Cole, Philip Loyd – Obituary

Philip Loyd Cole 1896 – 1954

Philip Loyd was the third child and youngest son of Maud Ruthanar Burnap and Robert Lindford Cole. He was born in Prairie Creek, Oregon on April 5, 1896. He went through grade school in Lost Prairie, Oregon where his parents had homesteader. His last school teacher was his older brother, Claud. After finishing his schooling he worked on his father’s homestead until he left for Lethbridge, Canada in 1916. he did farm and ranch work there also.

On March 23, 1920 he married Marie Shinman, a registered nurse. In 1922 their only child, a son Ogden, was born. Loyd continued farming until 1937 at which time his wife, married, died.

Lloyd then started driving truck and later clearing land with a large Caterpillar tractor. he worked at this until 1945. at this time he went into partnership with another person on a Cat and cutter of their own. When his son, Ogden, came back from World War II he and Loyd filed on homesteads north of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. They were able to use the Cat to build the first road into their places.

On November 17, 1946 Loyd married Madelene Wilson of Piapot, Saskatchewan. their son, Philip Joseph, was born in 1951.

Loyd developed heart trouble and failed fairly fast after homesteading. he, Madeline and Philip were living on the homestead at the time of his death in November 24, 1954. At the time of his death, Loyd was in the process of taking out Canadian citizenship papers but they were never completed.

Loyd played the organ and in his earlier life often accompanied his brother Claud when they played for dances. In later years he confined his love of music to dancing which he enjoyed a great deal. As Ogden grew up, he and Loyd became more like brothers than father and son, enjoying many of the same interests both at work and socially. Loyd had a pleasant, pleasing personality and enjoyed people as much as they enjoyed him.

Loyd’s two sons, Ogden and Philip, are the only members of the remaining Robert Lindford Cole members with the surname of Cole.

Information taken from page 40 of Burnap and Cole History, “Crossing the Plains” by Maud Burnap Cole. Compiled and printed by Bonnie June Lindroff (Boone) in 1965.

Bonnie June Lindroff (Boone) Nov. 1,1926 – Oct 9, 1967 was the daughter of Cordilla Maud Cole and Everett Boone.
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