Biography of James G. Anson

JAMES G. ANSON – Enterprising, industrious and capable, the young man of whom we now have the pleasure to speak is eminently worth of a place in the history of Union county, since he has shown in the years in which he has striven here that he is made of material which is bound to win success and since he has also shown that he is possessed of the sagacity and energy that is capable of grappling with the problems of life that are to be met with here in his native place. And especially, it is pleasant to recount the career of one who has been born in the county and has here spent his life, gaining here also his prestige and accumulating his holdings within its precincts.

James G. is the son of Joseph Anson and was born in Island City on the old parental homestead on February 16, 1875. The common schools furnished the educational training that he received, which he gained in the winters, his summers being spent in assisting his father on the latter’s farm. This continued until he had arrived at his eighteenth year, then he spent two years more working his father’s farm and in herding. He rented his father’s cattle, one hundred and twenty-five in number, and for four years gave himself to the attention of them and then he had gained fifty for himself. At this critical time an unknown disease swept away many of the cattle of the county and our subject sold his fifty for twenty dollars per head and invested the money in land where he now lives. He owns there one-quarter section and for this he paid two thousand, six hundred and sixty dollars, and in 1899 he settled upon it and took up the life of an agriculturist. He handles some stock, having a small herd of dairy cows and other stock as the farm demands. His farm is mostly given to small grain, and he has also a good orchard and comfortable improvements.

In 1897 Mr. Anson married Miss Ethel; daughter of William S. and Malissa M. (Hedgecock) Ragain, and they have become the parents of one child, William Lloyd Anson, born November 13, 1899. Mrs. Anson was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1878, and the family removed to White Hill, where she was educated. Mr. Anson is active and interested in the local affairs of the county and as becomes the intelligent citizen he is ever ready to take his part in the political questions of the day, being allied with the Republican party. Mr. and Mrs. Anson are highly esteemed and respected members of society and are worthy residents of our county, where they make a valuable addition to her population.



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