Carry, to, lo’ lo.
Cart, tsik’-tsik; chik’-chik.
Cascade, tum’ wa-ter.
Castrate, to, mahsh stone.
Cat, puss’-puss.
Cataract, tum’ wa-ter.
Cattle, moos’-moos.
Certainly, na-wit’-ka.
Chain, la shen; chik’a-min lope.
Chair, la shase.
Cheat, to, la-láh.
Chicken, la pool.
Chief, ty-ee’.
Child, ten’-as.
Clams, o’-na; luk’-ut-chee; la-kwit’-chee.
Clams, the large kind, smet-ocks.
Clear up, to, cháh-ko klah.
Cloth (cotton), sail.
Clouds, smoke.
Coat, ca-po’.
Coffee, kau’-py.
Cold, cole; tshis.
Comb, comb.
Comb, to, mam’-ook comb.
Come, to, cháh-ko.
Confess, to, yi’-em.
Conjuring, ta-máh-no-us.
Cook, to, mam’-ook pi’-ah.
Copper, pil chik’-a-min.
Cord, ten’-as lope.
Corn, e-salt’h’, or ye-salt’h’.
Corral, kul-lágh.
Cotton goods, sail.
Cough, hoh’-hoh.
Count, to, mam’-ook kwun’-nun.
Cousin, see brother and sister.
Coyote, tal’-a-pus.
Crab apple, pow’-itsh.
Cranberry, so’-le-mie.
Crazy, pel’-ton.
Cream colored, le clem.
Crooked, ki’-wa.
Cross, la clo-a’.
Crow, káh-kah.
Cry, to, cly.
Cup, oos’-kan.
Curly, hunl’-kih.
Cut, to, tl’ko’-pe.

Dance, to, tanse.
Dark, darkness, po’-lak-lie.
Day, sun.
Dead, mem’-a-loost,
Deaf, ik-poo’-ie kwil-lan.
Dear, hy’-as máh-kook.
Deep, klip.
Deer, mow’-itsh.
Demon, skoo’-kum.
Devil, di-aub’; yaub; le-jaub’.
Different, hul-o’-i-ma.
Difficult, kull.
Dig, to, mam’-ook il’-la-hie.
Dime, bit, or mit.
Do, to, mam’-ook.
Doctor, doc’-tin.
Dog, kam’-ooks.
Dollar, dol’-la, or táh-la.
Door, la po’te.
Down stream, mi’-mie.
Drink, to, muck’-a-muck.
Drive, to, kish’-kish.
Drunk, páht-lum.
Dry, de-ly’.
Duck (Mallard), kwéh-kweh; háht-haht.
Dust, po’-lal-lie.

Gibbs, George. Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon or Trade Language of Oregon. New York: Cramoisy Press. 1853.

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